Fullmetal Fox II: Crimson Tears

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Chapter 1


It was well after midnight when Naruto accompanied by Ed and Al slipped over the walls and raced until they were miles away from Konoha and anyone that could interrupt them.

"Okay Al, put the bastards down." Naruto said.

Alphonse Elric, a soul bound to armor placed the large metal ball down. "Did you really trap his soul in there as well brother?" the glowing red eyes in the helmet looked at Naruto.

"Of course I did. Who do you think I am, Ed?" Naruto said with a grin.

"FUCK YOU!" the two tailed fox snarled and leapt at the blond, but Al's gauntleted hand snatched him out of the air by his tail and Ed gasped as his brother hugged him to his metal chest.

"ACK! AL! AIR!" the fox said turning blue and gasping for air.

Naruto shook his head as he began to sketch the array into the dirt. "Shut up, we don't need all of the elemental nations know what we're about to do."

Ed stilled and climbed atop the armored shoulder of Al looking down at Naruto. "So you're really going to do it?"

Naruto ignored him as he concentrated on the array.


"Yeah. It has to be done." Naruto knew that the best way to deal with the body thief like Orochimaru was to send him to the portal. He knew the Gates would deal with the bastard and make him pay for his crimes.

The fox and the steel armor watched as it took Naruto nearly forty minutes to make the array after he cleared the area of vegetation.

"Here goes." Naruto said after Alphonse placed the metal orb in the middle and backed away.

Naruto clapped his hands and then slammed them down on the edge of the array.

The woods were bathed in red and white alchemic light as power flowed from Naruto into the array.

"My god." Ed muttered as they saw the Gates appear. It was a sight he wished to never see again (and in the deepest part of his mind academically he still did) as the massive doors creaked open and hundreds of eyes and grins appeared.

"Very good." A sole voice called out.

"Roy?" Ed said.

A hundred voices blended together before falling silent. "Hello Fullmetal…and Fullmetal the sequel." The voice of Roy Mustang came from the Gates.

"Fuck you!" Ed and Naruto echoed one another.

"So you captured the body thief."

"He learned it from his mother…you know Dante." Ed snapped.

The voices started up once more before Roy's voice was heard again. "How?"

Ed sat on his haunches after getting away from Al. "How do you think? She stole a body."

The shadows behind the Gates were moving. "This is serious." Roy's voice was heard. "You must stop whatever it is she has planned."

"Doy." Ed muttered.

"There's more." Naruto said and Ed gave him a look to shut up, but Naruto ignored him.

"Dante has the original body of Elicia Hughes and has been cloning it ever since." Naruto said and with this announcement the voices in the Gate go deadly quiet.

Ed sighed.

"You must destroy the original then and get Dante away from all life before destroying her." Roy's voice said.

"Do you know what you're saying!?" Ed exploded in anger. "Kill Elicia!"

"You know Elicia Hughes died the moment Dante possessed her body Edward." Roy's voice said.

A tentacle crept from the Gates and grabbed the orb and dragged it back towards the Gates of Alchemy.

"Do we want to know what'll happen to him?" Naruto asked.

"No. let's just say it won't be a bed of roses." Roy's voice became more feral. "Continue what you are doing Fullmetal. Hopefully we won't see you too soon unless its business."

The gates snapped shut and the three being remaining let out sighs.

"I really hate him." Ed muttered.



Morning came to Konoha and areas where battle damage showed were already being filled with the sounds of hammers and saws as construction crews were busy already.

Hana Inuzuka was at her family's compound helping with the dogs that had been injured during the failed invasion. She had worked hard ever since the battle, her mind wasn't on the dogs, even though she gave them her all. Her mind was on two of her lovers. Anko Mitarashi and Naruto Elric as he preferred to be called now.

The rumors around Konoha were that Naruto destroyed Orochimaru's soul this time while Anko had been brutally efficient in her defense of the civilians that hadn't made it to the shelters.

(Temari was there with Naruto and she said she missed what he did.) Hana sighed. She wanted nothing more than to climb into bed with her lovers, all of them and not leave for a week.

"One more." Tsume, her mother said.

Hana nodded, but her mother stopped. "What's wrong?"

Hana sighed. "Naruto sent a message, he needs to talk to us all. He said the Hokage has a mission for him."

Tsume frowned. "Just for him, not your whole team?"

Hana shrugged. "He didn't go into specifics in his note."

Tsume frowned. "And I've been here since after the invasion ended so I don't know what's going on."

"I'm sorry. You're the best vet we've got." Tsume told her daughter. "Well you better get the others trained up. I do plan on carrying Naruto's child someday soon."

Tsume smiled. "Oh really?"

"Not talking about this now." Hana said as the last dog was brought in and placed on the table.

Her mother walked out humming a tune and Hana sighed knowing not many women had mothers who knew how well their boyfriends were in bed. (I should have moved sooner.) she thought before focusing on the dog before her.


Haku stretched and winced as the bandage on her back pulled. She had been doing her duty during the invasion when a child, Naruto's friend and the Hokage's grandson Konohamaru had run into the street where the battle was taking place. The boy had slipped away from the safety of the shelters and had gone looking for his grandfather.

Haku seeing a hail of shuriken heading for the boy from the Sound ninja had used her ice mirrors to put herself between the boy and danger, using her own body as a shield.

"You should still be in bed."

Haku looked to see Temari in regular clothes.

"It is hard to stay in bed alone after spending so much time with more than one body in it." Haku said and made her way to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea. "I wasn't hurt that badly."

Temari shook her head. "You know Naruto will worry."

Both girls shared a look. Naruto seemed to worry over the smallest thing. At times it was endearing other times…

"So what do you think the big news will be?" Haku asked as she took a sip from her tea.

Before Temari could answer Haku turned very pale and rushed from the room, barely making it to the bathroom where the fan user could hear her retching.

A moment later there was a thud and Temari went to see what fell when Haku didn't answer. She found the ice user on the floor unconscious.

"HAKU!" Temari slid across the distance on her knees. Her fingers checking the dark haired girls pulse.

"Oh kami…" She didn't know what was wrong, but she needed to get her to the hospital. She picked Haku up and leapt out the bay window, her feet gaining purchase on the roof across the street, the whole time Temari was praying she'd get Haku to the hospital and everything would be alright.

AN: And thus begins FMFII. Yes I know Naruto and Jiraiya are about to leave. I'm building things up and wanted to explain more what was going to happen to Orochimaru as some people didn't like that he was going to become trash at the bottom of the nearby lake, which wasn't the real plan. The ninja think they sunk Orochi while Naruto replaced on metal ball for another.