Am I who I was meant to be? 8

When I look back, what will I see? 8

I'm on the other side of the mirror - and so am I. 14

I just want to know who I am, but why? 10

Now I'm lost in your reflection - in my pursuit of perfection. 16

And I ask myself am I even real? 10

I just can't take this rejection - all I want is some affection. 16

Will my broken heart ever heal? 8

A thousand times again I've tried, 8

But I still can't reach the other side. 9

And as I turn the key, I see 8

That there is still no reflection of me. 10

I put my hand up to the glass; 8

Though it, I'm unable to pass. 8

Now somehow I can't go through it; 8

I've forgotten how to do it. 8

With each widening crack, 6

The door has closed – I can't turn back. 8

Broken shards of glass fall onto the floor; 10

Without you, I don't want to see myself anymore. 13

Thoughts in the mirror of my mind echo through eternity; 15 That's what life is like on the edge of reality. 13

All the memories and dreams that don't matter, 11

Are lost in the looking-glass – I let it shatter. 12

This is the time and place - eye to eye, face to face; 12

At last, I meet you in this place. 8

Help me hop through - back to back, hand in hand, 10

Now finally, I understand. 8

Now she's trapped inside the mirror, 8

Looking for the light. 5

Somehow, nobody can hear her 8

Crying in the night. 5


I can't look anymore; 6

I'm not who I was before. 7

I'm turning into what I fear, 8
And it has to stop here. 6

I see myself in the mirror; 8

My reflection's getting clearer. 8

I'm still not sure who I should be; 8

There's so much more to me than you can see. 10

Am I a girl or just a ghost? 8

I was never really fully there. 9

Yet when I cried the most, 6

All they did was stop and stare. 7

I'm still a shadow, 5

Or a reflection of a rainbow. 9

Nothing's there, I know, 5

Not even an echo. 6

The mirror edges are so sharp; 8

I'll put them all to use, playing a broken harp. 12

It's good VS. evil - which side will win? 10
Reality is a reflection of what lies within! 14

At times like these, I miss you most, 8

But now you're gone just like a ghost. 8

Standing on the other side of the glass, 10

Why can't you hear me as you pass? 8

I've lost count of the tears I cried, 8

The times I tried - the dreams that died. 8

Somehow, I've become what I hate; 8

Is there a way to change my fate? 8

Looking deep down inside, 6

Face to face, you will see 6

Only you can decide 6

Who you will be. 4


The face I see is crying; 7

This mirror must be lying. 7
All of her dreams are dying; 7

What's the point of even trying? 8

I hate the way she looks at me 8

With those tears in her eyes, 6

Like she's not who she wants to be, 8

And I can't stand it when she cries. 8

I don't know if I should, 6

But I would break it if I could; 8

Then there would be no memory 8

Of her dark shadow haunting me. 8

As I look through the glass, I see 8

The way my life was meant to be. 8

I see the life I could have had; 8

It's not so bad, so don't feel sad. 8

A smooth ripple in fluid motion 9

Starts as a thought - turns into an emotion. 11

A tear of blood falls from my eyes, 8

As something deep inside me dies. 8

I found myself lost in a strange place 9

And met my shadow face-to-face. 8

Someday, I'll find a way to pass 8

Through the looking-glass. 5

Finally, I break free 6
From this virtual reality, 9

In this world of uncertainty, 8

Each moment an eternity. 8

In the broken mirror, I see 8
My dark reflection's been set free. 8

In my mind, I still hear the sound 8

Of shattered glass upon the ground. 8


Facing reality, you've tried, 8

But from the truth, you run and hide. 8

It's only to yourself you've lied; 8

Do you know who you really are inside? 10

I'll introduce you to somebody you don't know, 12

But be honest because you might not like what I will show. 14

The image the mirror is reflecting 10

Isn't exactly what you were expecting. 11

Another side is showing! 7

What's this? The glass is glowing. 7

In the end, truth is shown; 6

It's up to you what's known. 6

I hope you will never forget, 8
In the mirror, who you've met. 7
Take a deep breath. It's hard to do. 8

