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'Over the radio or a tv'

Chapter 8

"It has been 15 minutes since shots were heard from within the newly built 'Noventa Air and Space Port'. No word yet on what is going on inside at this moment, however it is known that there are hostages-"

Violet eyes glowed softly from the shadows, watching intensely as the news was played on the TV over the bar. Something about this was bothering him more than usual. …Something not right.

"Can we not even have one year-?"

"Another war? So soon-?"

Of course that would be first on people's minds. And why shouldn't it be? Hadn't they just seen the end of a long and seemingly endless-and very confusing in his opinion- war?

"Preventers are appearing on scene as we speak. And we have creditable information that Quatre Raberba Winner, CEO of the famed WEI was due to arrive at this port today. No word yet on whether he has indeed arrived or-"

Ah. That's what was bothering him. Damn.

The commotion in the room rose as that information was delivered but violet eyes no longer paid any mind to the early evening bar goers around him.

"Anyone who sees me has got a date with their maker. And that includes anyone who messes with what's mine."

And with a flick of a braid the eerie violet eyes were gone, taking the shadows with them.

All Beware.

Shinigami's come out to play.


Heero Yuy wasn't angry, he had passed angry a couple of miles back. He was furious. But he definitely wasn't furious with Rashid, Quatre or Wufei. No they had nothing to do with his current rage.

The blame for that fell completely on him and the terrorists that had taken the port hostage.

He should have been more alert. Scanning for danger to those he saw as his. His comrades, his friends, his team.

…He should have been first off the plane.

Furious blue eyes glanced over at the unmoving form crumpled slightly to the side of him, blood pooling slowly around him.

"That should have been me."

"You fools! You weren't supposed to shoot them! We need all of them alive!"

"But sir-"

"No you fool! You were told to disarm them and take hostages to ensure their cooperation."

"They're kids! Why would we-?"


Heero's eyes narrowed and he shifted slightly, preparing for anything. This voice was different from the others he had heard so far; though it was slightly similar to the first voice; this one was more insane and cruel.

"Heero Yuy."

Heero looked up at his name, eyes sharp, taking in everything he saw of the person who had addressed him.

The first thing that came to mind was something he was sure would have felt more at home in Duo's head than his own. …In fact it actually sounded like Duo's voice, amusement and all.

"Geez, now there's a face only a mother could love."

And despite the oddness of that thought Heero realized it was likely true. The man before him was dressed in loose fitting, unremarkable clothes but still Heero could see he was heavily built and would likely stand at around 6 feet or so if he would stop slumping over. But it was the face that stuck with him.

It almost looked like his face had been slammed into a wall too many times. All of his features looked almost crushed to his face, his nose crooked and pug like and his eyes appearing to be almost sunken into his bald brow. It was the eyes though that told Heero what pushed his fury higher.

"This isn't the leader. That means the leaders with…"


In a guard room not far from where Heero was, teal eyes stared blandly into calm grey.

"Hello, Quatre Raberba Winner."


Violet eyes glowed from within the shadows of a nearby alley, watching as the Preventers worked to assess and correct the situation that now most likely had most, if not all of the world's attention. They seemed to be doing rather well but he knew they were still a new and growing group. They were bound to have difficulties eventually.

Glancing over at the reporters standing at the edge of the hastily erected barrier his brow furrowed.

"But why is Quatre even here? Last I checked he was running his family's business on L-4. …Though it has been a bit since I last checked."

The sound of squealing tires quickly caught everyone's attention as a four door pickup came to a sudden stop just outside the Preventers barrier. Almost as soon the truck had come to a stop the front doors opened and two figures jumped out, the driver staying behind momentarily while the other jumped over the barrier.

"Is that…Trowa and Sally?"

As he watched, the tall, lean form of the Heavyarms pilot leaned back into the cab of the truck; seeming to be talking to someone in the back; before pulling out after a few moments and following Sally's path over the barrier and to the form of who he recognized as the former OZ Colonel Une, ignoring the crowd and cameras with apparent ease.

"What's he doing here? Did he hear about Quatre? Is Trowa the reason Quatre's at this port?"

After a few minutes of watching the group of three he turned his attention back to the truck and disappeared from the alley with nary a sound.

Trowa could handle things for now. Right now, he really wanted to know why the silent pilot was here and why he was with Sally-Po. And who was in that truck.


