Today is the first day of my 26th new school. I have a feeling that it will be like any other school, dull and boring. "Dad… Are we there yet?" That's Renesmee; she is 5 trapped in the body of a 17 year old so she has to go to high school too. "In a minute, Hun" Edward told her. Ah Edward, my world, my Greek god, my universe, my soul mate. Edward and I have been married for 4 years, and they haven't been the smoothest. Not that the relationship has been solid it's just there has been so patches we have stumbled across that popped up from our past. Well mostly his. First there was Tanya seeking out revenge, and then there was Charlie and Mike's death and then Tanya is dead too. Kate, Garrett were destroyed by the wolves and the Cullens. (A/N- this event happened in my other fan fiction, why was this happing to me) Not to mention the Voultri haven't stopped bugging us over Renesmee exposing us and who we are.

We finally pulled up at the 26th school better known as Wilcox High School. I got out of Edward's Volvo and walked to the back of his car to meet him. I looked around and as usual everyone was starting to gossip.


"Hey have you seen the new kids?" Matt Barkley asked Melissa McCarthy

"Yeah the guys are freaking amazing. I like the muscular guy with the dark jeans on and the white Armani t-shirt. Although I think they need a tan, they are really pale."

You know you have arrived at a new school when you hear comments like that. Melissa was talking about Emmett. Rosalie would have a field day if she heard that. Dad do you have to go to the same school I'm going to… Renesmee was complaining she wanted to have her own experience with out her mother and father; she wanted to do it on her own. "Come on Ness; it will be fun…" I tried to sooth but she never believes me. Ever since Tanya came to revenge Bella and take me back by taking me hostage and tying Renesmee up to a chair; she doesn't believe me. When Tanya came she told Bella that we were together as a couple and I had told Bella we weren't but it was only to spear her feelings. Renesmee will not believe me since she found that I lied to Bella face.

Anyway that's the past. My angel was waiting for me at the end of the car. I knew that Bella would be the talk of the school. I knew that for a fact, it happens at every school. The guys can't keep their thoughts inside their head. The guys drool over her and one time it got really bad and I got jealous. We were all talking at lunch and a group of kids were talking and one was talking about Bella and I got up from the table and with a flick of the wrist I threw he across the cafeteria and he slammed into the salad bar. That was school #142 for me and school #18 for Bella. You ready? Alice thought and I nodded and I took Bella's hand and we walked toward Wilcox High School. We walked into the office to get our schedules and homerooms and we were off. Renesmee Alice Bella and I got the same homeroom. Jasper and Emmett were together in another and I felt bad for Rosalie, she was all by herself. We got our seats and Bella and I were comparing schedules with Renesmee. I only had one class with my daughter; Bella on the other hand had 4 classes. Bella was in 2 of my classes which was a huge disappointment. Alice and I had all classes together… woo-hoo.


Edward and I only had 2 classes together which wasn't nessaserily a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart and more, but he gets very jealous and over protective. He has issues that we need to work on and he knows it he just doesn't say it out loud. Renesmee isn't thrilled about going to school with her parents but Edward and I have a plan that will fix it. "Rosalie!" I called right as she was about to go into homeroom. "What's up Bella?" "How many classes do we have together?" We compared schedules and we had every class together except for the electives. I was in the tutoring elective and Rosalie and Alice were in the interior design elective. Rosalie Alice and Esme are going to start a wedding and decorating planning business.

Rosalie POV

Bella had called me over to compare schedules and luckily we had all our classes together except for electives, she was tutoring with Edward. I was walking into homeroom and I knew for a fact that it would suck. No one else in my family was in my homeroom so I was going to suffer. But it was a good thing I was pretty. When the bell rang telling us to go to our first class I had to wait for everyone to leave the room and then I could go and still be late for class… I HATE THIS LIFE I screamed in my head. I wanted to be human again. I walked out of homeroom and there was Bella and Emmett waiting for me to go to class. I took Emmett's hand and we walked to our first class…