You don't want to know the real you. 8

Cuz the worst enemy 6

Is the one you can't see. 6

You can be who you choose to be, 8

But it's never easy. 6

Do you know who you are? 6

If not, you won't get far. 6

Tomorrow might never come; 7

Who will you become? 5

And should we separate, 6

Following a new fate, 6

Perhaps truth will divide 6

Mind and heart inside. 5

Look in the glass, 4

For past the veil 4

You'll see at last 4

True love won't fail. 4


I ran from myself until 7

I found a reason to stand still. 8

So this is it - the fight is done. 8

I faced my fear, and now I've won. 8

Now here I am, trapped within these walls; 9

When I get loose, you'll be the one who falls. 10

I'm stuck inside myself, but I want to break free; 12

I don't care if I die if she goes down with me. 12

Can you see right through me? 6

Lost in your reflection, am I fading away, 12

Like you never even knew me? 8

I'll come back to haunt you again someday! 10

I've lied to myself – nothing more to say; 10

I've been dying deep inside a little bit more everyday. 15

So take what's left of me and make it right, 10

I won't go down without a fight tonight. 10

I can't risk all this rejection; 8

Ever gonna reach perfection? 8

Never needed anyone's affection; 10

Nothing is left now but a reflection. 10

So look as far back as you know; 8

You are your own best friend and foe. 8

After you've faced yourself, it's true, 8

No one will be there to stop you. 8


On the other side of the mirror, you can see 12

Things aren't the way they're supposed to be. 9

If you don't find the key, you'll never be free, 11

Trapped here in this reversed reality. 10

For a moment, heaven was right in front of you; 12

Your dreams are dead - now your nightmares have come true. 11

Now you're trapped in a world where you don't want to be; 12

Knowing your dream will never become a reality. 14

I'm looking for pieces of my broken heart; 11

The only problem is, I don't know where to start. 12

I need the missing parts of my mind; 9

I've looked everywhere, but they're so hard to find. 11

Only in the mirror can I see the world within; 13

I long for peace, but I'm still struggling with sin. 12

The mirror is a window that lets me see in my soul; 14

Now that it's broken, I'll never be whole. 10


With my final breath, I begin to pray 10

That my dark reflection will fade away someday. 12

I have a soul, but I can't find it anywhere; 12

When I look in the mirror, I see nothing there. 12
One night my reflection reached out to touch the glass; 12
Then she took hold of it, and through a wall, she passed. 12
I looked out from the mirror and saw her evil eyes burn; 13
Coming back every night, she would always return. 12

What happened to the person who I used to be? 12

Why is this dark reflection all that's left of me? 12

I'm only a shadow of who I used to be; 12

Soon there will be nothing left of me. 9

I must be blind, for I can't see; 8

The mirror has hidden the truth from me. 10
I made a mistake. It was an error. 10
That isn't me in the mirror. 8


I can't recognize my own reflection; 10

Someone please point me in the right direction. 11

So tell me now, can you see what I see? 10

Maybe my mind's just playing tricks on me! 10

I thought I knew what life was about; 9
I hate to hesitate, but now I'm full of doubt. 12

Others seem so sure of themselves all around; 11

I'm searching for a purpose I still haven't yet found. 13

I'll take you to a place you've never been before; 12

You think you've heard it all? There's so much more! 10

You say you know me, but you can't even explore; 12

There is a side to me you've never seen before. 12

What matters most is not what others see, 10

But how you see yourself and who you wanna be. 12

Just open the door and see what lies in store; 11

There's no time to waste! What are you waiting for? 11


Looking in the mirror, I don't like what I see; 12

Who is this empty, hollow shell that stands in front of me? 14

When I was young, I didn't care how people looked at me; 14

Those days are gone, but I'm just part of who I used to be. 14

I'm trapped in this magic mirror. Why can't I go through it? 14

I tried to get out so many times, but I just can't do it. 15

When I gaze into the glass, I can't stand what I see; 13

I don't know who I am and it frightens me. 11

The pieces fall onto the floor; 8

I don't want to live this lie anymore. 10

And though they portray a thousand of me, 10
I can't find one I want to be. 8
The mirror is mangled - fragments fall all around; 12

