I wonder how Bella is doing, she was looking a little nervous this morning, maybe I should just check on her after this period. When the bell rung I ran out of the door, and straight to Bella's locker. I saw her talking to her friends. I walked over to her, and leaned on her locker.

"Well how is high school so far?" I asked. Bella looked at me, and beamed. "Hey Edward, it's really different, but it's pretty fun." Bella said waving to her friends. Man Bella's brother is so nice, I wish he was my brother. Angela thought as she waved back to Bella.

Bella's brother is drop deep gorgeous, she is so lucky. Jessica thought waving also. Bella is so lucky. Lauren thought. I chuckled at their thoughts. "Ready for lunch, my angel?" I asked taking her hand. "Yeah, I am so hungry." Bella said.

When we entered the lunchroom millions of thoughts came to me, all of them were the same. Edward is dating a 13 year old? When we got to the table Bella sat down beside Rose, and I quickly sat down beside her still holding her hand.

"Here you go squirt." Emmett said pushing a tray of food to her. "Thanks Em." Bella said biting into her apple. "So anyone give you any trouble?" Emmett asked after a while. Bella thought about it. "Actually yeah, someone is really bugging me." Bella frowned. Who ever this kid is is going down. Rose thought harshly. Everyone else was thinking the same. "Who is the little punk?" Emmett growled.

"Mike Newton." She said with disgust in her voice. That's weird Mike never bullied anyone before, why start now, and why Bella? Alice wondered. "What is he doing?" Jasper asked. "He keeps following me around, and staring at me, and he tried to hold my hand. Bella said annoyed.

Everyone laughed, but me. I'll kill him anyway. "Bella has an admirer." Emmett cooed. Yeah, and one is enough, me. "Gross Emmett cut it out." Bella whined. This time I laughed with them. Bella doesn't like Mike, and I will make sure she never will.

No Edward, you can't just kill Mike. Alice thought amused. "Watch me." I said annoyed. Edward if you do Bella will be upset with you and that will mess up your relationship. Alice thought getting nervous. "Fine." I hissed. But Mike better sleeps with one eye open.


Should Edward "accidentally" kill Mike??

Sorry for shortness.