"Sammeeeee," whined Deanna, "Sammeeeeeeeeee."

Shit, that's The Voice. . .not again. . . Sam thought as he dragged his mind out of blissful sleep.

He had been through this so many times that it wasn't even funny anymore. Sam Winchester knew the wrath and many different emotions Deanna Winchester could go through in a blink of an eye during her period. Each time it was worse. It had all started when they were teenagers. Deanna would skip school on the worst days and keep him home too. Then she would bitch and complain for him to get food or to watch tv with her or do something for her. At first, Sam teased at how clingy his sister got when she was on the rag, but now after years of experience he wished Deanna was a guy.

Sam groaned when he felt a warm body slide over to where he was on the bed, "What do you want, De?"

"Cramps, they hurt. I need something for 'em."

Sam rolled his eyes and reached under the bed where the first aid kit was and pulled out the "special pills". They were a homemade concoction that made Deanna loopy, but ultimately pain-free.

"Here, have fun."



"What do you want now, De?"

He felt Deanna slide under the covers with him and then a cold arm around his bare chest. Sam frowned, Deanna never did that. Then he felt soft brown hair on his shoulder and then the whispy feeling of breath on his neck.

"Thanks bro," Deanna whispered.