Title: Mr. Robaato

Author: Shara Lunison

Beta: Batsutousai

Rating: T

Pairings: Undecided (I'm open to suggestions, just not H/N—they're brothers!)

Warnings: AU, non-Hogwarts Harry and Neville.

Summary: Dumbledore warns both the Potters and the Longbottoms about the Dark Lord's impending attack on one of their families. They decide to take matters into their own hands and create a secret that only they and a man named Robaato-san know of. Both families are attacked, but the boys left behind are only robots. The real Harry and Neville are in Japan under the care of Robaato-san and grow up far away from Britain and Hogwarts. Inspired by Mr. Roboto by Styx

Disclaim Her: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

A/N: I've been having trouble really getting into this story… and also have to warn everyone that nothing terribly interesting happens until towards the end of their first trimester, so I'm going to skip most of it after they start their classes. Oh, and a magatama is like one half of yin-yang.

Chapter Four—Settling In

The boat docked at a small curve in the side of the island. The shape of the whole piece of land was like a magatama charm, with the middle school on the small spit at the top, a quidditch pitch opposite the dock at the curve in the side, and the high school buildings curving around the edges of the bottom of the island with a round practice building in the middle of them.

A middle-aged woman wearing a formal black kimono and black haori greeted them at the dock on Ryuushima along with a smiling younger man wearing a long-sleeved button up shirt, black slacks, and the same sleeveless robes as the students gathered on the dock. "I am Himejima Suzume, the Headmistress for both the chugakkou and koukou schools. This is Fujisaki Yosuke, who teaches Geography and Defense. He will settle you in your dormitories and give you an initial tour of the campus." She motioned elegantly to the man at her side. "If the Tokujyutsu students would follow me, I will show you to the hall where the testing will take place."

Harry looked at the high school students who had arrived with them with new respect. They were all still wearing the normal high school uniform, but he could see the sense in having one, since the Tokujyutsu uniform might look somewhat out of place to muggles.

Fujisaki-sensei bowed to the Headmistress. "Thank you, Himejima-kouchou." He turned to survey the forty new students with a smile. "Welcome to Ryuushima! Everyone follow me and I will show you the dormitories first so that you can deposit your things. There will be two students to a room, so if you have any preferences, I suggest you pair up now!" With that, he turned and walked away. The students surged after him, and people shuffled around to ask about rooming with those they had met thus far.

Harry and Neville decided to room together, since they were used to doing so. It wasn't until the past few years that Robert had added another room to the house so that they both had more room to themselves. He claimed he was preparing for their teenage years.

Daichi and Amaya looked at one another ruefully and decided they would each pair with anyone who hadn't found a roommate by the time they reached the dorms.

"This is RyuuChuu dormitory!" Fujisaki announced once they were closer to one end of a long L-shaped building. There was a large field opposite it with what appeared to be a classroom building and a practice building creating the other two sides of the square. "It used to have some other name, but somehow RyuuChuu stuck over the years. Many of the high school students will refer to all of you as RyuuChuu as well."

He led them inside the end of the building where they were gathered and they got their first view of the rooms. Each one had two levels with a bed in each. The upper level had a railing with a desk looking over the lower half of the room and a small wardrobe against the wall with the stairs. The lower level had the wardrobe near the bottom of the stairs, across from the door into the room, and the desk was placed directly below the upper one. A second staircase led down a few feet to a small shower and bathroom.

"There are ten rooms on each end of the building, with a dining hall in the center of the 'L'." Fujisaki informed everyone. "First floor is for the freshmen, second floor is second years, and third floor is third years. If you have a roommate, go ahead and pick a room. This end is closer to the practice building, the other is near the classrooms."

Harry and Neville said farewell to Amaya and Daichi and made there way at a sedate pace (compared to their classmates) down the hallway.

"I'm thinking the other end, near the classroom building, how about you?" Neville asked.

"Yes, please. As close as we can get, and as far as possible from the dining hall, thanks." Neither of them were very fond of high volumes of noise, which they instinctively knew would be unbearable near the practice building and the dining hall.

