Hey folks!

So, this is it... I'm about to start the reversal of "Only brothers understand" written by the bestest deanandhisimpala. So, all that's gonna happen here is kinda her fault as she gave me the idea and her "okis" to do this.

To all of you who read "Only brothers understand"... you'll find similarities to deanandhisimpala's work. But every story I gonna put online here will be unique (at least that's what I hope), there are just a few words, emotions, random things that will maybe - maybe not - catch your eyes.

And... you'll know what I'll post next, because I'm going to do the same sequence.

Well, just leaves to tell you that I'm going to start with sick!Sam... and boy, what's Sam when he's sick when Dean already is adorable? ;)

Enjoy, and let me know if you like this... more Sam is going to be up soon! (and you all know I don't own them... and don't send money, give me cookies *LOL*)

Only Brothers understand - reversed

„C'mon Sammy..." warm breath caressed his skin as a voice whispered into his ear.

But he just didn't have the energy to answer. A cool hand went through his sweaty bangs, massaging his scalp to come to a rest in the nape of his neck.

„Sam, you need to get up. C'mon! I can't drag your heavy ass..."

The hand in his neck pushed him forward and he just went with the movement, his face coming to a rest on a shoulder and he took a deep, exhausted breath, taking in the scent of his brother; lending strength from him.

His muscles trembled as he tried to comply, moved his stiff and hurting joints. He was grateful for the cool hands that seemed to know he just didn't have it in him yet, as they helped his arms to wrap around a neck, after another short caress through his hair.

„That's it little brother. C'mon. Let's get you to the room."

With a swift movement he suddenly was standing, leaning heavily against the body whose arms were wrapped around his middle, keeping him upright.

And he felt tears escaping his closed lids as nausea and dizziness and pain all together crashed into him.

As if the other one knew, the arms around his middle tightened their hold, lending the much needed strength.

„You just try to get one feet in front of the other, okay? I'm doing......"

The rest of his brother's whispered words turned into a jumbled something, together with a shrill beeping in his ears, growing more and more intense with each passing moment. Dizziness let the darkness behind his closed lids start to dance a cruel reign, accompanied by nausea and pain and then.... darkness.


He could hear a woman scream, saw fire erupt, encompassing the house. Windows exploded and acid smoke leaking from them, like blood running from a fatal wound. He was entranced by the sight, unable to move. Frozen. Petrified. The smoke reached his feet, slowly starting to move up his legs, wrap itself around him, to suffocate him.

"No!" he spoke under his breath, trying to scream but failing miserably.

„Your fault! Your fault! It's all your fault! Failed!" voices started to taunt and the moment they talked to him the ban keeping him immobile was lifted.

"No!" he tried his voice again, shaking his head in vigor.

But it was too late. He couldn't be saved now. He'd die... He strained the muscles of his neck, trying to get his head out of the smoke, but it already was moving into his nostrils and mouth, running down his airways to replace the oxygen.

"No, no, no!"

He couldn't breathe anymore. He tried to inhale but nothing came. And he was scared, felt himself regressing to an age where there was only one person that could help him out of his misery. He started to shake and something wet was running down his face.

„De...." where was his brother. He wanted his brother...

„De..." hands were there, cool and firm forcing him into a sitting position and then pulling him in. He gagged and then started to cough, feeling his chest burn in a fierce fire. The hands wandered up and down his back, tapping, thumping, soothing. And eventually he hitched in a breath, sucking air into his lungs while something wet ran down his chin.

The arms holding him never let go, but a soft, quiet voice started to whisper to him, as the tears slowly dried and his breath came more regular. And although the words didn't reach his jumbled brain. It didn't matter. What mattered was the voice.

Dean's voice.

And slowly he did drift off to sleep, with the arms still there, holding him. Keeping him safe.


His face was wet and with a disgusted scrunch of his nose he lifted his slightly numb arm and wiped away the drool.

Lifting his eyes only to half-mast, he blinked into the dim lit motel-room, taking in his surroundings.

God, he felt like road-kill. Slowly turning to his side something slipped from his forehead and landed on his pillow. Blinking, he got his shaky limbs working again, grabbing a hold of it and looked at it confused for a moment.

„Dean..." he whispered, his voice slightly hoarse.

He felt oddly wiped out, as if...

There was a noise as a key was placed in the door and it creaked open slowly. Dean was entering, carrying a paper-bag and bringing harsh sun-light with him.

Sam scrunched his eyes close, whimpering slightly as the light assaulted his retinas bringing back nausea and jumbled memories from the night before.

He could hear cussing and then the door was pushed close and something was hastily being dropped to the floor. Right before he could feel Dean's hands on his still fevered skin.

„Sammy..." one of the hands coming to rest on his forehead and Sam relished into the touch.

„'s okay... just the light..." his hoarse voice answered as he blinked his eyes slowly open waiting for the hand to be retrieved. But the hand stood there, cool and unwavering.

„I know. 'm sorry, I forgot. I thought it safe to get some provisions after your fever broke last night." he could hear his older sibling ramble.

„I mean, you gave me quite a heart-attack as you passed out in the parking-lot. Plus, it was super-gross when you slimed all over me..." he could hear a nervous laugh and then his brother continued quietly: „You burned up that fast that I... I was ready to take you to the hospital, man... you were drifting'nd delirious'n stuff... the whole package. But as soon as I mentioned it you shook your head, telling me no." The hand eventually leaving Sam's forehead to wash through his own hair, making it stick up in every direction.

Dean looked tired, dark circle under his eyes and stubble peppered his cheeks.

„How long was I out?" Sam asked, yawning.

He watched Dean as his brother stood and lifted the dropped bag to the small table of their motel-room before eventually answering him.

„Almost two days. I told you. I was ready to take you to the hospital. If your fever wouldn't have broken last night..." he left the rest of the sentence unsaid.

Sam's eyes grew huge. „What? But I..." Sam stopped, again taking in Dean's appearance.

„'m sorry..." Sam mumbled sleepily.

„You better be!" Dean grinned at him frowning as he yawned again.

„Better go back to sleep for a while. I got some soup and... Popsicles..." he gave Sam a shit-eating grin as he could see the dull eyes light up.

„Yeah, yeah little brother. I just know what works for you, right?" winking he turned serious.

„Sleep. Now."


Sam woke later to the quiet sounds of a reality-show in TV. Outside darkness had already set. For a moment he wondered where his brother was, but then could feel the warm hand on his shoulder and the deep breathing in his back.

Slowly turning around to not disturb his slumbering sibling, Sam smiled at the sight he was greeted with.

Dean was sitting supported by the headboard, his head slightly hanging to one side, mouth open, deep asleep.

His left hand, the hand that had been on Sam's shoulder was lying now limply on the covers, while his right hand still held the remote-control.

Sam turned around fully, grabbing the controller and shut off the TV, then he moved Dean's left arm away and snuggled up to his brother's side, sighing contently.

„Big brother's always know what's best for ya..." he grinned at Dean's sleepy words right before he drifted off, feeling the hand moving to rest on his back.


I hope you liked it... let me know! More soon...