Hi, everyone!

While watching my favorite episodes of Naruto Shippuuden (nr. 76-89) for the n-th time, inspiration suddenly struck me like: "Why didn't I notice in the first place?!" That's why my first appearance in this fandom is a story, which begins with the inspiring quota from episode 88, runtime 10min 18sec.

I'm quite aware, my pairings are rather unusual this time. I hope, you don't mind though. At first, I found it strange myself. But during writing I came to liking them quite a bit. ^^;

The storyline takes place several years after Asuma's death. Therefore, Asuma's son is an OC of mine (still nameless, that poor child. duh.).

Disclaimer: Naruto Shippuuden and its characters are not owned by me. And I don't make any money of it.

Reviews are always welcome. ^.~

Have fun!


Idle Idol

Your bullshit doesn't scare me. See, you and I have very different beliefs. I believe in the Will of Fire.

And that pathetic Lord Jashin or whatever isn't your God anymore.

I am.

The only one bringing down vengeance is me."

Those were the last words he heard, as the impact of what seemed to be His great ordeal erupted down on him with an ear shattering explosion and buried him in the twilight of Gods. Ever since they had been echoing in his mind, had been bouncing from the walls of boulders and mud, that had become his cage of utter darkness, carving every bit of his thoughts with maddening emotions:

His world had been shaken by that infernal day, his whole credo had been questioned to an extreme point, he had never figured possible…and seed of doubts had painfully been sown deep down with him in the grounds.

For eternity it seemed, that he had been lying still and silently at the bottom of the abyss by now, waiting, doing penance, enduring the punishments of his God…

Yet, he had understood his sin, his foolish blindness, due to time and being forced to actually think everything through: finally his God's words had enlightened him to the right path, his belief stood unshakably strong as ever again!

He was ready to gnaw his way through the dirt and make his offering as a sign of greatest worshipping to his God…