They passed through a large room with seating for a couple hundred people. The walls were lined with eating stations that provided different things when meals were being served. The opposite hallway currently held only a few pairs selecting rooms. The two brothers walked all the way down to the end to find that the rooms on the very end of the building were still empty. They opened both doors and compared them. The one on the right, facing the courtyard and the other buildings, was identical to the one on the left, which faced the open ocean with a view of what looked like small club rooms to the left around the rest of the building.

"It's down to the view, then," Harry mused. "Would you rather the ocean, or the trees in the square out there?"

"Trees." Neville closed the door on the left-hand room and immediately took over the ground floor space of the room they had chosen. He knew that Harry liked high places, so the loft was the perfect place for him.

They both took out their trunks, unshrinking them and placing them at the foot of their beds to unpack later. They rejoined the tour in the hallway, closing the door to their new room behind them. As they did, a sign that said 'Harry and Neville Katsuro' appeared on the door.

Amaya and Daichi reemerged from the crowd, dragging another girl and boy with them. "We're in the same wing as you!" Daichi announced. "And this is my roommate, Ken." The energetic boy waved his hand at them.

"And mine. This is Saki," Amaya introduced a very shy girl, who bowed nervously.

Harry and Neville nodded politely and introduced themselves in return.

"Now that you have a place to sleep once I've exhausted you," Himejima gave a wicked grin, "I'll show you the classroom building." He led them out the nearby doors, and they skirted the courtyard along the path to reach the second largest building on this end of the island. It was also three stories, and they learned from the teacher that they would have their classes on the first floor all year, and then switch to the second floor the next. "Sections are selected randomly, but there will be four sections of ten students each. You will not necessarily remain with the same people each year, because after the winter trimester you will move up a year and be sorted by your grades. I suggest you make friends with everyone, though."

Each of the classrooms was identical, a teacher's desk at the front of the room in front of a blackboard with three rows of four chairs facing it. Each room was labeled with the section, 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D.

They were led into the practice building next, which had rooms for the more established clubs and the ones that had more technical equipment that needed the extra space, like the Home-Ec Club and the Music Club.

"If you are interested in joining a club, all you have to do is find their club room and ask to join once classes begin," Himejima told them. "For Track Club, Basketball Club, and the like, you may notice that there are no facilities on the island. There wasn't room. Instead, floating platforms are constructed for practices off the edges of the island. The club members will be able to fill you in on how these work and where they are located for your particular club. Other than this, there is the quidditch pitch that you saw from the dock when you landed and the high schools on the lower portion of the island. You are not barred from wandering into their territory, but be warned that they are learning more advanced magic and you may end up seeing the nurse if you aren't careful."

He led them back outside into the courtyard. "This area is communal for all middle school students. It is everyone's responsibility to keep it clean and tidy. The same goes for your rooms and classrooms. There will be a roster for each section that rotates the responsibility in the classroom building, but there will be periodic inspections of your dorm rooms, so be warned! And now, I'm sure you're all hungry, so go enjoy the only quiet dinner you're liable to get in the dining hall before the upper years return." With a flippant wave, he turned and left them to their own devices.

Their group of six followed the crowd back through the dorm and claimed a table in the airy three-story room after grabbing a tray and whatever dish struck their fancy. Staircases came down from the upper floors into the cafeteria and Harry could see from the railings that there was nothing to stop the noise from traveling from floor to floor or even from one end of the building to the other. With a sigh, he tucked into his curry rice and listened to the conversation around their table.

Neville was explaining their parenting to Saki and Ken. "We were born in the United Kingdom. Harry's parents died when he was one and a half, and mine have been in the hospital since about the same time. Robaato-san took us in as a favor to them, since they left us in his care just before they died."

"Wait," Daichi interrupted with confusion, "You're not really brothers? And I thought both of your parents died?"

"Ah, sorry!" Neville rubbed his hand over the back of his head in chagrin. "It can get confusing. We are brothers now, but we were not born that way. And I often simply tell people my parents are dead because it is easier. They are in a mental hospital. They have no idea who they are, and they wouldn't know who I am, either."

Amaya covered her mouth in horror. "How did it happen, and so close together? If you don't mind my asking, that is."

