Title: His mission

After The BRAIN is destroyed, the world begins to settle once more, everything heals and life begins to grow. One of the fallen gets a second chance to revive what was lost in battle. But can he succeed?

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_-_-_Part 20: Home_-_-_

Groaning the fifth stitchpunk tried to move but he found his body was too sore. He opened his optic to find that the static still fizzled around his sight. Unlike before where he could make out some objects, now he couldn't see anything but the static, and even it was fading to blackness around the edges.

Trying to use his other senses he closed his optic again. One side of his body felt frozen, while the other had a strange heat that came and went every few seconds. He figured that it may have been a fire; after all, the machine had burst into flames after it fell to its death. Something was still strange about it thought it didn't feel nearly as big as it should have for a fire of that size.

Shaking it off he tried to listen for anything. No more than a few yards away he picked up on the faint sound of wood moving and metal clinking. He remembered the machine from before he had passed out; the three-legged machine with thin broken mechanics. He heard as the sound of the machine moving came closer to him and he tried to pull away only to feel his loose optic ready to fall out of his head again, which it did with a small clank. He felt his optic hanging by the wires and groaned as static burst from the injured eye.

He tried to scramble away but he was still so hurt and tired that he couldn't budge. As soon as his movements became more frantic he felt something on him. Some sort of small claw, thin metal curled around his shoulder and held him firmly.

"Don't move." A cracked voice commanded and 5 froze, laying back down where he was pushed. The voice sent shivers down his spine. It sounded old, worn and laced with rust. He couldn't spend much time on the voice as the static became worse and his whole head was filled with the sound of it. He let out a weak cry and reached up to hold his injury, only succeeding in making the pain stronger.

"No no that won't do, stop moving. You'll make it worse."

5 stopped moving and whimpered out in pain. The static filling his head distorted the words and made them seem angry. He clenched the dirt below him, his hands digging into the ground with as much force as he could. He felt something odd then. The mechanical claw was on top of his head, giving him two small pats before he felt another claw on him as well; both now on his broken optic.

"W-what are you going to do?" the fifth asked with his voice asked in a low tone. He was terrified of the thing that held him hostage in his weak state. He didn't know if the thing was helping or hurting him. Maybe it was looking at him to steal his parts before they went to waste.

He felt the cold metal claws inside of his eye socket as the heat moved closer to his head. He shivered and opened his broken eye even though he knew he couldn't see with it. His optic clicked and clicked as it looked around for any spots where it could see but the static still surrounded him like a fog.

"I'm going to fix this darned thing, but if you don't stop moving around you may end up losing this eye as well, so stay still."

Doing as the dark voice said he rested his head on the ground, surprised to feel a soft cloth beneath him. What kind of machine did that? If it was lying then it was doing a good job, but why would it rest him on something instead of just tearing him apart, for that matter, since when did the machines have voices?

Then fear overcame 5. What if the machine was fixing him to he could be used like 8, or like 2 was? Without eyes he was generally useless as his optics couldn't be used towards the machine's benefit. Apparently while 5 was thinking of this his body began to shake in fear, and a few seconds later the machine turned his head a bit, the claws feeling surprisingly gentle and comforting as he was moved.

Looking in the direction of his captor when it moved him so and he looked blankly forward. He felt the mechanics at work in his eye socket and couldn't help but make pained sounds as the machine messed with his wires. He heard the machine make a sound before getting up and moving away from him. 5 didn't know whether he wanted to feel saddened or relieved by its leaving. When he heard it return a few moments later he was about to say something when he felt three strange objects being placed above his head, and after a moment he felt all the pain disappear as the objects were pushed against him.

"What …what is that?" he asked with a low and mellowed voice; he didn't feel anything with that object so close. In fact he didn't feel anything at all.

"Magnets to clear the pain while I work on you; no use in letting you suffer anything unnecessary."

Nodding 5 understood the meaning behind the machines methods. He remembered 8 and how he would often go off to use the magnet that he kept on his armor. He couldn't stay on one thought for too long as the magnet caused him to forget what he was thinking about. After a few more minutes' passed, he heard the machine grumbling about the magnets being too strong as he moved them a little bit farther from his head; Now 5 had regained the feeling in his body though it still numbed him from experiencing the larger portion of pain that came from his head.