Shattered shards of glass lying on the ground. 10

And as the broken pieces begin to fall, 11

I cry in horror, laughing at it all. 10


I hear a voice call out to me - turning around, I see 14

There is no reflection where it should be. 10

It feels like someone's watching me; 8

I don't know how I set her free. 8

Each time I turn my back, she's there, 8

Like something from my worst nightmare. 8

And at the wall, I stop and stare, 8

But I can't find her anywhere. 8

My hope is gone - my faith has fled; 8

A dark shadow stands there instead. 8

Her lips are black, but mine are red; 8

Unless I stop her, I'll end up dead. 9

Look into the mirror, if you dare; 9

You won't like what you find there. 7

The sight will give your soul a scare; 8

No nightmare could compare. 6


When you look at your reflection, 8

The mirror may reveal a deception; 10

But if your heart is pure and true, 8

Then it will show the way to you. 8

The door to your soul can be seen; 8
Look into a mirror and you'll know what I mean. 12

Why try? You started living for a lie, 10
Thinking things would improve as time passed by. 10

In the mirror, you might see 7

That there's no reflection of me. 8

So shatter the mirror to rid your reflection 12

Of each little imperfection. 8

Deep down, you know you're still the same, 8

But this time, there's nobody else to blame. 10

You found the truth with just one look; 8

A mirror was all it took. 7


Wherever you go, I will follow; 9

I whisper a prayer when my heart feels hollow. 11

I'll defeat the dark shadow of my past; 10

If not, how much longer will I last? 9

I'll find a way to set you free; 8

I have to save what's left of me! 8

I stare into your evil eyes, 8

Finding myself lost in your lies. 8

You appear just for a moment, 8

I stop and stare; 4

Then you vanish in an instant 8

As if you were never there. 7

Looking in the mirror, now I am sure; 10

You were looking back at me. I know you were. 11

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? 12

Do you see who you are, or who you want to be? 12


Let me in your mind - open the door; 9 Leave all thoughts behind of the world you knew before. 12

When you look within, what do you see, my dear? 11

Objects in the mirror are closer than they may appear. 14

Tear down this wall that keeps us apart; 9

Take one more step and I will break your heart. 10

Frightened of the future, preoccupied with the past, 13

It's time to face the truth at last. 8

You've looked into the mirror for so long, 10

Wondering on which side you belong. 9

Reach out and touch the glass, my dear; 8

The time has come to face your fear. 8

Stop and look at your reflection; 8

Now you're part of my collection. 8

No one can save you now - there's no place left to hide; 12

I'll wait for you on the other side. 9


Somebody set her free, 6

And now she's coming after me. 8

From the frame, liquid silver split 8

So the witch could walk right through it. 8

See if you can find me in there, 8

But watch your back - better beware! 8

I'll be watching you from the other side; 10

Nightmare is there too - get ready to ride! 10

It's like I'm trapped each time I turn; 8

The eyes that gaze from the glass burn. 8

Stuck on this side, nobody can hear me; 10

My alter ego lied! They don't know the real me! 12

Through the door, there is a little garden; 10

Hearts turned to stone slowly harden. 8

Something is missing in the mirror, 9

But I never get any nearer. 9


For just a moment, I saw her face; 9

Then she vanished without a trace. 8

My dark reflection's in my place, 8

A twisted smile on her face! 8

Every time I blink, she's blinking; 8

Is she thinking what I'm thinking? 8

She has no soul, and she can't feel; 8

She's got a face, but she's not real. 8

I stop there and stare for a while, 8

Caught off-guard by her backward smile. 9

The girl I see just shakes her head; 8

What if she's the real me instead? 8

The mirror shatters on the floor; 8

Now the girl isn't there anymore. 9

Where's the girl I saw at first glance? 8
I'm left standing there, lost in a trance. 8


Take a good look at me; 6

You won't like what you see! 6

The truth can set you free, 6

But do you want to be? 6

Nothing will ever be 6
The way it used to be. 6

Look deep down and you'll see 6

The miracle of me! 6

I'm tired of reality; 8

So please don't show the truth to me. 8

Am I a friend or some strange foe? 8

Just tell me what I want to know! 8

Broken mirror, set my soul free; 8

Just show me what I want to see! 8

Broken mirror, take away my fear; 9

Just tell me what I want to hear! 8