Please take the time to read this all…

Hello my name is Alida. Some of you may be familiar with me from my many Twilight stories.

I have been on this site for a little over two years, and believe it or not I have been working on something other then Twilight stories. I have been working on A twilight role play.

What's a Twilight Role Play?

This is very simple, on my profile is a link to my forums, and on there is a list of twilight characters. You can choose you're favorite character and use them to act with in the role play.


(Me) Edward: *walks in with his crooked smile* hello.

(You) Bella: *walks to Edward, and kisses him* hi you.

That is what it would be like. In the * that is the action. And what you're character says you just type.

Others will be playing along with you with their own character.


(Me) Alice: *Jumps around squealing* Yes!

(You) Bella: *grins at Alice* what is it?

(Random person) Jasper: *Rolls eyes* There's a big sale in the mall today.

See that is how it would be. To Speak with each other you leave a rely to a comment with you're reaction to what they had said.

It's very simple, and a lot of fun.

If you are interested in joining this role play this is what you should do.

1. Go to my profile, and click on the link to my forum

2. Go to the characters list to choose a character that you want, keep in mind some characters may be taken.

3. When you have decided what character you want reply to the Forum's post with the character or characters you want, or you can PM me.

4. I'll PM you back for the ok, and add you're name to the list, saying this is YOUR character, and no one else can have it for this role play but you.

Have any questions don't be afraid to PM me with any questions you may have about how to play, or how to find it.

Thanks so much for reading this all.

This story will be updated soon. J