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The Missing Pieces

Numb, that's how I felt. As though someone had dipped my body into some anesthetic and placed back to fulfill my role in the world.

Staring out of the window on the passenger's side of the black truck was the only thing I could do while memories of the horrid event flashed before me as if it was a movie.

But no. This was real, too real. As a matter of fact, I was finding it hard to even believe.

The vehicle jumped, thrusting me from my thoughts, but never from the truth…

My parents are dead and there was nothing I could have done to change that.

The rest of the journey remained the same. Absolute silence unless you included the jarring motion of the truck's suspension and the purring of its engine. The recently promoted Major William Lennox kept his eyes focused on the road as he drove us back from the airport, the only words he spoke were kind as he helped me carry my luggage back to the vehicle. Although I didn't reply I knew he meant well, it's just…I wasn't exactly in the talkative mood.

My brother had sent Will instead of himself to pick me up. It was understandable. Just like myself, he would be mentally unstable and so he would send a close friend to take his place.

It was a little disheartening that he couldn't attend the funeral, but he wasn't even in the country when the accident happened. He was having a hard time trying to get the approval to come home so Jack thought that it would be in everyone's best interests if the funeral was done without him. Of course, as luck would have it, he got the approval the day after the funeral…but then again, Lady Luck hates my brother. No, scratch that. All females, no matter the species, hate him…

Obviously apart from me, but that's because we're bound by blood…unfortunately for him. He's the mature one though, through my eyes, I find that extremely hard to believe. Its mutual I guess. (A/N – Am I the only one who has this problem with a sibling(s)?)

As we pulled up to the residential part of Diego Garcia, which was located at the back of the base, I could feel my heart sink lower. I had already expressed my extreme depression out to the world, crying and screaming until my voice went hoarse and I ran out of tears, but now when I see Jack again everything will come flooding back to me, I just know it.

He was all I had left.

Already tears reached the brim of my eyes, slightly obscuring my vision of Jack's apartment that stood in front of me. It was my new home due to the fact that he was the closest relative that could take care of me since I was still only sixteen.

"This is it." Will announced softly as he drifted the car to a complete stop, parking right outside the front door. I only just realized then that it was raining…how fitting. For some reason I felt comforted by it as it made seem like the heavens were mourning with us.

For the first few moments I just sat and stared at the building that would be my new home as Will was generous enough to carry my suitcase up to the door and rang the doorbell. No too much time passed when Jack finally revealed himself, giving me a brief glance before receiving my stuff off of the Major. Once my brother took my stuff indoors, Will came back to the truck and opened my door.

Silently I got out and grabbed my backpack, grunting once I remembered the weight of it since it did contain my laptop and drawing kit.

"Rachel." The Major caught my shoulders and halted me before I could get passed him. "Look at me. Everything will be alright."

Slowly my gaze lifted to meet his own, the tears were flowing freely now along with stray strands of rain that dropped around us.

"How can you say that?" I said as a broken whisper that resulted in a tight hug, his warmth was greatly appreciated at this time.

"Just trust me." He replied and said nothing more as I sobbed in his embrace. It didn't take us too long to realize that it wasn't just my tears that were soaking him so, with a protective arm around my shoulder, Will Lennox led me into the apartment and out of the rain.

He didn't stay too long, once he and Jack quietly spoke in the kitchen while I was sitting on the sofa, staring at the floor in the living room, Will strolled back in with my brother in tow. The goodbyes didn't take long as he had at lot of work to catch up with since his promotion.

We heard the slam of the truck door and loud, distinct whir of the engine before it eventually faded into the rainstorm and for a few minutes I sat slumped on the sofa unwilling to move until I felt something sink into the other side, making me fall slightly to the right.

I turned to Jack who was staring back at me. "You look like shit." I said half-heartedly though it was still the truth. His hazel hair, both head and facial, was left unmanaged while he looked like he hadn't slept in the last month.

"The same could be said about you." Was his reply though he said it in a really low tone which wasn't like him at all. Then again this hasn't really been a normal reunion, has it?

I don't now what did it, but all of a sudden I broke down, throwing myself into his hold like my life depended on it.

Hell, my life did depend on it. Jack was last thing in my life I could call family, if he left me, I would break completely. Now, I'm not the emo type, but I just wouldn't be myself anymore. My brother was like my other half when we were younger. He would always help me out no matter the situation and then when he was about to leave to join the Air Force he had said that our brother-sister relationship was 'unnatural' because we loved each other and rarely fought over anything. Sure, we would shout over the most stupid things, but our feud wouldn't last long.

As I cried into his shoulder I could feel Jack's hand rub my back which was comforting me in this time of need. Though above me I could feel his tears drip gently onto my dark brown hair, which had been left untamed since my parents' deaths just over a week ago.

My parents' death. My parents were dead.

That made me cry even harder and I gripped on his shirt as the sobs ripped through me just like the pain in my chest. I felt like I had lost a part of me after the officers told me what had happened.

Now I have to live with that replaying in my head for the rest of my life.


Lennox jogged up to the driver's side of the black truck, but not before stealing one last quick glance at the block of apartments, mainly the top floor which now housed the two, last members of the Hunter family.

God that sounded so…so wrong.

A long, tired sigh escaped the Major as he slumped into the driver's seat of the Topkick and closed his eyes, letting the gentle patters of the rain on the truck's roof almost lull him to sleep. Unfortunately his silent tranquility was disturbed as the radio came to life…by itself.

"Are they going to be alright?" Came the rough voice of one of Will's metal comrades in arms.

Sighing again, the Major rubbed some of the sleepiness that had invaded his eyes. "I'm not sure 'Hide. Losing a family member is something that's hard to get through, but Hunter lost both his parents and knowing that they were really close makes it a whole lot worse." He paused for a moment. "He's getting a week off, but he'll be back on normal shifts after that."

"I think we can all relate to his situation in some shape or form since we are at war. Back on Cybertron it was common to lose someone close to you and even more common to lose yourself, either to insanity or, though I hate to admit it, to a blast from the Decepticons mainly due to they shear amount of numbers."

"Oh, so now you tell me that we're severely outnumbered."

A low laugh softly rocked the vehicle just as the engine switched itself on before slowly pulling away from the block of apartments. "Yeah, but that just means that there's more to shoot at, but now that we have you pipsqueaks helping us I think we should do just fine."
"Yeah, well, bare in mind those pipsqueaks are a lot smaller and more fragile than you guys."

"I know and that is why I feel sorry for you. How can you stand being that small?"

Lennox just shrugged at the question. "Eh, you get used to it."

"I'm sure you do."

"Hey man, I'm tall for my build and age. Don't spoil the moment."

"You just keep telling yourself that Major, it'll only make things worse when you finally admit that you're species is so small."
The Major glared at the radio for a few second. "Now I'm gonna start sounding like Jazz. You guys give him too much of a hard time because he's small in your standards." A small chuckle escaped his lips. "Though I have to admit the guy's got a big personality to go with it."

"Rachet did a good job putting him back together."

"Yep, I know and we are lucky to have someone like him. But I have noticed that ever since the Twins got here, Rachet's been a bit on edge. Care to tell me why?"

Ironhide let out a quiet laugh, "Jazz and Sideswipe left container of oil above his door the other day and…well, I believe you can tell what happened next. Even Optimus got a laugh out of it"

Ironhide mulled over the memory file for a moment as they drove passed one of the checkpoints that led them into the main hanger of the base. "So that's why they were wielded together. I don't think anyone's gonna let them live that down for a very long time."

There laughing could be heard for quite a while after that.

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