Bringing the truck to a screeching stop Trowa wasted no time in getting out, noting Sally doing the same beside him. Giving a slight nod to the woman Trowa leaned back into the truck to look at the pair in the backseat. Looking into Cathy's worried eyes Trowa did his best to ease her fears.

"I'll be fine Cathy."

Cathy nodded stiffly. She knew that she wouldn't be relaxing till she saw that for herself. But that was why she was here wasn't it? Or a part of the reason anyways. She couldn't bear to wait back at the circus for news that her brother had been injured, or worse, was dead. She had to be here herself. She couldn't lose another brother.

Knowing that he couldn't sooth her fears anymore than he already had, Trowa looked behind his seat into a pair of identical emerald eyes peaking out at him from beneath the ends of his shaggy bangs and his green hat. Letting a soft smile curve his lips Trowa reached out and gently ran his hand over the child's head.

"I'll be back, alright little one?"

Solo watched his Daddy carefully for a moment, leaning into the soft caress.

"You gunna help, Daddy?"

Trowa smiled at the soft question and moved his hand to cup the child's cheek.

"That's right little one. So you just stay right here with Aunt Cathy and rest alright? I'll be back when everything's done."

Solo was worried, he may be young but he understood that something was very wrong and he was scared. But…

"'Kay Daddy."

He wouldn't be a burden to his Daddy like he was to Auntie 'Tunia and Uncle Vernon.

Trowa smiled and pulled his hand back with one last caress. Glancing back over at Cathy he nodded.

"I'll be back soon."

And with that he pulled out and closed the door to the truck. Catching sight of Sally talking with Lady Une Trowa quickly jumped the barrier and, ignoring the Preventers who tried to stop him and the camera's that tracked him, made his way to the pair.


Trowa nodded to the former OZ Colonel.

"Lady Une."

Stern brown eyes studied him even as the woman waved off the other Preventers.

"Thanks for the help. "

Trowa nodded in acknowledgement.

"Quatre and Rashid are in there. I would have been here whether you wanted me to be here or not."

A slow smirk came over the woman's face as she nodded. Despite everything Trowa Barton was the pilot she knew the most about, having learned his fighting style while he was infiltrating OZ during the war. She knew that the quiet young man would be a great help here. Especially since he was likely the most highly trained of all those there at the moment.

"What do you have so far?"

Sighing Une shook her head at the question.

"Not much. They have gunman covering the entrances and it seems as if they have the hostages held at Gate 8."

Trowa nodded absently, eyes scanning the building.

"Any casualties?"

Une nodded.

"Apparently they took the door guards and entry personnel out first. Other than that we have no idea yet. Some of the people who escaped are getting treated for injuries and we are interviewing the others but we have not been able to get a visual on anything inside the building."

Sally frowned.

"So we have no way in and no way to know what we are even going into?"

"Maybe not."

Both women immediately turned their attention to the acrobatic teen.

"It doesn't look like they've covered the roof. I can get in through there."

Brown eyes studied him steadily for a moment before Lady Une nodded sharply.

"Let's get planning then."


Cathy sighed as she watched her brother through the window, seeing his confident and steady stride. The way he held himself and the way he seemed almost to see and react to everything around him, and yet not at the same time.

"This is him. He's in his element. This is what makes Trowa; Trowa."

Turning to look down at the green hat covered head Cathy smiled shakily.

"But he's doing it so he can protect. Does that make it better? Will this child; his son at that; be enough to stop another self destruct attempt before it can begin?"

"You're Solo, right?"

Cathy smiled as bright emerald eyes met her silver blue.

"Trowa's eyes. I can see Trowa in him. Even his hair seems to have a mind of its own."

And it was true. Even though the child's beautiful and still slightly tangled hair was longer than Trowa's ever would be it still seemed to have the almost gravity defying quality that seemed to dominate the longer portion of Trowa's own copper hair. Even with the hat on it. What was uncovered seemed to almost have a mind of its own.

Solo watched the woman carefully, cautious now that he was alone with her, but nodded anyways. There was no harm in answering that.

Cathy smiled brightly.

"Well like Trowa said I'm your Aunt Cathy. I hope we get to become really good friends."

He wanted to believe her; and something in him did; she seemed so earnest and he could tell she was worried for his daddy just like he was, but he was still nervous.

