CSI: NY Rated T

Name: For You, Always

Chapter 1-Early Mornings

Stella's POV

I moaned as I felt Mac's hand pull me closer to him, and I realised that he was trying to wake me up. It was very frustrating, I leave Mac to organise details for our holiday and he books an early flight. By early, I mean early… 6am!!! This meant we had to be at the airport an hour before and it took 15 minutes to get there meaning, for me to get ready, I would have to get up at around 4am!! I had been very close to killing him when I found out, but what can I say, I love the idiot.

I moaned again as I felt Mac's lips against my neck and the spot behind my ear, making me whimper in defeat. I heard Mac chuckle against my neck, sending chills down my spine and making me moan once again, this time in pleasure.

"We've got a plane to catch, gorgeous", Mac whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes and looked at Mac, I smiled.

"I'm so tired"

"You can sleep on the plane"


"Why not?"

"I can't sleep on planes, not enough room"

"I bet you will sleep, trust me. Now why don't we get up, I'm sure there's enough time for a shower for two."

I laughed and snuggled into him,

"Feisty this morning aren't we Taylor"

"Always", he laughed.

I sat up and stretched my arms into the air, surprised at myself for not being more stubborn. I felt Mac's arms go around me,

"We've only got 30 minutes till we have to leave. So why don't we have a quick shower, get dressed and then we can stop off at that little diner you love so much, and get breakfast to go."

"Sounds perfect"

I squealed as Mac lifted me over his shoulder and made his way to our bathroom laughing.

30 minutes later I was ready and waiting in the hall for Mac. Just the thought made me laugh out loud… Me waiting for Mac.

"What you laughing at out there?" I heard Mac say as he came out of the bedroom.

"I just think that it's funny that I'm waiting for you for once."

"Hey, it's not my fault. You were too damn gorgeous for your own good this morning that I just couldn't keep my hands off you."

I laughed at him as he grabbed my hand and lead me out the door,



"Where's our luggage?"

Mac smiled and replied,

"I put it in the car whilst you were putting on your make-up"

I looked at him in disbelief, how the hell did he do that because I swear he was watching me the whole time.

Mac laughed at my expression and I hit him playfully on the arm,

"You made me believe that I was ready before you when you were running around doing everything. I swear you were watching me as well."

"I was for the most part; it took a lot to take my eyes away from you."

I leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips before he shut the car door and made his way to the drivers side,

"So you ready?"

"Certainly, let's get going!"


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