Fall to Pieces

"You're going to get in trouble for this," he says tonelessly.

For busting him out of his cell to take him to the training grounds, he means. "Yeah," Sakura responds, "I know. I want you to watch this."

With little ceremony, she cocks her arm back and crashes it into the earth. Driving it is every ounce of her chakra, every grueling hour of training, every last bit of anger and heartache and look at me look at me look at me.

Sasuke looks at the resulting fissure apathetically.

His face is next on the receiving end of her fist.


Sakura wishes that Sasuke and Sai did not get along; she wishes they would hate each other, actually. She wants Sasuke to be jealous of Sai, wants him to be resentful of this look-a-like boy that has taken his place.

She would then be able to give him a smug, superior look, to say loftily, It's your own fault. You're the one who left. We've moved on.

But she can't, because after one sparring match that she wasn't there to witness, the two seem to be as close as the once-traitor ever is with anyone.

She hates how he finds every possible way to let her know that he doesn't care.


"I'm walking you home," she says, "so that no one gets any funny ideas and tries to jump you. Your return wasn't very well-received, you know."

He doesn't respond, just walks on and throws her a look that informs her he finds her presence to be the most supreme annoyance but that he can't be bothered to chase her away.

She accepts it, because it is a look, his look, and it is meant for her.


She comes up behind him, wraps her arms around his torso, face pressed between his shoulder blades. "Sasuke-kun."

Stiffen, tense, push me away, she begs mentally. Respond in some way, any way at all. Notice me, react to me. Acknowledge me. Pretend to care about me. For the love of God, pretend that I exist in your world.

She is as effective as a weak breeze pushing against a statue; he remains motionless and silent.

Sakura breaks inside.

"The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference."
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