"Who comin?"

Cathy frowned in confusion for a moment before her eyes lit up in understanding.

"You're daddy's friend Quatre is supposed to be coming. Along with another man, Rashid. I guess your daddy wants them to meet you."

She had a feeling there was another reason; something she hadn't been told. But for now she would deal with things as they came until such a time as she was given the full story.

Solo hesitated, and bit his lip slightly as he glanced up shyly.

"Will dey…wanna be friends like you?"

Cathy almost giggled at the adorable expression on the child's face, but something told her that wouldn't go over well so she simply smiled.

"I've only met Rashid once and I can tell you he is very protective. And Quatre will adore you I'm sure."

She was still a little sore about Quatre bringing her Trowa back into battle but, watching him now had told her he would have found a way back there one way or another. With or without the blondes help.

Solo smiled and looked around the truck, curious despite himself. Seeing something bright beneath seat in front of him Solo cocked his head to the side with a slight smile.

"Wha's tha'"

Cathy frowned in confusion for a moment and leaned over to see what the child was talking about. Eyes widening in surprise Cathy gasped.

"The Med Kit!"

Looking up she smiled at the child.

"Very good eyes Solo. Sally and your daddy may need this!"

Reaching down Cathy carefully pulled the box loose from beneath the driver's seat and held it in her lap. Trowa had left this behind after he had left with Heero Yuy during the war. He had bought it to care for the injured pilot and had had it restocked before he left. It had been decided that it would be kept in the truck for safe keeping incase something happened and they needed to leave. They would at least have a med kit on hand.

Cathy hesitated, glancing between the kit in her hands and the child beside her. She needed to get this to Trowa…but could she leave little Solo for that long?

"You gunna bring tha' to my daddy?"

Cathy smiled as she looked up.

"Yes sweetie. Now I can't cross the barrier so I will be right in front of the truck alright? I'll still be able to see you but if you need me just yell alright?"

Solo wasn't sure why he would need to yell but he nodded anyways. His daddy needed that…thing, he wouldn't do anything to make it not get to his daddy.

Cathy smiled and quickly pulled the hood of her coat up and jumped out of the truck, med kit in hand.

"Don't leave the truck, ok?"

Solo nodded and watched as she shut the door and ran out towards the front. His daddy would help people, and Auntie Cathy helped daddy. So that must make her ok too. Cause he knew Auntie Marge would never help Uncle Vernon help people. Not that Uncle Vernon would help anyone, but still. Daddy's sister was helping daddy do a good thing.

A slight breeze from behind him caused the black haired boy to blink and turn.


Tendrils of black; as dark as his hair; weaved their way through the back window with ease, opening the glass no more than necessary. They flowed over the back seats and seemed to almost weave into a form as Solo watched. Violet met emerald as the form solidified and the darkness receded, leaving the person across from him to shut the window with one, pale hand.

"So you're Trowa's son?"


Duo couldn't believe what he saw. This little boy; and yes he could tell it was a boy, came with running the streets; was Trowa Barton's son. His quiet friend had a son?

Duo had gotten to the truck just in time to hear the child ask who Duo knew to be Catherine Bloom if she was going to bring what appeared to be a med kit to his 'daddy'. And since the only male that had been anywhere nearby these two was Trowa Barton, the silent clown himself…well Duo was pretty sure he had gone into shock right then.

Why had the other never said anything to any of them? Why would he risk leaving another war orphan when he could be raising his child?

"Who you?"

Duo blinked out of his thoughts and took a moment to simply look at the little boy before him. Settled in a nest of blankets and pillows and bundled up so far he was surprised the child hadn't roasted yet, the little boy looked almost swamped. But he looked tiny, two or so. But Duo had learned long ago never to judge age by ones appearance; and he could see intelligence and experience shinning in the boys jewel like eyes; so he would leave off on that. A cute heart shaped face and large emerald green eyes peaked out at him from beneath messy black bangs and a green hat. In fact…wow that kid had hair that could probably compete with his own length when he was a child. Duo smiled.

"My names Duo Maxwell! I'm a friend of Trowa's."

Solo's emerald eyes widened.

"Really? You're a friend of Daddy's?"

