Dean attempts for the fifth time to get into a sitting position, but fails miserably. It hurt to move up, down, left, and right, so the only option was that he stay still.

He hated staying still.

"Dean?" he heard his sleepy brother ask after the older Winchester let out a string of cusswords, "You okay?"

"Back hurts like a bitch," Dean bit out with a slight moan tacked to the end.

Sam was up in an instant, "What do you need?"


Quickly, Sam came back with a glass of water and a pair of white pills. Dean tried to lift his head, but the muscles running down his back from his neck protested.

Sam frowned and then quickly warned, "This is going to hurt."

"What're you--AAAH!"Dean let out a yelp as Sam yanked him into sitting position with his back against the headboard. The moving process had made his eyes water and head throb, but now he was sitting up which was better.

He swallowed the water and pills and Sam anxiously sat on the side of his bed, "You're gonna be okay, Dean."