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Chapter 19: Brave new World.

The sounds of pounding hammers competed with the morning birdsong. Remus rubbed his eyes blearily as the October air filtrated through his tent. He zipped open the flap and crawled out.

Even though they had only been in Vermont for two months, Remus knew he and the pack had its work cut out for them. The inn that Gabriel had purchased needed some slight renovation, but contained nothing else other than the acres of land that went with it. So it was decided that they would build their own houses.

Everyone took part, however it was difficult; many were looking for jobs at the same time and some had to look for schools(Remus himself helped Gabriel's mother find a school for the triplets.) so progress was difficult. The pack was divided by those who stayed in the small town five miles away(just until they got settled in) or camped out in tents around the property.

Remus walked to the half built house, the wooden beams slightly gleaming in the cool morning light. He smiled, knowing he would enjoy the work he was about to do.

The end.

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