After a moment he felt the wires being tied together as the sparks flew and landed against his burlap, causing the areas to heat up before they lost all feeling once again. He could hear the clicks of metal above him and in his eye as they continued to work. He let out a sound and opened his eye to look around; Still nothing.

The machine was careful in its work. Every few seconds it would stop to make sure everything was alright before continuing the supposed repairs. Once and awhile there was a strong gust of wind which seemed to blow out the heat source, and soon after the sound of something being struck against something went up with an 'Fzzst' sound, and then the heat was back once more. He remembered that sound well; matches, the kind that always sparked into a large ball before calming down and moving in an almost mesmerizing way.

The new warmth spread over him and he felt like his soul was being lifted out of his body. He was floating there, his mind staying in the same place it always was but it wandered farther away the longer he felt the metal claws on him. They were still working inside of his socket, and 5 couldn't help but shiver whenever he felt the metal over the fragile mechanics.

He felt tired. All this time he was more concerned over everyone else's wellbeing that he forgot to take care of himself. Now to have something caring for him made 5 feel safe even though the chances of it being a deadly machine were still high. He still couldn't hear clearly so he still didn't know if it sounded friendly or not, he would just have to trust it for now. It wasn't like he could move anyway.

Smiling to himself he closed his optic and felt the work being done to him. He remembered when 2 used to work on him. After he lost his optic that day the elder was always by his side whenever he felt even the slightest amount of pain. 2's metal hands always felt strange on his injured eye socket back then. It was because they both had different model hands. While 5's were the ones that were molded around like the rest of the stitchpunk's, 2's were more like…claws.

He didn't have time to dive deeper into those thoughts; the magnets were having a different effect on him now that he was tired. Sighing he let his body fall slack as he allowed himself to rest. He heard one last chuckle from the machine, but it wasn't one that would be feared. It sounded happy, relieved. 5 didn't know what to make of it, and didn't really want too. Sighing he felt his soul as if it as sinking to ground level before he finally fell into a sleep cycle.


When 5 awoke next the atmosphere had changed greatly. He still felt the heat near his head but it was smaller than it was before. The machine still seemed to be working on his eye but its movements were slacked, exhausted. Reaching up 5 struggled to feel around until his hand rested on the metal claw that was working on him. He felt the machine stop its movements for a moment and then pat his hand gently before going back to work; apparently it didn't see that he had woken up.

5 groaned and moved his arms a bit; he had recovered a decent amount of energy from his resting. He opened his optic and sighed, it was still broken. He let out a disappointed sound and closed his eye again. The machine stopped and moved a claw to his head, rubbing the top near his patch.

"It's almost over." 5 was reassured and he opened his eye again though he still couldn't see. "Does it still hurt?"

"No…Not anymore." He said softly as he shook his head.

"Good." He heard the relief in the machines voice.

He felt the machine set to work, this time was different. He felt the claws picking up his optic and using some sort of thin object to work on the wires that connected to it. The fizzing came back and 5 groaned out, clenching the material beneath him he whimpered as the machine tried to calm him with small sounds. He felt something click and he opened his eye, the fizzing slowed down but it still covered the majority of his vision. He tried to move the aperture around but his movements froze and seized up.

"Wait, wait…"

He heard this and shook his head, there was such a heavy pressure on his head he was almost on the verge of crying out. He machine seemed to be trying it's hardest to finish as fast as it could, but 5 realized that it was being more then careful with him, making its movements painstakingly slow.

Holding the material he felt the machine pressing his optic forcefully into his head. 5 cried out and struggled as the machine turned his optic until a loud crack rang out. The fifth stitchpunk couldn't take the pain anymore and sat up clenching his right side in his hands. He was hunched over when he felt the machine taking hold of him. He opened his optic to the static and shook his head; he should have known there would be no saving his eye.

The machine took hold of the others hands and placed them down before it moved back to its work. 5's apertures' wide as he shook his head.

"It didn't work… I'm blind…" He whimpered out as the pressure swelled in his eye.

