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This is a little AU, Carth is still very much in love with Morgana so, the romance does not occur.


They were on their way to Korriban, and Aline Channing,was't resting or meditating for the inevitable, pain-filled adventures they would encounter. Instead, she was sitting next to the hyperdrive.

Why, one might ask, was she doing this?

The answer was simple;

Unrequited love.

She knew that she was in love with her pilot and friend, Carth Onasi. But he didn't see her that way. He was still in love with his deceased wife, Morgana. He would talk to her about Morgana; their life together on Telos, their small family, and how much he loved her.

Aline knew that nothing would happen between them. She was, of course, forbidden to love by the Jedi Code. He was still grieving for his wife, but he wouldn't get involved with someone he was partnered with. But she loved him still, and it seemed all she got from her love was a life of solitude and pain.

To comfort herself in her melancholy state she thought to herself;

I really must have done something horrible in another life to deserve this.