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Chapter Twenty-One: Love the Way you Lie

You know that curious feeling that your head's about to explode when it's been hit really hard? That's what this vision felt like. I felt like I was there. I could feel the fear and taste the rage in the air. Even as Edward stroked my hair and reassured me that everything would be okay I still wasn't sure.

"What did you see Jacob?" Carlisle asked, shining a light into my eyes to make sure I was still with them.

I gulped, "I saw Leah…she's here and she's helping. I'm not sure who but-" I clutched the back of my skull, "My head is killing!"

In a flash Edward was beside me again with Advil and a glass of water. I quickly swallowed them, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. My insides were still squirming and I was rattled to my bones. Sia's voice was still in my head. It made me want to cut it out of me with the sharpest knife I could find.

"Thanks." I said to Edward.

His brow furrowed, "They're getting worse Jacob."

I brushed him off, "It's just a headache, nothing major. Now let's start working on trying to find Bella."

I wobbled into the bedroom where Seth was. I hoped he wasn't too far gone to answer some questions about where he and Bella were. I also hoped Bella was still alive. Alice and Jasper were keeping a fierce watch over Seth; the two of them barely looked up when I entered the room. Alice sat on the bed stroking his hand while Jasper stood beside her, his hand on her shoulder. Cautiously, I pulled up a chair on Seth's other side.

"Jake." He mouthed, his eyelids fluttering.

I winced, "Seth…this might be a little hard but I need to ask you something."

Alice flinched, "Can't this wait Jacob?"

"No," I said shaking my head, "Bella can't wait."

I saw a glimmer of guilt in her eyes and she let me continue. Seth's body was twitching and his breathing was shallow. What the hell had she done to him?

"Seth…you said you remembered you were at a harbor or something right? Do you remember anything else?"

"I couldn't see anything." Seth said, "I'm sorry Jake…I don't-"

"It's okay." I decided to leave out the part about Leah showing up.

I didn't want to mention it without knowing why she was here. I hadn't talked to her in awhile so I didn't know her disposition. My fists clenched with frustration and I got up. The room felt so small at that moment. I had to get out of there. Instead of blowing up at the first person I saw I took my irritation out on the door. Before I could land a second blow on the poor defenseless door Damon interrupted me.

'We should go.' he said, his voice as perturbed as I was feeling.

'Go where?' I asked, 'I can't leave Edward.'

Damon sighed, 'I can't believe I'm saying this but…I think we're gonna have to bring him along.'

'But you said-'

'Yeah I know what I said, kid but your vampire could be helpful if this Leah person turns out to be bad.'

He had me there. I couldn't handle Leah and Sia. I growled to myself and slipped into the bedroom. Edward and Carlisle were talking quietly and they both looked up when I entered the room. Fuck I hate it when people do that.

"What wrong?" I asked, knowing something bad was coming.

Edward's face looked pained, "Jacob…" he hesitated. He never did that.

I approached the two of them quickly, my body language conveying that I wasn't in the mood for stories. Carlisle closed the door and was back to us before I could blink.

"You may want to sit down, Jacob." He said, motioning to the bed.

I flopped down on it limply, "What's going on? Don't baby me."

Edward sat beside me, rubbing my back slowly, "This may be hard for you to hear but-"

"Seth is dying." Carlisle stated bluntly. Finally some honesty.

"What?" the resolve in my mind broke instantly and I felt the backs of my eyes burn with fresh tears. Edward pulled me to him so my head was resting against his chest. Carlisle looked down at us with sad eyes.

"How?" I managed, a sob escaping my lips.

"It's poison." Carlisle explained, "I've never seen anything like it. It's infected his bloodstream but honestly I'm not sure what it is."

'Sia's magic.' Damon growled, 'if you don't kill her the infection will turn him into one of her shadows.'

"Motherfucker…" I said under my breath.

I heard Seth's strangled gasp from the other room and something inside me broke. My tissue-paper tin tenacity broke and a snarl rippled through me. Surprising both Carlisle and Edward I shot up, determination in my eyes. Damon was banging on my subconscious and rage filled me like I'd never felt before.

Edward looked at me cautiously as he rose from the bed, "No Jacob, I won't allow you to do this."

"I'm not asking permission." I snapped. If Sia wanted to play with fire then I was about to bring hell.

"Listen to Edward." Carlisle reasoned, "Please Jacob."

I shook my head, "No one's dying on my watch. You hear me? No one! So you're either with me or against me but I'm going!"

