Title: His mission

After The BRAIN is destroyed, the world begins to settle once more, everything heals and life begins to grow. One of the fallen gets a second chance to revive what was lost in battle. But can he succeed?

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_-_-_Part 1: Memories of the fallen_-_-_

The remains of a passing storm lingered, before a few rays of what seemed foreign and unfamiliar lit up the area. It had been a year, only a year, but it felt like decades. The first year wasn't easy at all. Danger was everywhere, even if it couldn't move on its own. Remains of the war still littered the streets and fields, bullets, mines, you had to watch your step or you could easily meet your end. The only positive thing was now you didn't have to worry of the monsters that could attack you in your sleep, and it made living a little more tolerable.

The final four stitchpunks had moved on mentally, though never forgetting the fallen five. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8. They were never forgotten, but they seemed to be falling in the back of the others heads, knowing they had to work now, helping the world the best they could.

At first after their souls were freed, the remaining four were happy, but in the days to follow, so did sadness. 7 became depressed, so accustom to the old way of life even if she acted strong on the outside, putting on a brave strong face, mostly to hide how hurt she was.

She was so used to seeing 2 and 5 up early, collecting scraps of metal, wires and cloth, talking about the endless possibilities of the raw material, how happy 2 was when he and 5 first created the telescope, and how they tried it out for hours, enjoying their success.

So used to seeing 5 with the twins. They loved to be around him. 5 would play and read to them, even though they could easily read on their own, they liked to hear another talk to them, she thought it was always so cute how often the twins would run to 5 pulling him in the direction of things they wanted to show him, sometimes wanting to pull him in two different directions at the same time.

So used to hearing 6, even as he hummed eerie sounds, scraping away at a piece of paper, sketching the same picture over and over again, each time getting a little bit more detailed and she even remembered the nervous smile on his face when someone looked at his hard work.

Though 1 was always alone, she did often remember seeing him looking out of broken windows, deep in thought, reminiscing about the past, Even if he didn't have much to go on. All the stitchpunks were born into a war. Maybe he was thinking of the time when he was the only one. The first of their kind, he must have felt special, he was the first new thing that the scientist designed after the BRAIN.

8 was hard to think of. She never spoke to him, but often remembered the sounds of him sharpening his blade, and the sounds that he made when he held up his favorite magnet to his head. He wasn't all that bad. She remembered that he sometimes played with the twins, not often, and not when anyone else could see. If they did they could have seen an innocent 8, lifting up the two smaller stitchpunks and spinning them around, lifting them up to explore new things that they couldn't reach on their own. 7 was sure that the twins missed 8 a lot, probably as much as they missed 5.

9. The one designed to save humanity, ended up causing pain for every other stitchpunk. If it wasn't for him, all of the others would still be alive. He was only around for a short time; he was the youngest of them. Inexperienced, what he thought was right was often wrong, and if not, then he still couldn't think of what he did or said before he did it. He felt more pain than anything. He knew that 7 was suffering, and he knew he wasn't around long enough to have as many memories as the female stitchpunk, but he felt worse. He had torn that 'family' apart. Everyone was together, even if they didn't all get along sometimes. He rushed, he ran from the room where he had awoken. If he hadn't been so hasty he could have seen what the scientist was trying to tell him. He could have destroyed that monster without endangering the others. But he didn't. And five of them died. Even though they were free now, he felt the pain every day.

The twins seemed to be fine for the most part. But they would be sad too. They recorded everything. Any time they wished to see the others they just replayed the time they spent together in their heads. But they would get too into the memories, sometimes reaching for the others. When they remembered that they weren't alive, they both stayed to themselves. Together they would sit alone, remembering. 5 was always kind to them, 8 was playful, 2 would bring them new inventions to look at, teaching them about things that were around before they were created, or even telling them about their creation as he was there for it. 6 never spoke to them, he was always busy but they knew that he cared, somehow they knew. 1 they never stayed around; their constant studying made him mad. He would tell them to leave the past behind them and to only think of the future, if they all even had one in that dead world. They knew he was scared, but no one could get close to 1, he never let them.

Now the four of them lived close to the graves of the five other stitchpunks, knowing even though they were saddened by their lost lives, being close to where they were freed from their prison helped the healing process. Knowing that they weren't trapped, they made the first rain after the end of all life, they were the ones who helped the new buds of life grow. At first it was just a little brown, the colors soon changed. Green began to grow, and thanks to 3 and 4, they were able to learn of 'grass' and then 'flowers' and even though it wasn't a lot, a few spots of the green substance was comforting, they were able to see the life the others had made.

The bodies of the fallen were scattered all around. They were left where they were, to sort of honor the places where they fell. The only two bodies that weren't found were 6 and 2, and even though 9 and 7 wanted to look for them, they knew the world was too large to find them, they couldn't go, they had to work on something they knew would be productive, but they couldn't help but wonder where they were.

6 had fallen into the dark far down, where the BRAIN had dropped him after capturing his soul. Though that place was now a river from the many rainfalls over the year, so his body was most likely carried off somewhere far away.

2, being the only one they moved, was never found either. They gave him a funeral after his body was found again after the Seamstress attacked them. Sending him on a floating piece of broken material, they used it to apologies to him, this came from 9. 2 was the first victim of 9's thoughtless curiosity and the first of the stitchpunks to die. He was never found, but they always hoped he was drifted to a peaceful place, far away from all the death and destruction.

Although they were gone they were never forgotten. Even as the remaining worked to clean small debris from around the grave and surrounding area to allow the newborn grass to grow. The grass was the key reminder to them not to feel sadden by the others end. And as if to symbolize that, all the areas where the stitchpunks had fallen, grass was growing, all around their bodies. They had made a day to actually go to where 2 died to retrieve 8, bringing him out into the sunlight, and leaving him somewhere where the grass could grow around him.

Everything was silent for once in the world, peaceful. The only sounds of machines were from the stitchpunks, which hardly made sounds, but when they did, it left them with a warm feeling; they remembered the sounds as ones that the others made as well, leaving them with the knowledge that the others were still with them, even if they couldn't be there.

Though this was true, somewhere far away the sound of whirring gears couldn't be heard by them. Somewhere in the emptiness was a movement, metal sounds, whirring hard, unused for so long, small twitches and movements seen by none, but not for long. The small machine could see soon, and it wouldn't be long, before it was on the run, on the run for anything at all.


This is going to have more chapters, hopefully you enjoyed reading it, and if you did I hope you'll comment on it. I had this Idea ever since I first saw the movie and it's going to be somewhat long. The chapters themselves aren't going to be drastically long but I hope they are enjoyable. Thank you for reading my first attempt at a long fan fiction. Chapter 2 will be up soon.