Duo's brow furrowed slightly and he reached up to push the hood of his black ski jacket off his head, showing the rest of his face and uncovering his long rope of hair.

"O'course kid. I may run and hide but I never tell a lie. That's me in a nut shell."

How many times had he said that exact same thing? But for some reason it seemed to affect the child in a deeper way. In fact his eyes seemed to nearly glow as they grew in size.

"You're the Mr. Duo daddy talked about!"

Duo blinked. Trowa had talked about him? Well that was…interesting. And rather flattering if he really wanted to think about it that way. And deep down he knew he did; but then that probably wasn't how the acrobatic pilot had meant it. So no need to drudge up anything painful there.

"He did did he?"

Solo nodded, smiling brightly. This was the man his daddy had talked about! The one Solo had wanted to meet since his daddy gave him his name!

Duo smirked, amused by the kids apparent enthusiasm.

"How about we start with yer name kid?"

Solo blinked. Oh, he had forgotten that Mr. Duo had asked that.

"Solomon Triton Barton. But daddy calls me Solo!"

Duo's violet eyes widened, shock overcoming them.

"H-he does?"

That name. Only Quatre and Trowa knew what that name meant to him. But why? Why would the silent acrobatic pilot choose that of all things to name his child?

Solo nodded, unaware of the shock his name had caused the braided American.

"Yup! Daddy said tha' you knew a Solo an' tha' he was impor-special to you! An' tha' he 'membered tha'."

Duo blinked pulling out of his shock slowly, amusement for the child's predicament taking over.

"I think the word you wanted was 'important' kid. But yeah, Solo was very important to me. He gave me my name."

Solo would have bounced in excitement if he hadn't been so achy.


Duo nodded, now amused; having pushed his shock and subsequent confusion from his mind.

"Yup. He-"

Duo stopped and slouched down slightly; though he knew he had only made himself visible to the child and his power were still protecting him from anyone else's sight; looks like his time was almost up, Trowa had come over to Cathy. …And damn did the other pilot look good-! Quickly shaking those thoughts out of his head Duo looked back over to the kid and smiled.

Despite not knowing why he had done it, Duo could appreciate what he had done by naming his son after someone special from Duo's past. And looking into those earnest emerald eyes now Duo was sure the child would do the original boy proud. Though he would had to wonder…

"You only just got your child didn't you Trowa. To name him after someone I told you about during the war only a year ago… Maybe someday soon I'll get to ask you why. Maybe."

Smiling down at the child; a deep sadness clawing at the edge of his mind; Duo once again reached back to pull up his hood.

"Looks like my times up…Solo… I've gotta go."

Solo's smile immediately fell, looking closely at Mr. Duo from beneath his bangs. Why…was he sad? He could see the smile but Solo knew Mr. Duo was sad. But he didn't know how he knew. Maybe…his freakishness tha' Auntie 'Tunia and Uncle Vernon always got mad at him for?

"Why you sad?"

Duo faltered, violet eyes meeting deep emerald. How had this little boy seen through his mask? A mask he had created years ago and had expanded on in the years sense to hide his pain and guilt. No one else ever had?

"You sad. Sad like I was 'afore daddy."

Duo almost smiled. From the mouth of babes. Reaching out one thin hand Duo tried to grin cheerfully, like he had not a care in the world; when in truth it seemed to be all he had; as he placed his hand gently on the child's head.

"I've just got things ta do. And I don' want yur daddy and the others to get hurt. So I gotta protect them."

Solo blinked, looking up into violet eyes from beneath the gentle hand.

"Ya comin' back? Ya can live with me and daddy."

Duo smirked sadly; vaguely aware that Trowa was climbing over the barrier again to escort his sister back to the truck.

"I'm…not sure that's possible kid."

As emerald eyes began to well with tears Duo tried not to cringe. When he had been younger; after the plague had taken most of the gang; Duo had been in charge of numerous children. And as time had passed and he had grown older he had come to see them as hope. If the children could be taught the true meaning of peace, then there was a chance that war orphans like him would never be created again. That the fear and desperation his gang had felt would never have to be felt by another child. That was one of the things he had fought so hard for. The other…

Duo reached carefully into his coat with one hand and pulled out his cross. His most treasured possession. With it he kept his good and bad memories close to his heart. Keeping his reason for fighting with him at all times.

