This happened to me this over the weekend I wanted to swim but everyone kept telling me it was too cold and I would get hypothermia. I ended up sitting in the rose garden on a rock bench thing that was just art not a seat. But it was cold and I was feeling way to hot! So I am so Dean in this Hope it hits the spot with you guys if you want to share drunk stories I am all ears I so did sick the next day it was sad.

"So HOT! Just need to cool off and the pool is just there."

"NO Dean you cannot go swimming right now. Your drunk and you will get hypothermia."

"But Sammy, I need to cool off or I am going to be sick."

Helping his brother away from the pool and over to a rock bench that is just a few steps from the pool. He watches his older brother wraps his arms around the rock and nuzzles it.

"This feels so nice, so cold."

Sam just rolls his eyes, 'Dude, you're gunna hate the morning