Harry decided to speak up and give his brother a break. "I know he didn't get very far in the rest of the world, but the most recent dark lord, Voldemort, was very active during our parent's lifetimes. He killed my parents and his followers tortured Neville's parents into insanity after he was defeated by Harry Potter. We were here because they had placed us with Robaato-san for our protection."

"That's terrible," Saki murmured sympathetically.

"But, why didn't you return once Voldemort was defeated?" Ken asked through a mouthful of udon, completely enthralled by the story.

Harry frowned slightly at the boy. "Our guardian has good reason to believe that Voldemort is not gone for good. Until we know for sure, we will trust his judgment on the matter."

Neville yawned. "Well, I'm knackered. I think I might go unpack and then go to sleep. The other students are returning tomorrow morning and we have opening ceremonies to attend as well."

"I'll come with you," Harry offered, picking up his tray and preparing to leave the table. He smiled at their new friends, "I'll see you all tomorrow, yes? Have a good night!"

"Good night, Harry, Neville," they answered.

The two brothers rinsed off their dishes in some spouts of water near the kitchen area and stacked their trays to the side of it before heading back to their room. It took only about thirty minutes to put away their things. The wardrobes were soon filled with clothes, the single bookcase for each boy filled, and the desk covered in writing supplies. Harry was leaning over the railing of his area watching Neville finish organizing his books and asked, "Would you like to decorate a bit?"

Neville considered for a moment. "Do you think we're allowed?"

"They didn't say we couldn't. And if we do it with magic, it's not like they couldn't undo it in about ten seconds."

"All right. Let's do it!" Neville picked up his wand and pulled out one of his books to look up some charms he remembered reading about and wanted to use.

Another thirty minutes later and the room had been transformed. Harry's area was a dark green a few shades deeper than his eyes. A strip near the ceiling had been filled with images of plants and trees growing gently in a slight breeze. Neville had decided he liked the strip and asked Harry to continue it across the rest of the room and he had added another one lower down in his section that was an actual shelf built into the wall where he placed a few real plants that he had brought from his collection at home. It was still a bit empty, but they were both sure that they would soon have even more samples from Herbology class.

Neville's walls were a slightly aqua blue that blended nicely with Harry's green. They had both agreed to make the ceiling black and covered it with stars. Harry's floor was now covered in olive green tatami mats, and Neville had changed his into a slightly off-white carpet that looked like sand at the beach.

To finish the decorations, they hung up a few posters they had brought from home. Harry had his favorite quidditch teams from Japan and the U.K. and Neville hung up several posters of some wizarding singers, which he had had Robert cast silencing spells on years before when they got them home and realized that the posters liked to actually sing.

They turned out the lights and climbed into bed, both of them smiling up at the stars above them and talking softly until they fell asleep.


Harry stood straight beside his brother in the front row among the other eighty students of the middle school. As he waited, the Headmistress stood and walked up the podium to begin the opening ceremony.

"Welcome, everyone, to another year at Ryuushima Chugakkou," she announced. "Another group of you has moved, and another has joined to take their place. I truly believe that this year's first year class will be among the most exceptional that Ryuushima has ever welcomed."

Everyone listened attentively as she continued, outlining the goals and past accomplishments of the school and her hopes for the new generation now entering. Finally, when she finished introducing the other teachers, everyone slowly filtered out of the large assembly room to look at the bulletin boards in the entrance hall to see which section they had been placed in.

Harry, Neville, Amaya, Daichi, Saki, and Ken along with four others who were also roommates with each other on the same end of the dormitory as them, were in class 1-B.

"That's excellent," Neville said when they found out from their other friends. They each took a copy of their class schedules from the folder attached to their section and studied them. All of their muggle subjects were in the mornings over the course of the week, from nine to eleven. They got a two hour break for lunch before having one of their magical courses from one to four. The afternoons and weekends were reserved for clubs and homework, except for Friday when they had astronomy at midnight on the roof of the school.

"One of the upper years told me the schedules stay pretty much the same for all three years. Always muggle studies in the morning, magical classes in the afternoons," Amaya told them.

"And every class in the same room every period." Daichi groaned. "It's just like normal middle school."

"I prefer it that way, thanks." Harry laughed. "If we were going to school in Britain, we'd have to trek halfway across a dusty old castle to get to each of our classes." He and Neville had told them about Hogwarts over breakfast that morning.

