Sam didn't expect that morning to go quite how it did. First, he woke up with a headache and the first sound he heard was a wail. Second, he looked around the room and saw something that he didn't expect to see. Hell, he would have anticipated a demon, spirit, anything, but not what he saw.

What he saw laying on the bed was a baby. Confused and wondering if he was still asleep or not, Sam got up and went to the other bed. Then he realized that it was Dean's bed and the baby looked a lot like the baby Dean he had seen in John's few old photos.

"Dean?" he muttered, even though he knew that the baby couldn't respond. The baby hiccuped and smiled when he saw Sam, even though Sam usually terrified kids with his height. He instantly stopped wailing and reached for Sam. Carefully, Sam picked up the baby and held him in his arms. For once, he wondered what it had been like for his father to hold him in his arms when he was a baby. Then he heard a knock on the door and Sam frowned even deeper. The baby frowned with him, just like Dean did when he wasn't completely sure of something. Sam cautiously went to the door and saw Ruby outside. Tentatively, he set baby Dean down on the bed and then went back to let Ruby inside.

"What is that smell?" Ruby asked as she barged inside the motel room past Sam with a wrinkled nose. Then she blinked in surprise when she saw the baby on the bed. "What the Hell is this?" she demanded, "You picking up strays now, Sam?"

"No, I--"

"Save it, I probably don't want to know," Ruby answered more brusquely than usual, "Just get rid of it so we can get to business."

Sam narrowed his eyebrows darkly, "I'm not getting rid of him, Ruby."

The way he said her name was like poison was on his tongue.

"Then I will," Ruby picked up baby Dean by the scruff of his neck and opened the door to toss him out when Dean began to scream. Sam flew into action, grabbing Dean away from Ruby as gently as possible, "Don't touch him!"

Ruby growled softly, something that she only did around Sam, but let him have Dean, "I don't know what's up with you and that little shit, but I want him out of my sight right now."

Sam nodded and gently carried Dean to the bathroom with a blanket. He set the baby in the bathtub on top of the blanket and said softly, "I'll be back soon, Dean, I won't let her touch you. I promise."

Then the baby Dean smiled and Sam grinned back before shutting the door.