"Nonsense," The machine stated. "Close your eye for me if you would."

5 looked to the machine and nodded. Closing his optic he felt the machine running a finger around it, pressing down on anything that could have gotten stuck. He felt a strand of loose burlap being pulled from under the eye and he shivered as it was pulled out. As soon as it was gone he felt the pressure leave, but there was still the matter of the static.

He turned to the machine so that it could have a better look at him and tried not to pull away when he felt the machine turning the optic to the side a bit. He reached down to the machines arms and held one firmly, surprised to feel the softness that he did. He looked at the machine questionably but was soon distracted by the pain.

"It's not going to work if you don't shut your eye, and look forward a bit as well."

5's shoulders sunk as he closed his optic and looked forward. The thin material was once again around the sides of his optic as it started scraping the spare loose burlap from around the eye socket. Once it had gotten most of it away it gently tugged the optic out of his head and gently fiddled with the wires some more.

Moments later he felt a spark along with a small amount of fizzing before all pain and discomfort disappeared. He let out a startled noise as he felt his optic being placed into his head and firmly fastened. After the machine took its claws off of his optics he felt the two cold hands helping him into a sitting position. The fifth stitchpunk groaned a bit and used his arms to support him as he was moved. The machine went back to his optic as if it was doing one final check to make sure nothing would fall out if he suddenly moved. When it seemed satisfied he heard the voice as it spoke to him again.

"Go ahead…open it."

Nodding the fifth stitchpunk opened his eye and looked forward. Gasping he reached up to touch his optic as he smiled. All the fizzing was gone, the static was actually gone!

"I can see! It's perfect!" he laughed as he looked at his hands and over the repaired optic.

"Much better isn't it?" The machine beside him laughed.

5 froze. The static was gone, so not only could he see clearly, but he could hear clearly. And he knew that voice well. He shook and looked down, afraid to turn to see. Hoping for it to be true but in wonder of how it was so.

"2…" he whispered and turned to the 'machine'.

2 smiled softly at his apprentice and pat his shoulder softly.

"Hello 5."

5 stared at his mentor and had a look of astonishment on his face as he let out a sound he wrapped his arms around the other and held him tightly. 2 laughed and pat his shoulder, while 5 tried to think of how to ask all the questions he had building inside of him. Pulling away the fifth stitchpunk looked at the second.

"How…how are you alive?" he asked as he looked over the other, he looked worn but everything was in place. "You told me that I would never see you again!"

"I never said anything like that." He said before he thought a moment. After a few second of thinking he figured out what the other was talking about. "Oh…I know what you mean…5 let me tell you, I never meant that you would never see me again, but I was unsure, and I didn't want to get your hope up with something that might not have worked."

"What do you mean? I don't understand…"

2 looked down at the flickering candle light and sighed.

"5…my body was decaying. Remember, I'm not as young as you are. I was as the others were, just a soul…But around the time I helped you from the canyon I felt a change. I learned of the creator's notes on the survival of souls without bodies…My body was not only old, but damaged, where I should have been allowed at least another month, my time was being cut short due to my injuries. Despite that, you did a spot on job of repairing my legs and leaving me with a good base to start building on."

Looking down he finally noticed the others legs. They were the ones that he built for him in the library. He moved the candle a bit to get a look at them more and was surprised at the brownish material covering his legs right below the knees up to his torso. It was cut and sewn into an almost pants like state and it took him a moment to realize that it was the seamstress' material that was sewn into a functioning part of his body.

"I was unsure," he heard the elder continue. "If my body and soul could be reunited again…which was why I told you what I did; I had to save myself. Believe me, I wanted you to be the one to do it, but if I had waited any longer my soul would have disappeared forever. I had to go on without you, I am sorry my boy."

Shaking his head he hugged 2 again.

"I don't care, I just wish you could have told me, I ran right into that machine's path knowing that it could kill me but I did it anyway!"

"Exactly…I didn't mean for you to do it in such a reckless way, but you finally gained your courage…Now before you get mad, remember that is not why I didn't tell you, nor would I advise you to go running into more machines, but it was nice to see that you have a bit of an adventurous side."