"Yeah, but that castle sounds amazing!" Ken argued. "Secret passages, tapestries, suits of armor, ghosts! It's like a mystery novel come to life."

Everyone laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Listen," Neville said a few minutes later, "I want to go see if I can find the club room for tai chi and kung fu. Why don't we all split up and hunt down the club rooms for the ones we're interested in?"

"I'm going to come with you, actually!" Ken informed Neville. "My father says that the first one should calm me down and the second one should help me burn off excess energy. So I'm going to join the same clubs."

They wandered off and Harry looked questioningly at Amaya, Saki, and Daichi.

"I want to join the Religion Club," Saki revealed quietly, and bowed to them before walking off.

"She's quiet and very formal, but she's really nice once you get to know her," Amaya said fondly. "I want to join the quidditch club, mainly. I haven't decided on anything else yet."

"Oh, good!" Harry said, "I'm going to join that one and the kendo club. What about you, Daichi?"

"I'm for kendo as well," the wide-shouldered boy told him. "I've never played quidditch, but we three might as well go check them both out together."

The other two agreed and they went to check out the little club room buildings that were hidden on the opposite side of the dorms. Each one was like a little wooden hut with a sign on the door proclaiming the name of the club that owned it. They passed half a dozen of the things before they found one of the ones they were looking for. It was about halfway up the side of the dorm building and proclaimed that it was the 'Kendo Club' in large black letters on the wooden sign.

Harry knocked on the frame before poking his head inside. "Anyone home?" he asked quietly. He almost screamed when a bamboo practice sword suddenly swooped down from beside the door and tried to take his head off. Only his quick reflexes saved him from a nasty bruise on the back of his neck.

A laughing young man appeared in the doorway and pulled off his helmet. "Good reflexes! If you want to join this club, though, that's only going to get you so far."

Harry blanched at the other boy before introducing himself and Daichi. "And we do want to join the kendo club."

"Good. I was really just messing with you, Harry-kun. I could have pulled that strike without actually hurting you. I just wanted to see your reaction. I'm Daisuke, the club captain."

"Nice to meet you," Daichi said. "Is there anything special we have to do to join?"

"Nah. Just a form to fill out. Here." Daisuke handed them both a sheet of paper that said 'Kendo Club Registration' at the top. "Fill that out and return it to me and you'll be good to go. Club meetings are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You don't have to come to every meeting, but try to make it at least once a week, all right?"

Nodding eagerly, the two boys left the clubroom and joined Amaya to look for the quidditch club. It ended up being the closest one to the end of the dormitories. Harry decided to let Amaya knock this time, not looking forward to getting his head taken off or something similar again. She just laughed at him, knocked once, and then sashayed into the quidditch club room.

"Chaser!" a voice cried from one corner. Harry and Daichi followed their friend in with confusion and the voice called out, "Seeker! Beater!" as they crossed the threshold into the room.

A boy with thick glasses emerged from the corner where they had heard the voice and looked them over. "You three here to join?" he asked.

"Yes," Amaya and Harry answered simultaneously while Daichi said, "I've never played before, so I don't know."

"Excellent!" The boy pushed up his glasses from where they had slipped down his nose. "And even if you haven't flown before, I'd really like you to join," he told Daichi. "We've been really low on beaters the past few years, and you have the perfect build for one."

Daichi considered, "What do beaters do?"

"They use wooden bats like these," the boy pulled one from a rack against the wall to show him, "to hit black balls called bludgers that try to attack the players and knock them off their brooms. Your job is to aim them at the opposite team and do as much damage as possible."

Daichi grinned. "I'm totally up for that."

"Excellent! Here are your forms." He procured a paper for each of them. "Return them to Arashi, the captain, when you come for practice this week. Practices are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We make as many teams as possible with the available players. Each team plays against each of the others over the course of the year—there's a middle school and a high school league. The winners get to play in the inter-school game at the end of the year. The middle school hasn't won that for more than twenty years, so we're really going to be training hard. Try to make practices as often as you can."

All three of them nodded and took the forms before leaving the building.

"Lunch?" Daichi asked hopefully.

Amaya laughed at her friend and nodded agreeably. "Lunch."


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