"Yes, apparently the theater's haunted!" Jessica, one of the dancers and biggest gossipers at the opera house we were at, whispered. She was speaking to Lauren, the lead singer for all the productions that this theater did.

"By who?" Lauren asked, though she already knew the answer; everyone did.

"No one knows, that is the fun of it!" Jessica giggled. I rolled my eyes; that just proved that it was some kids trying to jest with everyone here. It was not really haunted. I went back to my writing, since I had nothing better to do. The actors and actresses were on break from rehearsal, but the rest of the stage crew and I had to stay at our posts to be ready when they were.

I wasn't normally part of the stage crew- I guess I could be considered what you would call an understudy. An understudy for everything and everyone in the theater. I was put where I was needed, and right now I was needed up in the rafters of the theater, and was to make sure everything ran smoothly at my station.

"All right! Back to rehearsal!" the show director shouted, and everyone below, on the stage, scrambled to their places. They got through one dance, and two songs before Lauren went off on one of her tantrums that she was famous for.

"Goodbye! I'm gone! Where's Fluffy?!" She was talking about her poodle. The poor thing was forced to wear doggy dresses, jewelry, and she had even gotten its fur dyed pink. The sad thing was, Fluffy is a boy.

The new owners of the opera house, I think their names were Ben and Tyler, tried to stop her from leaving by shouting out compliments, like "Goddess of song", and "You're so beautiful". They got her to stop.

She spun around on her heel to glare at everyone. "Excuse me?" she growled.

"Please, as a personal favor, if you could jus sing one song at tonight's performance!" Ben begged her.

I was too high up to see what was going on exactly, but from what I COULD see, and the sniffling I heard, I think that she had begun to cry.

"You two are just as bad as out old owner! You're working me too hard!" I'd gladly switch jobs with her any day. "And, on top of that, my actual costume is not done, because somebody-" she turned her head to glare at one of the costume designers- "never finished it, and I HATE MY HAT!" I rolled my eyes. It was just like her to begin crying over her hat.

I tuned them out, and, once again, went back to my writing. I heard her start to sing, and I mentally cursed myself for forgetting the cotton. She was a good singer, but she was also a very high-pitched singer.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move in the shadows. I could have sworn that no one was on that side of me… I shook it off, convincing myself that it was just my imagination running away from me yet again. I was used to it.

But then I saw it again. So, like before, I ignored it. I also ignored she rather fast spinning of a wheel -a pulley?- that I just happened to hear, and Lauren's screaming and crying, though that was rather hard to ignore. What I didn't ignore, though, was the yelling of my last name.


I scrambled up, setting the notebook down on the barrel I had been sitting on, and peered over the ledge, at my bosses.

"Yes, sirs?" I called.

They were helping Lauren out from under the background set that had fallen on her. I winced; that had been at my station. Well, it was good to know that I wasn't crazy… the spinning and the figure in the shadows hadn't been a figment of my imagination.

"Get down here RIGHT NOW!" Tyler yelled.

I didn't hesitate to listen. I climbed down the ladder as fast as I could, and went to stand in front of him.

"Yes, sir?" I asked him, looking down at my feet.

"Do you th-" Lauren pushed Tyler over, taking his spot in front of me, and finishing his sentence for him.

"Do you think you're funny?!" she screeched.

"No, Madame." I absolutely loathed calling her that, but 'she is our princess, and we must treat her as such'. That had been made clear when one boy had forgotten to greet her the correct way. "It was a mistake, Madame."

"Well, Swan," she sneered. "Because of you and your bogus mistakes," she turned around to announce the rest of her statement to everyone. "I QUIT! Goodbye!" And she stomped off. There were a few cheers, and some… choice words, shall we say, that were put out there in the open for her as she left.

I was fired; that much was obvious.

"Oh, my GOD!" Tyler groaned. "And the sad thing is, there's no one to take her place!"

"A full house, Tyler!" Ben sighed. "We're going to have to refund a full house!"

"Well, what about Bella?" Jacob asked. Jake had been my best friend since- well, forever, and when my mother and father died, leaving me orphaned, his mother had taken me in, and treated me as her own. He was like a brother to me.

"What about her?" Tyler shot back.

Jake shrugged. "She has an amazing voice. She could sing it!" I blushed at least ten different shades of red. That was one of my very few talents: blushing.

"And besides," he continued. "She's terribly afraid of crowds, so that could be one hell of a punishment!" I glared at him, and he smirked back. Ah, the brother-sisterly love. I realized that this was his form of punishment for getting him a lead part in the next production.

"All right," Benn said, turning to me. "So sing."

My eyes widened in shock. Surely they were joking! "Seriously?" I asked in disbelief.

He sighed. "Do I LOOK like I'm kidding?" I shook my head. "Good. Now, sing."

And so I did. I closed my eyes, pretending that everyone wasn't actually here, and sang the first thing that came to mind; a song from my favorite musical.

When I was done, I opened my eyes and found everyone -Jacob included- staring at me with wide eyes, and they had their mouths handing open, forming O's.

"Holy crap," Jacob mumbled.

Ben just nodded. "Someone get her fitted for her costume!" he cried, pointing to me. I was taking that as a 'yes', I got the part.

Jacob's mother took my hand, smiled at me, and brought me back to the dressing rooms.

- - - - -