"But now my revenge is completed…isn't it? The mission was supposed to be completed. So if the mission is completed…what am I living for?"


Duo's head flew up and he smiled sheepishly.

"Uh nothing…"

Mouth running away with him…great. He hadn't meant to say any of that out loud. Looking back down at Trowa's son Duo smiled and made his decision, knowing that time was short.


Solo blinked as the strong hands reached behind his neck; resisting the urge to flinch; and reached down to the object left behind.

"Wa's this?"

Duo smiled sadly; pain evident in his eyes though he made sure to keep his voice light.

"That is my cross. It belonged to a woman who was like a mother to me. It is my most precious possession…will you keep it safe for me?"

Solo blinked. Why would he trust Solo with something that he seemed to love so much? But still the child nodded, hand grasping the chain just above the cross.

Duo smiled sadly; almost tiredly. It was time that cross had a new owner. One who would do Sister Helen and Father Maxwell proud.

"Thank you. Good bye Solo."

Swirls of black rose again and disappeared out the once again open back window. Determined to watch the other who seemed so sad Solo climbed carefully onto his knees and turned to look out the window. There were people, lots of people. But none of them were Mr. Duo.


Solo blinked and turned his head to where his daddy had opened the door, eyes worried.

"You gonna save him too daddy?"

Trowa blinked, confused. He had accepted the med kit from Cathy with relief as word had come from those interviewing the injured that others within were injured inside and after talking with her a bit and checking the contents of the med kit he had climbed over the barrier to escort her back to the truck; lest a reporter decide to bombard the woman; when he had seen his son moving around in the truck. Leaving his sisters side he had made it to the opposite side of the truck in record time and had opened the door to check on the boy; afraid he was hurt or something. But…

"What do you mean little emerald?"

Solo frowned and brought up his other hand to join the first clutched around the crosses chain, Trowa's eyes following the movement of his sons small hands.

"Where did you get that?"

Trowa's eyes widened, shock evident in his eyes. That cross…there was no way. But he recognized it! There was no doubt.

Solo looked down at the cross.

"Mr. Duo said to keep it safe."

Trowa blinked. What-?

"There's no one here Solo."

Solo nodded.

"He left. Said stuff. Daddy he was really really sad."

It wasn't impossible he supposed. Duo was a master of stealth, able to move without being seen or heard with an ease Trowa had never seen before he had met the braided American. But why would Duo be sneaking around?

"What do you mean sad Solo?"

Trowa's emerald eyes looked around the cab, acknowledging Cathy on the other side with a slight nod. Solo frowned, trying to remember.

"He-he said…the mission is….com-compwe…compweted, so wat was he…livin' for."

Solo grinned, very proud of himself for having remembered that and continued.

"An' he said that he had stuff to do, an' he didn' wan' you and the others to get hurt. Daddy why didn' Mr. Duo come help you?"

Trowa's unconsciously reached out to sooth the distraught child. His mind contemplating everything he had just been told. Others. Was Duo hinting at something? And why did it seem like Duo wasn't planning on surviving? Why give his most treasured item to Solo?

"I think…in his own way…he might have been helping me Solo. Now stay with Aunt Cathy okay?"

Trowa gave one last caress before closing the door and running back to the two woman pouring over the ports floor plans beneath a tent, med kit in hand. If what he understood was true, then there might need to be a slight change of plans.


Quatre frowned and observed the room he was in. He was alone for the moment, his captive having left for a moment, leaving guards stationed outside and a threat to more harm to those held outside should he attempt anything. It was a simple guard room, table and chairs, a filing cabinet and a few other things. What had his attention the most though was the computer system.

Obviously used to keep track of the numerous security cameras whose views played on the multiple screens as well as keep track of the ingoing and outgoing flights it took up the entirety of one wall. He needed to get to that computer if he wanted to give the others any type of advantage over their captors. But did he dare with the threat to the others very real and their captors obviously very willing?

"We've already seen how willing."


Pain, sharp and swift. Sadness, infinite and dark. Panic, sharp and rippling. And death, flowing and endless.

"Duo? Trowa? What's wrong, what's going on?"

"Don't go."


Trowa gasped as he slid in out of the snow, coming to a stop before the two surprised women.

"We may need to make a few changes to our plan."


Shinigami's comin for ya,

Those who attempt to destroy that which he holds dear.


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