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Warnings/Notes/Summary/Rating: I wouldn't say there are any special warnings for this drabble. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are fighting again, and this time Inuyasha just might lose his life…but does he? Or is there something else the demon lord wants more from Inuyasha? I guess…warnings are brother-on-brother violence… typical for these two. You could also consider this AU-ish. And…Jaken and Rin also make a brief appearances in the ficlet. I didn't particularly follow the prompt I was given, so you don't have to worry about an incest warning or anything. I guess, this is also rated T. Enjoy…

I know it's been awhile since I posted a drabble for this particular series of mine.

Saku's 9/25/16 Drabble Wars Prompt: Sesshomaru/(whoever you want)- Love in the battlefield. [And the PokéMon (Blessed Union of Souls is the artist) song "Brother My Brother."]

The Inu Drabble Chocolate Box Series
Drabble 9: Inuyasha and Sesshomaru 1
By Yo; Written 9.25.16; About 340 words; Posted to ffdotnet 9.25.16

Sharp, poisonous claws dug deeper and deeper into the area around Inuyasha's heart, and somehow he knew he was going to die this time at Sesshomaru's hands, if he didn't do something. Inuyasha's robe was ripped, his arms shattered and useless at his sides, Tetsusaiga too far away from him. He was down on his knees before his brother. He had nothing left to fight Sesshomaru with, nothing…nothing but the sadness and rage overwhelming him—Sadness and rage that reflected in his amber eyes. Inuyasha could only stare up at Sesshomaru from the ground, and beg…beg his brother to spare him from death.

"Please, bro…ther…" Inuyasha pleaded, choking on his blood.

In response, Sesshomaru tilted his head to the side a little and pressed his claws just a tiny bit closer to Inuyasha's heart.

Inuyasha sighed and closed his eyes, his head sagging forward in defeat.

Carefully, so carefully, Sesshomaru retracted his claws from the depths of Inuyasha's chest. The action caused the half-demon to slump forward against Sesshomaru's knees. Inuyasha had no strength left in him to be surprised by his brother's sudden act of mercy, nor did he have the strength to hold himself up anymore.

"This is all I wanted, little brother. For you to yield to me, and you finally did," Sesshomaru said and reached down to pick Inuyasha up with his one good arm.

Sesshomaru then placed Inuyasha's body as gently as he could across his shoulder. Inuyasha breathed softly, shallowly, against Sesshomaru's bared skin, causing the full-blooded dog demon to shudder minutely from those intangible, warm caresses.

Inuyasha passed out against his brother.

"Milord, here's Tetsusaiga," Jaken said, dragging said sword to his lord Sesshomaru.

"Rin, aid Jaken in putting Tetsusaiga back in its sheath," Sesshomaru commanded.

Once his servants had done as he asked, they were on their way again, with Inuyasha in tow, walking in the direction of the setting sun.

I know nothing of love, but I know of kin. And that you are, my little brother, my only living kin, Sesshomaru thought to himself.