~Edward's Point of view~

Usually I would be at home, sitting in my room all by myself, or possibly sitting at my piano, just letting my mind run wild, creating new forms of music, but I was forced to go hunting too get ready for school tomorrow. Which was just another reason I would rather have just stayed at home, I detested school. I just wanted to be left alone, was that really too much to ask?

Edward would you stop with the emotions you are making me feel depressed. Jasper thought to me.

I sighed, "Sorry Jasper." I said, and paused, catching the scent of a nearby deer. With just a bit more speed I ran off after the deer that. I could hear its wild heart beat as it ran away from me, aware that it was being chased, but as I was just about to pounce on my target I smelled a new scent. It was much sweeter then the deer's scent.

It sent a harsh wave of fire coursing through my throat, and had me turning away, letting the deer go, and without thinking I began to follow the smell, the small beast inside me crying for its hunger to be taken care of.

When I got to the place where the scent was the strongest, I got a hold of myself, taking sight of the over turned car. It must have been an accident, humans aren't very good drivers.

I walked over to the car hesitantly, I looking into the broken window searching for a sign of life, but all I saw the remains of a woman, and a man. I recognized the man. It chief Swan, and this must be his wife. I was about to turn away when I saw something move very slightly near the woman's body.

I walked closer, and moved the blanket that was covering a little bit of the woman's body. When I did I gasped.

There was a little baby under the covers. Her big brown eyes looked up at me in wonder. She made a cute gurgling sound, and weakly put her arms out to me.

I couldn't help it; slowly I picked her up, and cradled her to me a smile starting to fall on my lips. She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She had fine brown hair, and brown eyes. Her little hands held on to me tightly as I held her.

I stroked her hair very softly as I walked slowly back to where my family was waiting. She looked up at me, and smiled, making a cooing sound; that just made the icy heart inside me, warm.

I smiled with a chuckle, as I watched her chewed on my hand.

"Edward what happened?" Alice asked in shock.

"I found this little baby in a car that was in an accident, both parents didn't survive." I explained.

Alice started to jump in place. "Can I hold her?" Alice asked.

I frowned not wanting to let go of her. I strangely felt a little protective of her, but I nodded regretfully.

When Alice had her in her arms the baby started to cry loudly.

"What did I do?" Alice asked anxious.

"I don't know." I said, the urge to rip the baby away from Alice beginning to be overpowering.

The baby held out her little arms out to me, and continued to cry.

"Oh she wants you." Alice said handing her back to me. The baby then almost instantly went silent.

I looked down at her feeling an unknown emotion run threw my body.

She smiled up at me, and giggled. Her laugh was even beautiful.

"She doesn't like me." Alice said glumly.

"That's not it's, she's just scared of you that's all, wait until she gets to know you more, she'll come around."

Alice beamed. "Do you think we can keep her?"

"I hope so." I mumbled.

Alice smiled at me slyly. "Come on lets go ask Carlisle."

The baby watched Alice as she walked a head of us.

For a moment, everything felt like it was just right with the world. Things made sense, and I truly and honestly almost felt human as I held this precious little creature in my arms.

I listened to this tiny miracle, as she began making all kinds of sounds as we approached our family.

"Edward where did you get that baby?" Rosalie asked running over excited.

"I found her in a car wreck, the parents are dead,"

I already could tell Rosalie is going to want this little one to stick around with the family, now I just hoped Carlisle would feel the same.

Rosalie smiled at the baby warmly, and stroked her cheek. The baby smiled at her, but made no move to want her to hold her.

I walked past Rosalie to Carlisle, ignoring Rosalie's raised hands, hinting that she wanted to hold this little angel. I just wasn't going to hand her off, I couldn't even if I had wanted to.

Regardless, Rose and Alice just followed behind me, whispering something back, and forth, but I paid no mind to them.

When I got to Carlisle his eyes widened as he looked down at the beautiful baby in my hands.

"Why do you have a baby Edward?" Carlisle asked confused.

Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie were all now looking at the baby.

"I found her is a wrecked car a few miles from here." I said looking down fondly at the baby.

She sneezed, and then looked up at all of us.

Everyone laughed quietly.

"Can we keep her?" Rosalie begged. "We could take such good care of her, and give her the perfect life,"

"Please Carlisle." Alice said with a pout. "It will be so fun to dress her up in cute little clothes, and watch her grow,"

"Well I don't know." Carlisle said looking hesitant.

"Come on Carlisle look how cute she is." Esme smiled gently stroking the little baby's cheek.

Carlisle chuckled, watching between Esme in the baby for a second. "She is adorable, but…"

"Edward can I hold her?" Esme asked hopeful.

"I don't know, she isn't really use to anyone yet." I said guardedly.

"Come on just for a minute." Esme pleaded.

I groaned, but handed her to Esme. It all most felt like I was giving up a part of me.

When the baby was out of my hands she looked back at me scared. She started to whimper, and struggle to get out of Esme's arms. Her arms again went out to me, and she started to cry.

I rushed over to her, and gently took her out of Esme's hands. Once she was back where she belonged she stopped crying, and started chewing on my hand again.

Esme looked over guilty. "Sorry baby." She cooped as she softly stroked the baby's tummy with her two fingers.

The baby yawned softly smiling at Esme for only a second before she cuddled into me falling asleep almost instantly.

"So are we going to keep her?" Emmett asked smiling at the baby in my arms. Carlisle sighed. "Ok we can keep her."

Rosalie and Alice nearly exploded when he said this, erupting in quiet applause.

I just smiled down at the little angel in my arms. "Welcome to the family." I mumbled, as I leaned down cautiously, and kissed her little forehead.

Shall I continue?


Should Bella be half vampire, half werewolf, or just a human?