And so, it was decreed, that if one left the team the re-initiation would be to clean the bathroom on floor thirteen wearing various shameful articles of clothing.


After drinking some of Ravens tea he decided he much preferred the taste when it was on her lips.


She hated the dress with a passion, so why did she hit him so hard when he offered to take it off?


She told him his TV shows were ridiculous, and to stop watching them, but that was before he started to take after one of the characters romantic gestures.


Because of the toxins and harmful chemicals in Beast Boys clothes, Starfire was always assigned laundry duty, being immune to dangerous environments and all.


After Raven reduced the toast she was making to ash, and Starfire proceeded to make fungus, the team resolved to leave the cooking to the men.


Ever since coming back from Tokyo Beast Boy has been thoroughly disappointed in the crowd reaction to his karaoke.


Since irritating (and angering) the entire Jump City Zoo, Beast Boy has since been prohibited from coming back.


He would have taken a moment to be proud that he had managed to get Raven flowers; right after her allergies had subsided.

The first of many new stories to come. i'm sorry i haven't posted in forever but i've been busy being young and in love, and all that jazz. Crush was of course the inspiration for Daisies.