"I guess. Isn't that what you always wanted though?" He asked with a sheepish smile. The second stitchpunk looked at him and laughed. 5 laughed with him and they started to talk about everything. 5 was the one who was saying the most but 2 seemed perfectly happy just listening to him. He told him about all of the others and 2 asked how he was able to repair them. When 5 came to 6 he had to stop as he remembered the pinstriped stitchpunk.

"2, 6 had a vision about you…he drew a picture…" he said and began to look for his bag that held the drawing.

2 nodded and reached around the other and took the piece of paper and opening it.

"I was studying it while you were asleep…I've already figured that it might have been me."

5 nodded and held it to the candle light so he could get a good look. They both looked over it and 5 sighed, still not seeing how it could have foreseen 2's return. The elder looked at his apprentice as he let out a small smile.

"It's leaving…see? When he showed this to me I thought it was your soul fading…"

"This picture is not what it seems…look over here 5; there is a very faint line connection between the two figures."

"Their two parts of one whole…their being held together!" he said and looked at the discovery, suddenly everything made sense. The visionary wasn't wrong, his message was just hidden. "But wait…he also told me that I couldn't save you anymore…"

The elder only smiled. 5 looked at him questionably for a moment before 2 looked back to him, a sort of knowing look in his eyes. The fifth stitchpunk knew that look; it was a warm look that came with 2's mature knowledge.

"5…it's very hard to save someone who is already safe." He said and the fifth looked at him smiling.

Right again.


2 and 5 waited for sunrise before they began to set off for the building. Thinking to himself he tried to think about what the three-legged thing he saw from the previous night was but he knew the answer as soon as he saw 2 walking over to him, ready to go, using a rusted nail as a cane.

Travel would be simple for the two as they walked back through the streets. Occasionally they needed to stop so the elder could have a bit of rest. While the legs were perfectly good, they weren't properly attached. 5 promised 2 that as soon as they reached their home he would repair his legs properly.


"That's right!" 5 said, fear in his optic. He turned to and sighed. "I got mad at 9…and ran off without him…he and 7 came and followed me. 9 damaged his leg badly. The whole thing snapped forward."

2 nodded and thought for a moment, usually the hardest parts to repair were the joints, especially since there was a possibility of the joint being broken. If that was the case they would need to find a new joint for the ninth stitchpunk, and if they couldn't find a spare part then they would have to get creative.

"I see…well then it looks like he will have the two of us to make sure he has a speedy recovery. How long has he been injured?"

"Just since yesterday, he started to overheat from it so I sent 7 to take him back to the building. She might be using a technique I found that works well to keep him cool."

"The metal plate; am I right?"

Nodding the fifth stitchpunk moved up a small hill of debris, helping 2 when it looked like he needed it. The others comment comforted 5 to some extent, what the other said meant that 2's soul was with him in that cavern when he hurt his arm, even if he didn't realize it.

"You were with me the whole time, weren't you?" He asked as the two continued to walk.

"Yes, though I could never show myself. Being visible with your soul requires a lot of energy, Sometimes I would over stay too long and I would feel as if I was about to fade away…I remember telling you goodbye on one occasion. I was there for so long that I really did believe I was fading. But naturally I didn't, which I am grateful for. "

"I am too." He smiled and adjusted his bag on his shoulder when he felt like it was sinking down a bit.

2 looked at him and nodded, digging his rusted makeshift cane into the soft ground beneath him. 5 could see from where they were walking that they would soon reach the long street that led to their home. Some ways down he heard some movement and he stopped where he was. He held a hand out and 2 looked to him as he stopped moving.

"Do you hear something?"

5 only nodded and moved back a bit. He didn't know if it was anything serious or if it was just one of the movements that came from the wind. They were in the center of the street and in plain sight and it wasn't long before the sun-bleached stitchpunk to run from her hiding spot. She spotted 2 who was behind 5 and smiled as she moved her skull helmet out of the way so she could properly greet the other with a welcoming hug, this time knowing that he wouldn't be taken away after. When a few moments had passed 5 looked at 7 when he remembered the currently injured 9.

"I guess you got back alright then, how is 9 doing?"

