Me: Wazzup? Ok, I just saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Saturday and it is the BOMB!

Becca: It was like, THE best comedy/cartoon this year (that kids could watch).

Steven: I actually peed in my pants! Hilarious!

Me: ANYWAYS, *sheesh*, I wanted to right a little one-shot about Flint and Sam. I really needed to get this on paper (or computer, whatev) before it slipped 'ma mind.

Butch: Yo, um, there's this guy outside...?

Me: Crud.

Disclaimer: I will NEVER own Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, though I wish I did (ROCK ON!)

(Flint's POV)

Before my mom left us (for good), she always used to tell me two things: One, that I would eventually live up to my potential and be a great inventor (which I am, sorta), and two, that the right girl for me would come along, I just had to pay attention.

Now, when I first met Sam Sparks, I was thinking something along the lines of, 'WOW, what I would give to date her!' But, now that we actually ARE dating, things are a little different.

Since she still worked with that weather company in New York, she had to go back sometime, right? Well, she did, a couple of days ago. Now that's two girls (or women, whatever you wanna call them) that are gone in my life. Well, technically, Sam's not gone forever, like Mom is. No, she's just "temporarily" stationed in a country far away from my small town, ChewandSwallow. Right.

As I was saying, she left a couple a days ago, but we did something really special. You remember that jell-o house that Sam and I played around in? Before the food storm? So, it turns out, that it wasn't destroyed in the storm, and it's still standing tall and beautiful, though it had a small piece of a chocolate donut stuck in it's side. We went back to the house, though Sam thought it was a good idea to bring Steve along (I have NO idea why). We bounced around in that house until Steve decided he was going to pee all over the floor. So that ruined the fun. But Sam didn't mind, she was just glad we had a good time. We squeezed out and sat in the clearing, staring at the orange, pink and purple sunset. Sam touched my arm and nodded to Steve, who was snoring lightly beside us. I smiled and we stood up. She led me to a space between the trees, so that we could still see Steve, but had some privacy as well.

"Um, Flint?" I looked at her beautiful face. Her blueish-green (I'm sorry if I got it wrong, I can't remember what color her eyes were) eyes were staring at the ground, trying to burn a hole in it. I stepped closer to her.

"Yeah?" She still wouldn't look at me, so I knew something was up. I tilted her chin up with my hand and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. Whoa, I really was getting better with this romance stuff!

She took a deep breath and let out a shaky sigh. "W-well, um, y-you know my old w-weather station?"

I looked at her curiously. She hadn't mentioned it since she first put on her glasses. Which, by the way, have I told you she looked HOT in them? "Yeah, the reason you came here and met me?"

She smiled a crooked smile, which made me chuckle. "Well, ya see..." She turned away from me. I felt a lump rise in my throat. What the heck was she talking about?

"Sam, c'mon, you can tell me. I can handle it. After all, I am ChewandSwallow's genius, right?" I put on a fake smile, just to please her. Some clear liquid rolled down her rosy cheeks. Wait a minute...are those...tears? She wrapped her arms around my neck and ran a hand through my hair. I shuddered. Something about that...felt right. I fastened my arms around her waist and smiled encouragingly.

"Well, Ok. But if you don't ever want to talk to me again, I'll understand." She mumbled something into my chest. I lifted her head up. More tears, now a slow waterfall, were cascading down her flushed cheeks. I wiped them off with my thumb. "I...We...Oh Flint, I have to leave!" I froze and the world just seemed to stop. No sound went in my ears, not even Sam's sobs that were buried in my chest. Memories of me and my mom flashed through my mind and I sat down on a tree stump, with Sam in my lap.

"S-Sam, this i-isn't some k-k-kind of an A-April F-Fool's Day j-joke, right?" I ran my hands through her soft hair, possibly for the last time in a LONG time. April Fool's Day joke, right? A sick, cruel April Fool's Day joke. Yeah...

Sam looked up at me through bloodshot eyes. I was too shocked to cry. This wasn't happening to me. I just have the worst crappy end of the luck pie. She just shook her head and tightened her grip on my neck. She had a vice grip, but I ignored the searing pain. She couldn't leave me. Not now! Not when I'm still recovering from my own mother's death! So, we sat there rocking back and forth, Sam sobbing her eyes out, me wondering if I should commit suicide or not. Hmm...nah, Dad and Sam would be devastated. But I could become a cutter...

Sam seemed to read my thoughts, because she looked up with a shaky glare. "I-I-I k-know t-t-that I'm l-l-l-leaving, b-but F-F-Flint L-Lockwood, y-you W-W-WILL NOT become a s-suicido f-freak, g-g-g-got that?" I couldn't comprehend the words at the time, so I nodded absently and she re-buried her face in my chest with sobbing-hiccups. I was slipping, slipping into a deep lake, full of depression and anguish, and I could not resurface.

Me: 'K, changed my mind, it's gonna be a three-shot. The next one will be in Sam's POV, on how she sees the separating. And yes, for any of you Twilight readers, I used that quote from when Edward left Bella. But that's a different topic.

Steven: Ya know, if Becca died, you would have no control over me?

Me: Hahaha, I don't think so. BUTCH!

Butch the bodyguard: Yo.

Me: Yeah...Ima need you to lock up that chainsaw, if you don't mind.

Butch: *nods*