Everything hurt when your hands were chapped worse than your lips on a cold winter day. Dean Winchester attempted to grip the coffee mug tight, but the burning from the cracking and oozing skin was too much so he set it back down again. Sam had once dragged him to a dermatologist against his will (if it had been anybody but Sam, it would have been impossible) and sat him down in front of the doctor. The dermatologist had concluded that Dean was allergic to something that was causing eczema. Then he had said something about sticking pins into his back to see what was causing the allergic reaction and Dean had bolted out of the office. No, there was not going to be any pins and needles involved with some pansy-ass skin rash.

Sam had given him the best puppy-dog eyes he had, but Dean had refused to go back even though their phony medical insurance covered the visit.

"You ready to go?" asked Sam, leaning into the Impala where Dean was with his coffee.

"Yeah," Dean nodded, forgetting about his trouble with the mug, "Let's gear up."

They moved around to the trunk where they were preparing their arsenal to assault a horde of demons. Rummaging around and eventually finding his preferred weapon, Dean bit back the curses in his mouth as the searing sensation in his hands flared as he picked it up. Sam obviously noticed and frowned.

"Dude, you can't hunt like that," he pointed out matter-of-factly with a distinct note of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I can," Dean rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah?" Sam reached over and yanked the weapon out of Dean's hands and then tossed it back. Dean caught it and Sam saw that his brother's hands were bleeding, "It's getting worse. You should at least put the ointment on it and wrap them or something."

"Fine," snapped back Dean, throwing the gun back into the trunk. Sam sighed once Dean went around to the passenger side of the Impala where the first aid kit was. He hung back for a few minutes as Dean cursed while wrapping up his hands.

"Dean?" Sam asked tentatively.


"I'm sorry, I just don't like it when you're in pain for something so stupid."

"Yeah, whatever. Just come help me tie this," Dean sighed in partial defeat.