Yeah, it's another one of those fics. Deal with it! Lol. No, but this story idea came to me after I watched and read Twilight for like the millionth time. It' s become a little pet project for me, along with my other Twilight obsessive fics that are in the works.

Mystery: Screw Bella!

Edward: That's not very nice

Mystery: *pouting* Sorry Edward

Jacob: See you made her cry

Mystery: Bleh, anyway, this story focuses on Jake and Edward's relationship. When Jacob imprints on Edward, he thinks his world is coming to an end but could Edward be the best thing that could ever happen to him?

Alice: Sounds romantic!

Rosalie: What's so romantic about falling in love with a dog?

Edward: *glares* Don't talk about my puppy that way

Mystery: Puppy?

Chapter One: Ashes and Wine

I stood on the border of La Push, my hands jammed into the pockets of my jeans. The wind was cold that day but I didn't care. Not like I got cold anyway. I couldn't imprint on him. Could I? It wasn't possible. Vampire and werewolves don't mix. They were like oil and water, Kanye West and common sense, a cat in water. I mean come on! They were disgusting bloodsuckers! The more I tried to reason with my inner wolf the more frustrated I was getting. My wolf loved Edward but I wanted to rip him apart.

"Why's everything so fucking hard?!" I howled.

It was like a higher power just wanted to screw me over.

"I want to see Edward." My wolf whined inside my mind.

"Well you can't. I hate that bastard and I don't want anything to do with him."

I couldn't believe I was actually having a conversation with myself. Maybe I was just going crazy. I didn't think anyone in the pack actually talked to their wolf.

I guess I should start from the beginning.

4 days earlier…

"You're moving?!" I cried.

Bella nodded, "Yeah Jake. I can't stay here anymore," she sniffled, "after Edward and I broke up… I just can't stay. It'd be too painful."

I slammed my fist on the table, "You're moving because the leech broke up with you?"


I knew even though she and Cullen broke up they were still friends. She still hated it when I bagged on him, which was often. Always actually. She sighed,

"I just wanted you to be the first to know. Edward's coming over later and I think you guys should talk."

I scoffed, "About what?"

"About not killing each other once I'm gone." She said, her brown eyes were stern when she looked at me head on.

She was right. Once she left there would be nothing to stop me from killing Edward. With that thought I almost threw her out into the moving truck.

"Jake I'm serious." Bella sighed, "I want you guys to get on without me. I mean, I'll only be in Washington D.C."

"And that's not far." I said sarcastically. This earned a scolding look from Bella. I swear, she's more like a mom than a friend. That's when I caught the scent.

"Your bloodsucker's here." I said.

Bella didn't say anything as she walked to the door. I huffed and continued nursing my Coke to my lips. Stupid Bella. Stupid Edward. Stupid screwed up life.

"Jake! Can you come here for a sec?!"

I thought of not answering Bella and bolting out the kitchen door but I remembered she was my friend. Friends don't bail on one another when they move. But I was so fucking close. Dragging my feet into the living room I sat on the loveseat; Edward and Bella sat on the sofa. Edward looked at me curiously,

"Long time no see."

"Let's keep it that way." I growled back.

"Please! Just cut it out for a minute!" Bella exploded.

Edward looked sad that Bella was angry at him. I smirked but let Bella continue speaking about why and where she was moving. But as she spoke I could only look at Edward; my eyes couldn't focus on Bella. All my senses were tuned to Edward. He looked nice… did I just say he looked nice?

'He does. He smells nice too.' My wolf said.

'Shut up.' I retorted.

I knew Edward could read my thoughts but I couldn't keep them off him. My emotions were going haywire and an unconditional will to protect and love Edward washed over me.

Fuck. I imprinted.

It's just a start, really, it'll get better as time progresses and we get to see some Jake/Edward love. But I can't do that without reviews.