"He's still overheating…I tried the metal plate, it worked for a better part of the night but I think he's getting worse. It's not helping as well as it did before and 8 is out looking for things to cool him with."

Nodding 5 tired to think of what he was going to do. They had to keep him cool somehow while they fixed him, and if he got too hot then there was a chance that even though they could fix him it might have done serious damage.

"We'll need to get to him right away then. 5, you're more knowledgeable for fixing limbs; I'll keep him cool so you can work on his leg without worry."

Nodding, 5 looked down the road and began to move with his two companions to their home.


When they reached the top of the stairway to their home 5 was just about done helping 2 up when there was a large crash followed by a few loose pieces of broken wood fell from an area above their heads. 5 barely had time to move as a small piece of debris fell onto his head. Looking up 5 saw that it was 8 currently in a high place holding a metal plate under his arm.

Looking down at the others he nodded and tossed the metal down. As it rang out from its collision with the ground two sets of feet began to scamper out from behind some rubble. Both 3 and 4 were carrying a large sheet of material that held a few more pieces of metal. They were both helping 8 to collect whatever they could to keep 9 from overheating more then he already had.

Both of the twins looked to 5 when they saw he came back, the look on their faces showed pure joy as they dropped the metal parts and ran over to him, tackling him over and holding tight. 2 laughed at them as 7 moved to grab the material that they had dropped. 3 and 4 picked up on the laugh and looked up their eyes flashing brightly to each other before they got off 5 and ran to 2; 5 got up and laughed at how quick the twins could be in storing new information.

The twins catalogued 2 as much as they could before 4 flashed her optics at 3 reminding him about 9. 3 looked shocked that he had forgotten and flashed back to his sister before he moved to 5 and began to drag him inside, the same with 4 bringing 2.

While 2 and 5 were being dragged to the infirmary the fifth stitchpunk remembered 1, and looked back to see that the oldest was sitting on the sill facing forward, watching the four as they moved across the floor. 2 didn't notice his brother at the moment but 1 had been watching since they were outside.

5 didn't know if it was what the eldest was doing but from where 5 was it appeared that he was smiling ever so slightly at the fuss the twins were making over the two of them. 5 smiled and used one hand to wave to him before 3 finished pulling him into the infirmary. He didn't get to see the look of embarrassment when he first waved and 1 discovered that another had seen him smiling.

Meanwhile 7 waited outside with 8 until the large stitchpunk was back on ground level carrying the few metal pieces. They would go in to drop off the items before they went their separate ways; 8 to guard the entrance and 7 to wait outside the crate, knowing she couldn't crowd the others.


After 2 had settled to where the tools were in the infirmary, he and 5 set to collect what they would need. The twins had left awhile ago only to return once to bring 9's blueprints to the healer before they left again. As 5 examined the prints 2 had already began to look at the others internal structure to see if anything else may have contributed to the heat that was flooding the others body.

After 5 was sure he had enough information on the joints he took the scissors and cut the bindings around the ninth stitchpunk's ankle so he could lift and fold the burlap up. By this time 2 had inserted a few more of the cold metal pieces into 9 and was satisfied when he found certain places cooled down faster when multiple pieces were in at the same time.

5 was sitting on a spool of thread when 2 moved to watch over the others repairs.

"I never had the chance to see his prints, I could never have imagined how advanced his design was." He smiled as he turned to the prints that were propped up against the wall.

"I'm happy to have had that" 5 said gesturing to the blue prints. "That's what helped with the repairs that I did to the others, I studied them as much as I could. The thing was everyone else's prints were about the same with slightly different placements, but 9's were a bit more complicated."

"You did a good job. Based on how much time you've had, you have adapted remarkably."

Smiling at the compliment 5 continued the work on 9's knee. The ball joint had come out of where it was set along with some cracks from trauma. The twins had collected some supplies to bring to the infirmary while he was gone and was happy to see that they had brought some glue. One of the sides of the joint had cracked open and was missing a part that was caught in the burlap when it fell. 5 was holding the stray part along with an eye-dropper filled with glue. 5 was careful with the glue as he knew how sticky it was, it was strong too so he knew that he wouldn't have to worry about the joint getting loose after it was repaired.

