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Chapter 14- The Truth

There is something different about Jake, I thought bitterly to myself as I made my way back to my room. He didn't seem to really care that I was back. He used to be so supportive, so worried for my well-being, and suddenly... he wasn't anymore.

I sighed and slammed my door roughly behind me, despite my attempts at being calm and gentle as to avoid any further unwanted attention than I was already currently receiving, thanks to the drama that had unfolded recently.

My room was dark when I entered. Darker than it should have bee given the time of day. I lit a few candles and settled onto the stool at my mirror, and began to gently brush my chocolate-colored hair. As I brushed, my mind unwelcomingly wandered back to Jacob.

Did he know? Was he aware that, during my absence, I had cheated? And, if he did know, what he angry? How angry?

"Is he going to leave me for it?" I caught myself wondering aloud. I stared at myself through the mirror, as if waiting for my refection to answer my endless questions. I couldn't help but notice how tired I looked; it was like I hadn't slept in days. I had bags under my eyes, purple and bruise-like, and my face was twice as pale as usual, which caused me to seem whiter than the sheets draped across the furniture of my room during my absence. I looked like Edward.

As I studied my reflection, something moved out of the corner of my eye. I flashed my gaze quickly to my right, and studied the corner of the room. The candle I had lit over there was extinguished.

The room turned chilly.

Another candle went out. Then another, and another, making the room grow darker and darker until there was no more light.


I swallowed and tried to make my voice strong. It came out as a whimper.

"Edward," I breathed. "I-I know it's you. Stop joking with me and just tell me wh-what you want."

Everything was silent. I sighed and looked back at the mirror, hoping -no, praying- that he'd gone, and went to pick up the brush I hadn't realized I'd set down with my trembling hand.

But my brush wasn't there anymore. In it's place was a black silk ribbon tied around the stem of an almost perfect dark red rose.

My breath caught in my throat. I knew it was Edward-it HAD to be- but why was he still playing these silly little games with me, after everything that had happened?

I hated this. I suddenly felt very claustrophobic and couldn't be there any longer, and decided to take a walk. I sprang up put of my seat and made my swift way to the door, scooping my cloak up off the hanger and placing it neatly on my shoulders with one hand as I pried the door open with the other.

I rushed past everyone and everything without so much as even a second glance, even when someone called my name or grabbed my arm. I never slowed, or even showed any signs of slowing, until I saw Alice standing outside the managers' office with Madame Cullen and... Jake.

I approached the group slowly, but they must have heard me anyways because all three turned to glance at my as I came up. Only Jake turned away once he saw it was only me. The Cullens both smiled warmly to me, and I smiled back and offered a small wave.

"Hi, Bella!" Alice grinned at me and Jake knocked on the door. Tyler opened it roughly and glared at all of us.

"A safety pin!" he yelled. "Someone give me a safety pim this instant!"

We all looked at one another in confusion and checked our pockets and patted everywhere in search of a safety pin. But, much to Tyler's chagrin, we all turned up empty handed. Tyler muttered something in annoyance and slammed the door in our faces.

The four of us stood awhile in awkward, confused silence. Then Jacob cleared his throat and said, "Good evening, mademoiselles; I must be off," and tipped his hat to us and strode away.

I watched after him, silently wishing to myself that I knew why he was being the way he was.

I sighed and turned to Alice and madame Cullen. They both looked at me with sympathetic smiles, and I raised an eyebrow at them.= "What?" I asked. They cleared their throats uncomfortably and glanced away.

What was I missing?


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