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Fumi had never had the best luck at anything. She was bad at sports, card games, and karaoke - things her classmates indulged in with ease.

The one thing she could indulge in, she was worse at than any of the other things in her life.

Fumi fell in love, almost constantly.

She was susceptible to touch. A gentle brushing of hands, a kiss on the cheek, fingers running through her hair… These things didn't mean love to the people performing them, but they did to her. They meant tears as well. Ah-chan always said she was a crybaby in public, but late one night, when conversation kept them awake well into the small hours of the morning, she'd called it something different.

"Fumi", she said, "You feel too much."

They'd both giggled at this, their shared experiences with perverts on the train lending them laughter at the idea of "feeling too much". But after the mirth subsided and Ah-chan had slipped into dreams, Fumi was still thinking about feelings, and how she felt them, until her brain seemed to knot worse than her hair as she worked her fingers through it.

Days passed, and Fumi concerned herself with school and not love. It was kind of refreshing, and seeing Ah-chan on a daily basis seemed to make her world turn.

Then she met Sugimoto.

The vagueness that had plagued her since her one-sided fallout with Chizu was back, and it was suffocating. She was feeling, too much, too much, and those gentle hands would hold her as Sugimoto kissed her and she found herself crying so often it didn't make sense. She cried when she came out to Ah-chan, afraid more than anything that she would ruin what they had, that she would send her world careening off its axis.

But, somehow, even though the whole ordeal was so utterly vague, Ah-chan wasn't. Nothing was ruined. She was timid, but she was there.

When Fumi was worried, she was there.

When Fumi wavered, she was there.

When Fumi was dumped, she was there.

Ah-chan didn't touch, Fumi wasn't susceptible. It was so reassuring, not being under the influence. Just being able to stop feeling so deeply and just relax, be herself. It felt so good. The more time she spent with Ah-chan the more she felt like braiding her hair, the more she felt like smiling.

So when it came down to it, when she finally got up the courage to take Ah-chan's hand, when she touched, she wasn't vague. When the shorter girl blushed but offered a strong smile, it felt like Fumi was breathing again.

When Fumi played sick and Ah-chan skipped school to stay by her side, she felt the luckiest she ever had.

It wasn't saying much, but that was okay.

Even if the happiness was small, it was hers.

No sweet touch would take it away.

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