He was looking between the fallen leg and the broken joint. 2 moved over and took hold of the leg, holding it in its proper place to allow 5 easy access to the part that needed to be repaired the most. Smiling he used the eye-dropper to place two small blobs of glue on the broken halves. He set in the piece and held it there so it would attach in the right places with no air bubbles in the glue. Every few moments 2 would move the injured stitchpunk's leg to make sure the joint was working again without problem and to make sure that it didn't get stuck.

When it was time to let the joint go 5 did it carefully, watching as it showed no sign of falling through or breaking. He did a few more repairs over the rest of his leg along with some minor damage don't to his foot before he heard a groan coming from 9. With a few clicks 9's optics opened a bit before adjusting to the candle light that came from next to him. Looking at 5 he smiled.

"Took…care of that beast didn't you?" he smiled weakly as 5 nodded. "See…knew you could do it."

"My boy I don't think any of us doubted 5's fighting abilities." He elder laughed and that was the first time 9 noticed 2 was in the room standing a little bit from 9, carrying a few matches for the candles.

9 stared as if he had seen a ghost before a nervous peace-like expression overcame his features. He tried to sit up and groaned as he felt the metal pieces fall to different parts of his chest. 2 moved next to him to extract the metal as he could hear 9's metal workings returning to a normal speed. 5 was rolling down the burlap on the others repaired leg and binding it before he got up to help the other to sit up, wanting to make sure the other didn't hurt himself anymore.

"5 said you were gone…I never thought we would ever see you again." 9 smiled as he was finally in a position where he wasn't hurting.

"Yes well, you can't very well keep me away. This is my home too I take it, as it seems you've all made yourselves quite comfortable here."

"Yeah well…the beasts don't think to look for us here, we hardly see any this close to the buildings, most are out in the emptiness, though were seeing less and less every day." He looked down a bit, fiddling with his fingers a bit. "I never got to tell you how sorry I was 2…About that day. I mean, there's no excuse for what I did…"

2 smiled as he pulled over a tumble to sit on.

"Curiosity is a wonderful thing 9. I'm not going to lie and tell you I'm not mad over what happened, but it was still an accident and I'm not blaming you. I would advise about being so reckless in the future though."

"I don't think anything like that can happen again since the machine was destroyed." He said. "But I know what you mean, I always try and think before I do things, but it's hard to remember things like being careful when you don't know how harmful the outcome can be. I still can't forget, you should be mad at me…you and the others died because of me-"

"-And," he cut the other off before he could say anymore. "We were also saved because of you as well. You forget that your actions also led us to peace. I'm telling you now, don't make a big deal of it…I have forgiven you long ago for your help 9, don't forget that. I was never mad at any time. Though I will be if you bring it up again…It's alright."

9 looked down and sighed. He knew the other was right, but whenever he thought about it he felt terrible. Even though he was able to help the others in the end he never felt like he had done a good thing, mainly because he never wanted anyone to die. After they were released from their prison inside the talisman he felt better for a short period of time before he realized that even though they were free they were never coming back. He was relieved when 5 came back and overjoyed when the healer helped the others, but felt like he could have done more to help.

2 saw the change in the others expression and stood up moving to the others bedside he hugged the other gently like a parent would and waited until he felt 9 relax into the embrace.

"I'm not mad." He replied and smiled, pulling away.

"But you're-"

"Not mad." He repeated as 9 sighed and then smiled. 2 had this look on his face like a stubborn old man, though he still held a smile that caused him to look a bit funny. Nodding 9 laughed a bit as 2 finally looked to 5, giving him a look that said 'he's going to be alright.'

5 smiled to his mentor and then to 9; that's right. They would all be alright now.


A few weeks would pass since 9's near death experience with the machine on the field. A few weeks since 5 stood up to his fears and fought against the machine. And a few weeks since their whole family had been reunited.

