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The girl rolls over and mumbles something unintelligible in her sleep, totally oblivious of the white-clad figure standing in the corner of her room. He stands watching her with his head cocked to the side, as if mildly curious. The man looks at her clock.


He has a few more minutes before her alarm goes off, and he is content to just stand there watching her. He finds it rather fascinating that of all the people here at this base, this seemingly insignificant and rather easily dispensable girl is the one that is causing them all their trouble. He stands watching her for a while longer, studying her defined cheekbones, her soft cheeks, her full lips... he isn't being perverted, he tells himself, no, that he definitely isn't. He is merely assessing the enemy. He watches as she again tosses restlessly.

He decides he had better slip out of the base again before more people than necessary wake up. He backs towards the door, and brushes past a chair. It barely makes a sound, but it is enough to wake the sleeping woman from her turbulent sleep. Her eyes fly open, and she sits up with surprising speed. The man in white only just has enough time to slip into the shadows before the girl swings her legs out of bed and stands up cautiously. She creeps slowly towards the door and opens it, looking up and down the hall just as her alarm goes off, signaling 4am. She jumps slightly and goes to turn it off. The man takes the opportunity to slip out of the still open door and sneak out of the base undetected.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

He is following her down the deserted corridor. She is completely oblivious to his presence, but if he doesn't want to be seen, then he won't be seen. She enters her office and he follows just before the door is closed.

He is momentarily stunned by the way she flicks her hair back over her shoulder, but he mentally shakes himself and re-focuses on his mission.

Get the files, get the files, he chants to himself. Get the files and get out.

He waits until she has finished with everything she wants to do, and until she had left the room and locked the door behind her, before he un-wraps himself from the shadows and slips into her chair. He turns on the computer.

Whilst he is waiting for the files to download, he can't help himself thinking about her. The girl he has been watching for some time. The girl who has caught his attention.

But it is not his apprentice. Unfortunately for her, she does not interest him in any way, shape or form. No, it is not her who has caught his attention.

It is the girl he had followed into the room. The girl he has been watching for some time. The girl whose file he now has in his hand, having printed it off from the computer.

He rises fluidly from the chair, and exits the base swiftly, now he has what he had been after.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

He is in his room, in a deep state of meditation, when he hears a soft knock at his door.

"Enter" he calls out. He knows even before he has seen his guest who it is. It will be his apprentice. Again.

"Master" she says, her voice fervent with emotion. Whenever she is near him, her head is in a whirl, her breath comes fast and shallow, and her heart thuds erratically. She is confused. She had always thought of him as a master, as a role model, as someone to look up to, but now she thinks that she wants something more... and she isn't sure why. Maybe it is the way he is determined to get whatever he wants by any means necessary. Maybe it is the way he is ruthlessly harsh to all his apprentices, including her. Maybe it is simply the way in which he carries himself, the way in which he acts. She doesn't know what it is, but she loves it all the same.

Whenever he brutally criticises her, her eyes well up, but not with tears of sorrow - with tears of joy. Whenever he treats her mercilessly on the mats, she is in heaven. And whenever he graces her with a rare word of praise, she feels as though her heart will burst with the pure happiness.

When she looks upon his perfect face, a face so perfect it must have been carved by angels, she can barely remember the reason she has come to his room. She is satisfied just to gaze at him in awed silence. That is, until he grows impatient and turns to snap at her.

"Is there a reason you came in here, or are you just going to stand there and stare all day?" the melodic sound of his voice catches her off guard, and she is dazed for a moment before she gathers herself.

"Yes master" she gushes "I was wondering if you might consent to a extra sparring session with me today, um..." she falters at his cold gaze "I want to... to make sure I have the technique we learnt today per-... perfected"

He stares at her for a moment, his eyes narrowed, before giving her a curt nod.

"But not yet. I have other things I wish to do." She does not reply straight away, and his face is decorated by the frustrated and impatient expression that makes her heart truly melt. She realises what she is doing, and replies.

"Yes, thank you, master" She bows low, so low she almost falls over, and leaves his room. Whenever she thinks of the fact that she will soon have a private training session with him, her heart does excited, frightened little flips.

Once he is sure she has definitely gone, and her footsteps have faded away, he walks over to his drawers and takes out the files he stole. He sits for a length of time, he is not too sure exactly how long, just looking at the pictures included in her file. He has discarded the others for the time being, for as they may be more important and useful, the girls file is infinitely more interesting.

He is not sure what it is about her. He has questioned himself about her, about his feelings towards her, and he is quite sure that he does not find her physically attractive or appealing... no, he is almost positive that he finds her merely intriguing. And this scares him slightly. He needs to be in control of everything. Absolutely everything. And he is not in control of this.

No. He certainly does not have any control over this girl, or his intrigue.

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