Author's Notes: Boring, useless oneshot. Be warned :)

Disclaimer: Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. Plot belongs to Veroxion.

"Why tomatoes, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, sitting down beside him, tucking her hands under her legs and staring at him curiously with wide, emerald eyes.

Sasuke turned and looked at her, from where he had been blankly staring at a kunai, wishing hateful thoughts upon a certain murderer. "Hn. What do you mean?"

Sakura looked away from him and stared at the shortly cut grass on the training grounds. Up ahead, Naruto's many clones were attacking Kakashi, whose head was stuck in the usual orange book, and randomly kicking or punching the clones out as they charged at him. "You like tomatoes. But why tomatoes, Sasuke-kun? Why not oranges... or... or..." Sakura tapped her index finger against her lip cutely, pouting slightly. "Or potatoes!"

"Potatoes?" Sasuke replied dully. Sakura nodded. "Vegetables are healthy for you, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke snorted and continued to stare at the deadly weapon in his hand. Sakura tugged at his sleeve, though. "Mou, Sasuke-kun! I asked you a question, and when someone asks you a question, you should give them an answer."

Sasuke shrugged. "Can you really see me with something that resembles as certain blonde idiot?"

Sakura frowned. That wasn't the answer she was expecting. "That's the reason why you like tomatoes? Because they aren't orange?"

Sasuke chuckled. "Tch. You would have to peel oranges to eat them, Sakura."


"You cannot eat them raw. They would have to be peeled and then cooked."

"What about apples, then? They don't need to be peeled or cooked!"

"Too sweet."

Sakura pouted. "Hmph. Then why do you like tomatoes."

Sasuke flipped the kunai over and examined the other side. "They are red."

"That's the reason?!" Sakura shrieked, earning Sasuke to shudder at how loud her voice was.

"I thought you liked red." Sasuke muttered, staring at her. Sakura blushed a little. "It's okay. Green is my favorite colour, though."

Sasuke turned pale. "Green?" he asked, his voice slightly shaky. Sakura nodded. "Green comes in many shades, so it never gets boring."

Sasuke shifted his eyes to the side. "Name a green fruit."

"Why?" Sakura asked curiously.

"I'm testing your intelligence." Sasuke lied through gritted teeth.

"Oh, well, lime, I suppose."

Sasuke shuddered. "How the hell am I supposed to eat limes every morning?" he muttered to himself. He took a glance at Sakura, who was congratulating Naruto on landing a hit on Kakashi (who didn't look very impressed).


"It's worth it, I guess."

Author's Notes: BLAH. What a useless drabble. I hope you all got it. If not—(Sasuke eats tomatoes because he thought red was Sakura's favorite colour, but it turns out its green). I got this idea because I saw bananas in the kitchen. How inspiring, lol.

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