I threw open the door so violently it slammed against the wall. The picture over the desk fell onto the ground, the glass shattering. Esme looked so shocked and I almost thought I saw a hint of fear in her eyes. Alice and Jasper hadn't moved but Jasper's position was like that of a spring.

"I'm going after Sia." I said through clenched teeth, "If I let Damon guide me I can find her."

Edward eyes were pleading with me, "Jacob please-"

"If you go I will accompany you." Jasper said, venom dripping from his voice.

I nodded to him, "Good."

I turned towards the door but Edward grabbed my elbow. My first instinct was to jerk away from him but I stopped. This was my imprint. I loved him and he loved me. I could never, and would never, hurt him.

"Then don't go." Edward said, reading my thought, "We can think this through and save everyone without risking anything."

"I can't play it safe." I said, smiling sadly, "This is what I was made to do. You can't fight fate."

His gaze darkened, "I don't believe in it."

I reached up and stroked Edward's cool cheek. What happened to the good old days when the only thing I worried about was what I was eating for lunch and if my boxers were clean? Those days were dead and gone. I'd traded in my semi-normal life for this when I imprinted on Edward. My heart had never hurt this much before. It was agonizing.

"Let me go, Edward." I whispered, kissing his pale lips.

His thumb brushed away a stray tear that had trickled down my cheek, "Not alone."

There was fury inside the three of us as we walked through the forest. I could feel it and Jasper mentioned many times that it was making him feel like ripping someone's head off. I was fine with that; as long as said head belonged to Sia. She'd overstepped the boundary when she went after Bella, when she poisoned Seth. Her fate was sealed. I was going to kill that bitch and burn her to ashes. Maybe pee on her grave but hey, we can't have everything. Damon was doing a good job of keeping us on track. Sia's aura was something that made my entire body shiver with revulsion.

I sniffed, "I smell Leah."

Jasper stiffened, "And something else…"

"She's coming for us." Edward said, moving in front of me, "Jasper on your left."

The snarl that came from Leah was bone-chilling. She lunged for Jasper, launching herself from her perch on the jagged rocks flanking us. Jasper easily leapt out of the way and Leah came crashing down in front of us. She quickly got on her feet and growled, saliva dripping from her fangs. Edward and Jasper both hissed at her.

'Talk to her.' Damon said.


Damon sighed in an annoyed fashion, 'The Ma'heen Gun can talk to all shifters in their human form.'

'Cool, anything else I can do?' I asked.

'If we live through this I'll teach you a whole bunch of stuff, kid.'

I placed my hand on Edward's shoulder, "It's okay, Edward. Let me talk to her."

"No." Edward growled, pushing me back behind him.

"I'll be fine."

I knew Edward was worried because I wasn't in my wolf form. In his eyes this made me weaker but I knew better. Cautiously, I edged from behind Edward and towards Leah. She snarled again, Edward almost ran for her but I stopped him by extending my hand in a sign of peace.

'Leah, I know you can hear me.' I said into her mind.

'Jacob? Traitor…stay out of my head.' She said angrily.

That stung. She still hadn't forgiven me.

I closed my eyes, 'I'm here to help you Leah. Seth is hurt.'

She chuffed, 'Serves him right…fucking a couple of fangers…you disgust me…'

'Leah stop!' I shouted, 'That's your brother, your baby brother. And he's dying.' I paused, collecting my thoughts, 'Why are you here?'

'Like I have to tell you anything…'

'Tell me!' I pressed.

'Sia's trying to help me…she knows the leeches are evil… you're just too stupid to see…'

Edward growled from behind me, "Jacob we have to go."

"No wait," I insisted, "she'll tell us." I turned my attention back to Leah.

'She's here isn't she? I can feel it.'

Leah nodded, 'She's gonna kill you and your bloodsuckers…and that Swan girl…' she bared her fangs to me, 'Say goodbye Jacob Black.'

A sickly sweet scent entered my nostrils and I felt my head get fuzzy.

"What in the…you…bitch…" I slurred, falling to my knees. The scent was overwhelming; taking over everything in my mind. I couldn't move, I couldn't see, I couldn't talk. But I could hear. I could hear Edward's frantic voice calling my name. I could hear it getting fainter and fainter until the only thing I could hear were waves lapping against the shore. My body ached and my eyes burned when I opened them. I jumped back when I saw a pair of mismatched eyes gazing crazily back at me. My insides coiled when I heard that voice.

"My Damon, my love…it's time to die."

Sorry to any Leah lovers. Honest to God i just never liked her so I figured she'd serve Sia but more on that later. Seth was poisoned! Oh No! and Jacob's been captured! Hope they get out okay...oh wait they will...or will they? I'm such a meanie.

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