Screams could be heard down every hall of the hospital as at the top of his lungs, Dean Winchester bellowed, "LET GO OF ME!"



Then there was silence.

"Mr. Winchester, you were admitted for claiming you've seen demons?"

Dean's head throbbed as he answered smartly, "Yup. Fought them, killed them, dragged to Hell by one. The whole shabang!"

Then he frowned, "No, it was hellhounds that dragged me to Hell, but they were led by Lilith, so I guess that counts as demonic."

Dean brightened once more, "So yeah, demons, angels. . .freakin' vampires, werewolves, wendigos, spirits, all of that."

Notes were scribbled onto the large notepad and the doctor glanced back up at Dean with a frown, "I see. Well, we're going to make the demons go away for you, Mr. Winchester."

Then the orderlies took him back to his cell.

Sam Winchester was in a panic. Dean had gotten separated from him after banging his head pretty hard during a hunt and then Sam couldn't find him! He had checked the forest and then went to the local hospital and they said that a Mr. Dean Winchester had been sent to the county mental facility. Sam had nearly had a heartattack upon hearing that.

Now he was getting out of the Impala and heading up the stairs to the entrance of the institute. Mental hospitals freaked him out and also Dean. He was surprised that Dean hadn't busted out already.

That was his job now.

"Mr. Winchester, you have a visitor," announced the orderly at the door. Dean lifted his head and grinned wildly when he saw who was in the doorway, "Sammy!"

He saw his sasquatch of a brother then rear back with his fist and punch the orderly unconscious. Dean instinctually froze and waited. He watched and waited. Then Sam came to him, leaning to get face-to-face with Dean.

"You ready to get out of here?"

Dean hesitated, seeing the orderly on the floor and knowing that that meant trouble for him, "Yeah."

"C'mon," Sam gestured and Dean was right behind him. They raced down the corridors and Sam took out the orderlies that tried to stop them. All the while, Dean cheerfully sang that they were going on an adventure.