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Okay, so I was thinking: since San was raised by wolves, it's natural that she thinks she's really a wolf. But I thought what if San were a REAL wolf? With fur, tail, fangs, and paws? An animal for real instead of a human raised by wolves.

This is where I thought up of this story. San will be a young, rebellious she-wolf who, like usual, despises humans but has the tendency to wander off on her own even against her mother and brothers' wishes.

Ashitaka, on the other hand, is still human in this fic and encounters a beautiful young wolf(you all know who I'm talking about!).

Sound romantic enough? The pain of loving someone very different from your own species (at least, in San's case). Don't worry; this is not a complete animal/human type of romance. I do not intend to make a story that is immoral. I've decided to add a little something similar to "Wolf's Rain" in here. And you all probably know what that is: the "certain ability".

So, enough of my rambling! On with the story!

Summary: In a time where great beasts ruled the forests, a young and rebellious wolf named San was trained for the day she would soon become a great warrior to fight the humans and become leader of the Wolf Clan. Although a skillful and undefeated fighter, San tends to run off on her own despite her mother and older brothers' warnings. But on this day, she would encounter the one thing that she may be living for.

Ashitaka, a noble and pure-hearted warrior one day enters the domain of the forests gods in search of a way to prove that humanity and the forest can co-exist and finds, maybe the one who was meant to help him realize that peace can be restored as well as help him realize his own heart's desires.

But can a man truly love a wolf?


Chapter I: San

The humans had the nerve to cut down more trees again. This thought angered Moro as she watched the humans gathering the lumber return to their home. A place they called Iron Town.

Moro snarled furiously at the thought of any more humans entering the sacred domain of the forest gods. Already, several animals had been hunted down and killed either for their fur or meat.

This would also cause the lack of bigger game for the Wolf Clan in the future, that is, if they still had a future.

Moro watched intently as the humans walked away with the lumber they had gathered but stopped when they heard the sound of rustling nearby.

The gigantic wolf god smirked to herself when one of the human approached the thick bushes to investigate the source of the sound.

As the man reached in with a long small piece of lumber, a flash of white appeared, and then the man was dead.

The rest of the men gasped in horror at the sight before them; their friend lay bloody and lifeless on the forest floor with a horse-sized wolf standing beside the corpse.

The wolf had dark green-colored fur that ran from the top of its head to the end of the top of its tail. Its underbelly, legs, and paws were white. The wolf also had dark blue eyes that glared daggers at the humans, and lastly, three crimson triangular markings were imprinted on its face.

Quickly, the men lifted their rifles and aimed at the wolf. The animal dodged every bullet until it reached one of the men, tearing his throat out.

As the remaining humans decided to retreat, two more wolves with pure snowy fur pounced from behind the trees, finishing off the remaining intruders, ignoring their cries of pain.

The first wolf stepped forward to greet the two other wolves. The three then lifted their heads and howled, declaring victory.

Moro smiled proudly and emerged from her hiding spot.

The three younger wolves looked surprised when Moro approached. The first wolf bowed its head. "Mother, we have taken care of those humans!" Moro nodded approvingly. "Yes, I have seen how you dealt with them. Well done, San. You truly are my daughter."

San lifted her head and lifted her tail into the air proudly. "Thank you Mother. But I still have so much to learn." Moro chuckled. "You will learn everything soon, San. You have the potential to become the new leader of the Wolf Clan."

The two other wolves huffed in agreement. San glanced at them. "Dante, Nero. You both should have been next in line as leader of the Wolf Clan."

The elder brother, Dante brother spoke first. "You were born with potential. Why else would Mother choose you?" The younger brother, Nero, nodded.

San lowered her head.

"Come now. We have to return home now. The humans won't be invading for a while." Said Moro. The three pups looked at their mother then followed her back to the den.


"Blast those wolves!" Gonza yelled angrily. "Those blasted wolves had killed some of our men again!" Lady Eboshi sat calmly on a wooden stool as Gonza continued to ramble on in rage.

A handsome young man with messy brown hair watched Gonza with worry and concern. "Gonza, the wolves had a good reason to attack again. We were cutting down plenty of trees that may even be home to some of the forest's creatures."

