A/N: Hello! …Sorry about this. I know I have other stories to work on but when an idea comes to mind I have the overwhelming urge to go with it. This is one of those times… As for the actual story I have almost no idea where this story is going as I really only have what I want to happen in the beginning. It might have other things crossing into it but as of right now I'm not too sure. Enjoy though; that is the reason I write…so people can enjoy!


A.C. 196

"Cold…so cold …Alone…always alone."

The small form whimpered as he tried to curl into a tighter ball in the snow drift where he had taken refuge. The figure didn't even flinch as something strong grabbed hold of the back of his rags and easily lifted him into the air, nearly unconscious from the cold.

The low growl the figure could hear was soothing, despite the quick, urgent movements. Too tired to move, all the figure could do was watch as the snow covered ground passed swiftly below him. Soon voices could be heard; yelling frantically; but the form couldn't understand as his vision and hearing were finally beginning to waver.

A soothing voice and warm gentle hands on his body gave the small body enough energy to lift his eyes. Emerald met emerald as the form's rags were released and he was gently gathered against a hard, strong chest surrounded by warm caring arms.

"I'll protect you, little emerald."


Darkness finally took over and the child knew no more.