Since then, pieces began to fall into place. 6 and 8 often spent time together, 6 always drawing and telling 8 of the new visions he had. They were never harsh and except for a few stray moments where he would picture a few rouge beasts he mainly had visions of the things that were to come. He told 8 of plants and trees and life. 8 seemed to understand even though he had never seen anything other than the bits of grass that started to grow, but he believed the artist and enjoyed the time that he spent around the drawing visionary.

3 and 4 were the same as always, though now they dragged 2 around to show him books of all sorts. They had found books left over that seemed to be for children, and always flashed their eyes as they asked 2 to read for them. 5 never knew how 2 understood the twins, but he guessed it was just something the other knew naturally. When 2 read to the twins they seemed locked in an almost child-like trance. They would lie on the floor with their arms up, supporting their chins as they listened.

As for 1; he and 2 were spending more time together. One day the twins had found an old chess board along with the pieces and 2 suggested playing against 1 for fun. It always seemed to end in an argument as they began to fight over whose turn it was or what moves were allowed. By the end they wouldn't care and would move onto other things. Sometimes on rainy nights 5 would leave his container to find that the two elders were sitting at the window looking out, only talking. There were no arguments though they never seemed to agree with each other. 5 always wondered if this is how they were like before they were forced from his room into war.

9 and 7 were much like they were before. They spent more time together and were often to the two to go out when 6 saw the occasional beast in a vision. They would ask 5 to come and he would accept. He never went every time though as he knew that they looked to go together not only to make sure the others stayed safe, but to spend some time alone. 2 and 1 would talk about them when they were gone, 2 saying it was nice that they were able to stay together for so long and 1 agreeing; saying that he was surprised that 9 hadn't done anything to make the seventh stitchpunk mad at him. 2 would give him a dirty look but knew the other was only joking.

As for 5, he was content where he was. He and 2 had started on their projects again. First they built a new watchtower that hung on a platform out the window in a cut up bucket that was securely tied to the leg of a table with the help of 8. Using the bits and pieces of the telescope that 5 had found along with new objects from their home they were able to rebuild the telescope. It wasn't as big as the old one but 2 promised as soon as they found new things they would expand on it.

With the lack of smog in the air he and 2 were able to see into the sky with the telescope. They saw the stars and just how detailed the moon was. They had shown 6 one day and he was so amused by all the shadows that he asked if he could come and look at it every night so he could draw it himself.

One dark night 5 and 2 were in the lookout bucket when something had caught 5's eye. He looked through the telescope and pointed out the large lights as they flashed through the sky; explaining that he and 9 saw them once before. 2, after looking through the telescope to 5 that those were meteors, though human's called them shooting stars. 5 found himself fascinated by the concept of meteors and wondered aloud if the others would like to see it. 2, thinking it was a wonderful idea quickly moved to the step ladder made of pencils, gesturing for him to follow him and gather up the others to see.

An hour later all the candles were out and the stitchpunks at the window. It was dark enough to see the light show flashing through the sky as 6 sat at the window sill and reached up as if to grab the stars where they fell. The twins sat next to the artist and silently laughed with him as 8 let out a small chuckle too. 7 and 9 weren't on the window sill but in the lookout bucket together. Even 1 seemed at peace as he sat off to the side on his chair that he kept in his space.

5 was on the desk while the others watched the stars. He smiled to himself and rubbed the back of his head before stretching his arms out with a sigh. Looking to the desk a large book caught his attention. He moved to it and touched its cover. It was an old beat up dictionary; not like the one he kept in his container, this one seemed older. He remembered the word that he once tried to define. He reached for the corner of the cover and began to open it when he suddenly stopped. After a moment he shook his head and closed it.

He knew that there was nothing that could describe what they had here. No matter how many times he looked it up he knew that there was no written description that could mean or feel the same as the bonds they had. He shook his head and smiled; it was only recently that he was trying so hard to figure out what it all meant. Maybe it wasn't as hard as he was thought it was. They were family, and that was it. Words written in ink weren't as strong as their souls. And he was completely satisfied with that.

After a moment he heard his name being called out and turned to see 2 waving for him to come over to the rest of the stitchpunks. Looking to the dictionary he nodded to himself and smiled before he moved over the books to climb onto the window sill with the others; still believing what he thought before.

They would all be alright now.

His Mission – End

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