"What! You would actually side with the wolves on this? Have you forgotten that some of the women have lost their husbands today?" Yelled Gonza. The young man shook his head. "Of course I'm upset that some of our men had died by the wolves' fangs once again but… Think of it this way; we had intruded the forest and cut down so many trees, killed many animals. That for sure would anger the gods of the forest, and now they all want is vengeance for their homes."

Eboshi raised a hand when Gonza opened his mouth to rebuke the brown-haired youth. "Enough Gonza. Ashitaka has a point. It's only natural for the animals to rise up against us to protect the forest. But I do hope you realize that we as humans would also do what it takes to protect our own homes, Ashitaka."

Ashitaka looked at Eboshi with an unreadable expression. "Why can't we just call a truce between ourselves and the forest? Why can't we stop this fighting?"

"Hah!" Gonza spat. "Those dumb beasts don't want a truce! They want our blood spilled all over the forest floor! You of all people should know that! Your parents were crushed by boars when you were only up to my knee!"

Ashitaka gave Gonza a warning glare before turning back to Eboshi. "If we continue fighting like this more lives would be lost. We have to declare peace among ourselves and the forest gods!"

Eboshi shook her head sadly. "I'm afraid that is not possible. Whether we do declare peace or not, the wolves will kill many people for revenge. I am truly sorry Ashitaka."

The young man sighed. "I don't believe that. There must be a way." When neither Eboshi nor Gonza replied, Ashitaka bowed and left the hut.

Iron Town was bustling like usual during afternoons as Ashitaka walked toward his hut, feeling rather dejected about his discussion with Lady Eboshi.

The Wolf Clan had once again killed several citizens of Irontown out anger for their lost homes. Ashitaka knew what it felt like to the other people when they lost a loved one. He had lost his parents to the boar gods' stampeding when he was merely six years old.

Yet, despite this, Ashitaka had never bore a grudge against the animals of the forest. And now after eleven years, he still desired for there to be peace between both races. The others, however, did not share his compassion.

"Ashitaka!" The youth turned at the voice and saw his friends Kohroku and his wife Toki approaching. "Good afternoon Toki and Kohroku." Greeted Ashitaka, politely.

Toki smirked at the young man smugly. "Your discussion with Lady Eboshi didn't go well, right?" Ashitaka lowered his head slightly. "I just wish that people would try to understand that we don't have to fight against the forest. We wouldn't have to risk so many lives every day."

Kohroku placed a comforting hand on his young friend's shoulder. "Don't worry Ashitaka, I'm sure that everything will get better soon. I mean, the animals are all too scary to be dealt with in a friendly way anyway."

Toki rolled her eyes at her cowardly husband and said, "What my poor excuse of a husband was trying to say was; it's wonderful that you think we could and should live together with the forest and its animals but…the forest gods, especially the wolf ones are too hostile. They would never listen to us humans even if we wanted peace among ourselves and them."

Ashitaka nodded sadly. "I suppose. But I won't give up on the fact that we can all live together." Toki and Kohroku nodded but said nothing. They knew Ashitaka more than enough to understand how much he loved peace and wished for cooperation between two races to exist.

When the youth left his friends to themselves and entered his hut, he drop down onto his bed, deep in thought. There has got to be a way to prove that man and beast can co-exist.

Suddenly, he sat up and grabbed his bow and arrows and sword, wakizashi, also making sure to bring along some dried meat for the short journey. Ashitaka left his hut and walked over to the stall that was stationed behind his small home.

A red elk stood there and watched as Ashitaka lifted a saddle and placed on the elk's back. "Are you ready for an adventure, Yakul?" He asked.

The red elk lowed and nudged his master, obviously anxious to get out for a while. The young man smiled at his long time companion and mounted him.

As they rode out of Iron Town, Ashitaka inhaled the fresh forest air. He felt a sudden relief when they were already far from the town. Gently, he urged Yakul to move faster. The elk was only too happy to comply.

"Where are you going San?" Nero asked when he spotted his sister moving toward the entrance of the den.

"Out," Was the only answer she gave. Dante snorted and approached his younger brother. "She's planning to run off on her own again like last time. Remember how Mother became so upset at San?"

