Chapter One:

December 21st, 1986

Bobby Singer was in the process of trying to kill this spirit that seemed intent on killing his buddy Jack Thompson and his six month old daughter Riley. Jack was a fellow hunter, but this spirit was a nasty son of a bitch and he just couldn't kill it on his own. Besides that, his main focus was protecting his baby girl. Riley's mother had died from complication's of childbirth. It was a damn shame too, as Jenny was a fine hunter and a good friend.

"Jack take the baby and go!" Bobby yelled. He was determined to protect that little girl.

Jack held his daughter closer and ran for the door as fast as he could, but not fast enough. Before he could even touch the door, the man was thrown up against the opposite wall.

Riley slid to the floor next to her father's crumpled body and began to wail.

Bobby cursed out loud and fired a round of rock salt into the bugger.

It dissipated momentarily, and it was long enough for Bobby to check on Jack and Riley.

Bobby removed his hat for a moment in respect for his fallen friend. Jack Thompson was as dead as the spirit that he had been fighting.

The angry spirit popped up behind Bobby but he was ready for it. He shot it with rock salt again and ran outside to the makeshift grave that belonged to the spirit. He quickly salted the remains and set fire to them, causing the spirit to howl as it disappeared for the final time.

At this point, Bobby ran back inside to check on the baby.

She was still wailing, until Bobby scooped her up and bounced her a little bit in his arms.

"I guess it's just you and me now little one." Jack had said that if anything were to happen to him, Bobby was to take Riley and raise her as his own. And that is what Bobby Singer planned to do.


June 13th, 1991

"Wake up baby, it's time for you to get up little one." Bobby said as he walked into his four-make that five year old daughter's room. Today was Riley Singer's 5th birthday.

"Daaaaaddy!" Riley squealed happily as soon as she opened her eyes and saw her father. She hopped out of bed and jumped into Bobby's arms.

"Happy Birthday baby." Bobby smiled at her.

"Thank yous Daddy. Is I gonna have a party today?" the girl wondered out loud.

"Well I don't know sweetie. Why don't we get you dressed and go downstairs to see." Bobby grinned.

"Okay Daddy. Help me."

Bobby set Riley down and smiled to himself. He had been raising that little girl since the night that her father died and he couldn't love her anymore if she were his daughter.

The other reason that Bobby was smiling was the fact that he had managed to get a couple of friends together to help celebrate Riley's birthday.

John Winchester and his boys Dean, who was six, and Sam who was three now, were waiting down in his kitchen to surprise Riley when the pair arrived downstairs.

"Daddy, I don't wanna wear a dress…" Riley looked up at Bobby with puppy dog eyes.

"Why not baby?" Bobby tried not to laugh.

"Daaaaaddy I wanna play outside today. I don't wanna get my new dress dirty." Riley put her hands on her hips and practically glared at her Dad.

Bobby chuckled softly. "Alright baby. Let's find you something to wear."

Riley's glare was replaced by a smile that could damn well light up the room.


After getting Riley dressed in jeans and a plain black shirt, Bobby and Riley headed downstairs.

When they walked into the kitchen, John and the boys yelled "SURPRISE!" and Riley giggled and clapped in excitement.

She ran over to John and threw her arms up, wanting picked up.

"Happy birthday Riley." John smiled.

"Thank yous Uncle John." Riley hugged him tightly before wanting to be put down again.

The girl then went to Dean and hugged him.

"Happy birthday Ry." Dean told her, using his special nickname for her.

Riley beamed. "Thank yous."

She then went over to Sam, who was sitting on the floor grinning happily up at her. She bent down and picked him up for a minute to hug him and say "thank yous" to him after he tried to tell her happy birthday. It didn't sound half bad for a three year old.

Bobby smiled at his little girl and was glad that today was a quiet day. No hunts, or anything concerning his main business, the salvage yard. Plus the fact that John and the boys were here. As far as Riley was concerned, Dean was her best friend in the entire universe and to be able to have him here on her birthday was a special treat for her. With John off hunting as well, him and the boys didn't get to see Bobby and Riley that often.

"Daddy?" Riley broke into Bobby's thoughts.

"Yeah baby?"

"This is the bestest birthday ever." she said, hugging her Dad's legs as tight as she could.

"You haven't gotten to the presents yet." Bobby smiled.

"But having you and Uncle John and Dean and Sammy is plenty for me Daddy. You didn't have to get me anything." Riley said honestly.

John looked at his "niece" and couldn't help but smile. The girl didn't care about material things as long as she had her family with her.


November 9th, 2001

"Dad!" a 15 year old Riley Singer yelled as she saw her father go down.

"I'm fine!" Bobby yelled back. "Go!"

Riley ran towards the other side of the warehouse, fully aware of the demon at her heels.

She spotted the knife that she had dropped earlier, it was gleaming on the floor a few feet ahead of her.

Crouching down, she grabbed it and spun around, catching the bitch in the throat with it.

The demon sputtered and choked as she tried to remove the knife. She fell to the floor and stared at Riley with pure hatred in her eyes.

"You don't mess with my family." Riley growled, kicking the demon in the ribs.

Not a second later, a cloud of black smoke came pouring out of the demons mouth as she screamed, and arched off the floor. As the cloud dissipated, the body fell to the floor.

Riley sighed, and then ran to check on Bobby.

"Dad!" she fell to her knees on the floor beside him.

"Packed a hell of a wallop huh?" Bobby grinned up at his daughter.

"Are you alright?" there was a hint of panic in her voice that she tried to hide.

"I'm fine baby. Just a little scratch is all." Bobby assured her.

"C'mon, let's go home." Riley helped Bobby stand up and together they walked out to his truck.

"Want me to drive Dad?" Riley asked hopefully.

"Just because I have a few bumps and bruises doesn't mean I'm going to let you drive." Bobby replied.

"Dad, you're bleeding all over the place, stop being stubborn and let me drive. It's not that far and it's like 3 a.m. I won't get caught. I never do." Riley said the last part with a grin, and Bobby sighed.

"Here." try not to kill us huh?" he laughed as he got in the passenger side.

"I won't Dad, I promise." Riley got in and started the engine.