Escaping to An World Unknown

A/N This is based on the upcoming movie Where The Wild Things Are.

I like the look of it but it involves Max's children going to the Wild Thing's world but updating might be slow because I haven't seen the movie yet but seeing the trailers and TV spots on Youtube makes me want to see it even more.

I hope you like.

Max sighed as he was making dinner.

He had been having dreams about a strange world with strange creatures huge but friendly but he had a feeling he'd been there before but wasn't sure but heard arguing as his young daughter and son were arguing once again.

His daughter Kari was seven with long dark brown hair, slender and loved to dream and imagine but loved her father's stories of a strange world with huge yet friendly creatures but his son Marc didn't.

He liked sports and was ten but looked like Max at that age.

But they were unaware of what was to happen,,,,,,

Max was angry hearing his kids fight like that.

He was tired from work and couldn't take anymore of this because he was an author and wrote children's books but he knew things weren't perfect right now.

His wife had left him but he wished she hadn't but his kids weren't the same after she'd left but he was trying hard to make life good for them but his kids especially Marc were acting up especially Marc at school but he hoped things would be better.

He then sent them both to their rooms while he cleaned up.

On the strange island beyond the sea and beyond the normal world, Ira sighed.

He and the other Wild Thngs especially Judith had been waiting for Max's return so they could play some more but were a little sad because they had missed Max but had no idea he was a grown up now and was too busy to go play but he sighed seeing some of the younger Wild Things playing and hanging from trees.

"You miss Max don't you?" the female Wild Thing asked him.

Ira nodded in reply but didn't want to admit it.

While Max was away, he had been made the ruler of the island until he returned but he secretly missed the human boy but sighed shaking his head as he went for a walk.

But he had a feeling that somebody like Max would return to the island.

"Hey no fair!" KW said as they were playing Tag.

Judith sighed at the teenage Wild Thing.

He was always like this but had been okay when Max had came to play.

"KW go easy on them.

They're younger than you and don't understand how to play by the rules of the game." she said softly to him.

KW nodded as he left.

He then went off to be alone.

Marc sighed as he lay on his bed as he heard the door open as Kari came in but was in awe as a forest appeared in Marc's room which surprised them but they decided to go but came to an ocean but a boat was waiting for them.

"Should we go?" Kari asked her brother.

"Yeah it's better than staying in our rooms.

Maybe it will lead to somewhere fun." he answered.

Kari hoped her brother was right as they climbed in but were unaware of the adventure they were in for.......