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Harry Potter was absolutely certain of four things. The first being, he was naked. Second, he was naked in a bed that was not his own. Third, he was naked in a bed that was not his own with none other than Draco Malfoy. And lastly, he had an erection. He squinted and felt around for his glasses, only to knock over a lamp and catch it in time before hitting the floor and shattering. He ran his hand along the edges of a bedside drawer and his fingers fumbled about on the surface, until finally he felt the shape of two round spectacles attached by a wire frame. He slid them sloppily, crookedly onto the bridge of his nose and looked about. He was in the Slytherin common room. Memories came back to him in waves: Pansy inviting the Gryffindors to a Slytherin party in the spirit of "house unity" at breakfast that morning, how the firewhiskey burned his throat on the way down, and Lavender Brown giggling and spilling her drink on him. None of these details in any way led him to the position he currently was in. He tried desperately, in vain of course, to recall exactly what happened the night before that had resulted in him laying naked in a bed with Malfoy.

"Malfoy? Malfoy, wake up." he whispered, nudging his shoulder forcefully.

"Nnnghh. Go away, Pansy." came Draco's muffled reply as he snuggled deeper into the pillows.

"It's not Pansy. It's Potter. Your arch-nemesis? The Boy Whose Head You're Supposed To Bring On A Silver Platter To Voldemort? Ring any bells?"

"Oh." he said, sounding completely unfazed. He turned over to face Harry with a look that didn't indicate anything in particular at first, but then morphed into a look of confusion, until finally a wide grin broke out across his face.

"I fail to understand what you find so humorous about this situation." said Harry, scowling

"Don't be daft, Potter." Malfoy managed to gasp through barrages of laughter.

"What are you talking about? What happened last night?"

Malfoy stopped laughing, sat up and gave Harry a disbelieving look.

"You really don't remember?"

"No! I've made that pretty damn clear, haven't I?

"Well, the evidence is all here. You're naked. You're in my bed. And I've still got all my clothes on. Piece it together, Potter."

Harry gave him a look of perplexion but then his eyes widened as everything dawned on him at once.

"Wha- Y- You son of a bitch!" he sputtered angrily. "You KNEW I was drunk, and you must've taken advantage of me."

"Actually, Potter. It was rather on the contrary. I was pretty sozzled as well and I don't remember all the details, but I do recall pleading with Goyle to help get you off of me, because apparently I'm 'so pretty when I'm drunk'".

Harry flushed crimson. "I- I didn't…"

"Oh, you did." Malfoy smirked, resisting the temptation to mimic Harry's attempt at seductiveness. "Even then, once Goyle had dragged you away, you snuck into my bed and begged me to protect you from Millicent."

"Millicent? What's she got to do with anything?"

"Well, she crawled into your lap and started to unbutton your trousers, telling you how badly she wanted you to be her first time. So naturally, I obliged and let you sleep here as I didn't want to awaken and stumble into the common room to find Millicent Bulstrode's naked body flattening the Gryffindor Hero."

"So you didn't-"

"Of course I didn't, Potter. What do you take me for? Sleeping with the enemy? Did you even bother to notice that you're the one naked, and you were the one spooning me when I woke up? Not to mention, you're the one with a stiffy right now."

"B-but, no. I was DRUNK, and you- you- That's disgusting. Look, I'm going now and we can just forget this ever happened."

"Excellent. How's that headache of yours?"

"What head-" Harry wrapped the bed sheet around the lower half of his body and rose from the bed in an instant, desperate to avoid further embarrassment. "Bloody, buggering, fucking hell! What have you done to me?!" Harry groaned in pain as he tried to steady himself, hand clutching his forehead as he fell backwards onto the bed.

"I haven't done anything to you, Potter. It's called a hangover. It's when-"

"Urghh, just shut up! I ruddy well know what a hangover is, Malfoy. I'm not daft."

"Well, Potter. I was going to brew us a hangover potion, but since you've so rudely made it clear you'd rather me leave you to your own devices, I'll be in the shower."

"Well… So will I!" he called defiantly, following Malfoy into the boys' dormitory showers.

Malfoy turned to face him, crossed his arms, and raised an eyebrow, signature smirk already forming on his face. Harry, who seemed to read his thoughts, quickly cut in to explain himself before he could shoot another snide remark his way.

"I'm not going to go around all day wearing Eau Du Millicent, thank you very much."

Harry pushed past Draco and slowly, nervously tossed the bed sheet aside. He could feel Malfoy's gaze burn holes into his bare skin as he trudged quickly into the showers. He suddenly felt terribly self-conscious and found himself longing to snatch up the sheet to cover himself the moment it left his skin. He tried to ignore his nagging inhibitions and twisted the knob on the shower wall. The steamy temperature and soothing sensation of the water thrumming against his scalp made his mind feel hazy and he found himself instantly forgetting about the awkward situation at hand. That is, until he heard Draco Malfoy's footsteps approaching.

He casually glanced about to find Malfoy on the opposite wall and Merlin, he was stark naked. He faced the wall opposite his own which, in it's own right, gave Harry quite the view. Malfoy's shoulder muscles tensed and flexed as he ran his fingers through flaxen locks of hair and Harry just couldn't seem to pry his eyes away. He inwardly scolded himself as he felt his eyes trail downwards. Though, why his eyes were travelling south in the first place was a concept he couldn't quite grasp. This was not the time, however, for him to be grappling with his twisted, inexplicable morbid fascinations. He quickly reverted his gaze to the shower head above him and tried to wash as quickly as possible. But, as usual, Malfoy just had to open his stupid gob.

"So, Potter," he drawled. "Aren't you going to ask me what else happened last night?"

Harry remained silent and scrubbed vigorously at his chest and shoulders.

"Oh, come on. Don't be shy. I'm sure you're just itching to know."


"Well Potter, since you asked so nicely… You snogged me, but you probably already knew that." Malfoy said in an apathetic tone that indicated he was ticking off these events on each of his fingers as they flew from his mouth.

"I- I- what?

Malfoy appeared to not have heard him because he continued rattling off events in what he seemed to think was still a one-sided conversation.

"The Mudblood -"

"Hermione." Harry interrupted.

"Right. Whatever. Granger made out with Pansy for a bit. I don't think she liked it much though."

"She what?!"

"Blaise ended up snogging that Weaselette girlfriend of yours and-"

"She's not my We- I mean, Ginny - I- We broke up."

This seemed to stall Malfoy's incessant rambling for he turned to face Potter to do one of two things: Stare at the back of his head. Or try to read his expression if, by some freak of nature, Potter happened to be staring back at him. No sooner had the thought formed in his mind when their eyes met. Both boys flushed crimson and immediately turned around again to face their opposite walls once more.

Apparently having found something terribly fascinating in the pattern of the tiles, neither of them said a word for the remaining duration of their showers and once that unusual, cruel form of torture was over, Harry scurried out and got dressed. He left without as much as a goodbye. He didn't look back.

- - -

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