Nero snickered, obviously remembering clearly. San glared at her older brothers and huffed, "It wasn't my fault! I know how to fend for myself! Mother was only overreacting."

Nero and Dante exchanged amused glances before turning back to their sister. "You always did have a bad habit of wandering off on your own, San. That's not how a future leader of the Wolf Clan must act." Nero said.

San's fur bristled. "I did not ask to be the next leader of the Clan! Mother chose me when she could've chosen you or Dante!"

Dante rolled his eyes. They've had this discussion before; San never intended to become the next Alpha in Moro's place. In fact, San had preferred it if her one of her brothers had been the chosen successor instead of her.

"None of us can help with what has been chosen for us. You were born with the potential to be the next leader of the Wolf Clan, and that's all there is to it." Dante said finally.

San growled in frustration and looked away from her brothers. "I'm going out!"

As she left the den, Nero reminded her, "San! Remember not to run off to far, and stay away from the outskirts! The humans might be there!"

San growled lightly and continued to trot off until she was out of her brothers' sight. San was glad to get out of the den every chance she got. Her brothers always told her that she had a tendency to run off on her own all the time.

That was one of the reasons Moro had been disappointed in San from time to time, the young wolf was free-spirited and rebellious and some time she wouldn't return to the den for a day or two.

San shook her fur and huffed. "What does it matter? I have my own freedom." With that thought in mind, San took a deep breath and sprinted off into the forest.

It felt wonderful to run freely through the trees while the wind blew past her fur. She felt free. Free from all troubles, free from her duties, free from her training, free from the humans, and free from fighting.

San suddenly felt the irresistible urge to run off and explore the deeper terrains of the forest. The young she-wolf grinned to herself; she knew that wouldn't be able to resist even if she wanted to.

Changing directions, San sprinted off into the secret parts of her lush, green home.


Ashitaka smiled in contentment when he and Yakul reached an empty meadow. It was a green and healthy meadow; flowers bloomed everywhere he looked.

"This is such a beautiful forest Yakul. I don't understand why the people of Iron Town would want to destroy it and its creatures. There has got to be some way we can convince the people that we need the forest as much."

Yakul snorted and lowered his head in response.

Ashitaka smiled at his loyal mount patted his neck before dismounting. "I really do believe that we can live in peace. The forest and Iron Town."

Ashitaka sighed and lay down on the soft grass, staring up at the clear blue sky.

San felt a sense of relief when she felt that she was close to her favorite meadow. It was a place where she could be by herself, away from the burdens she carried. She had been only a pup when she first discovered the meadow.

The flowers were colorful and their fragrance always managed to calm San down. Her brothers and mother had always disliked it when San ran off on her own, but no matter how many time she had been rebuked for her troubles, San always managed to find time to sneak off to her favorite secret place.

San lifted her head and allowed the wind to brush against her soft white-and-green fur.

As another gust of wind blew past, San stopped in her tracks and felt her fur bristle. There was a foul stench in the air, coming from the direction of her meadow.

"A human!" San realized. There was a human in the forest and he was in her meadow! San growled angrily. A human had the nerve to intrude on her most secret and private place.

The meadow was her territory, and no human or even other wolves had the right to step foot or paw in her sanctuary.

With fur bristling, claws and fangs bared, San sprinted towards the direction of the meadow and the intruder.

Ashitaka's eyes shot open when a sudden crack of a twig reached his ears. The youth sat up and quickly sprang to his feet.

His hand instinctively placed itself on his sword, a precaution in case he ran into a demon or worse. Hopefully this encounter he was about to face was a god.

The rustling continued and grew louder with each step. Whatever was approaching was approaching fast. Ashitaka braced himself.

The bush nearby began rustling loudly then all was quiet. Ashitaka's eyes scanned his surroundings, making sure to catch even the slightest movement.

A gust of wind blew past. Suddenly, without warning, Ashitaka felt himself being tackled to the ground. But the weight that held down his body was gone as soon as he felt it.

The brown-haired youth scrambled to his feet quickly and drew sword.

As soon as he laid his eyes his attacker, Ashitaka felt his whole body freeze on the spot.

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