It was early in the evening when the sun sunk down in the horizon, Tsuna had begged his parents to let him watch a scary movie with them. It was strange, especially since Tsuna hated anything that had to deal with blood. But he wanted to be brave in their eyes for once, to brag about how he watched it like the other kids in his school. His parents tried warning him as the movie started that it was probably best he go to sleep now than stay up with them so late in the night. Tsuna ignored their insistence, reassuring with a smiling face that he'd be fine.

Iemitsu shoved the disc into drive, a doubtful look on his face. The small family sat down curled around their bowl of popcorn. Already, ten minutes into the movie Tsuna was scared senseless. He knew what was going to come. First, the movie started out happy and normally, like it always does, then, things would turn out bad and gets worse from there on out. But even knowing this, Tsuna sat throughout the entire movie, forcing his eyes to never leave the screen. He was determined to at least watch this movie through—he did not want to lie to everyone. His parents had given him worried glances when the scariest parts came, his tiny fists clutching the couch like it could possibly make time go faster. Tsuna stubbornly refused to take his eyes from the television.

Because Tsuna was still a young child, his imagination tends to be more boundless, more inventive, more creative than adults. His fantasies went haywire. He replayed his death often after that, an unhealthy train of thought for children. As his parents tucked him in and turned on his nighty-light, he sat in the darkness, staring paranoidly around his room. Tsuna wrapped his blankets around himself, pulse racing. He kept a small peephole to breathe from in between the many folds.

When he heard a soft creak of the floorboards, Tsuna prayed that it was only his head speaking. When another creak rippled through the room, Tsuna unwrapped himself out of his cocoon and grabbed the flashlight on his night stand with sweaty palms. Another creak of the floorboards. Shakily, Tsuna looked at the direction of his half opened closet. Strange. He didn't remember it being opened. He always closes his closet door before he sleeps. Slowly, Tsuna got off his bed; his feet touched the hard cold floor. He curled his toes up to keep them warm. He shuffled towards the closet and moved to close it.

But stupidly, curiosity had gotten the better of him. Tsuna's tiny hand wrapped around the cold door knob and opened it slowly. Darkness. He squinted into the abyss. He recognized his clothes, his box of toys…It never occurred to him to turn on the closet lights. Tsuna aimed his flashlight into the dark abyss of the closet—and clicked it on.

"I'll bite you to death." A low voice hissed.

Tsuna screamed so loud the house vibrated. That was the first night it happened.