"Oh. My. God."

Deidara stared bleakly at the mess on the floor of the room he shared with Tobi. Clay and paint stained the bare stone floor.

"Tobi... What did you do?..." he asked, voice wobbling.

"Tobi made pretty art!" Tobi cheered, holding up an unidentifiable lump of clay. "See?!"

Deidara stared at it. "...What is that, un?"

"It's you, me, and Sasori-danna, all sitting on a park-bench! An' see, Zetsu's hiding behind the bench!" Tobi pointed out a mass of green-painted... something... and beamed.

His partner looked from the clay to Tobi's face. Then back again. And he looked at Tobi. And then the clay lump. And back.

This continued for some time.


Deidara took a deep breath, and looked despairingly at the room.

"...Tobi, if you clean up and get everything ready for inspection, I'll teach you how to make better sculptures, un."

"REALLY?!" Tobi beamed. "YES SIR, DEI-SEMPAI!!!" Immediately, he got to work, mopping up paint, stuffing clay back into Deidara's clay-jar, and neatening the entire room. And then he was done.

"DONE!!! Now, Dei-sempai-"

"Hold it, Tobi, un."

Tobi froze. Deidara came closer, inspecting Tobi's mask with the greatest of care. Tobi gulped as Deidara closed in.

The blond pouted thoughtfully, continuing his inspection with slitted eyes. Then he grinned.

"I wanna teach you something else, un." He pulled off Tobi's mask.

"W-wait, Dei-sempai, wh-what are you-"

Tobi never finished that sentence.

AN: I leave you to fill in the blanks.


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