Author: My first Lucky Star fanfic, hope I did alright. These are a series of little events that happened during the series except with alternate outcomes, mainly focused on a Konata/Miyuki pairing. Anyway, enjoy!

Episode 8- without glasses

Biting into her chocalate cornet, Konata stared carefully at Miyuki identifying the girl's loss of glasses.

"Ah what is it, do I have something on my face?" Miyuki panicked trying to figure out what Konata was staring at.

"In games when characters come to school without glasses they suddenly become popular, but I guess that doesn't happen in real life" Konata smiled playfully making Miyuki smile nervously.

"Well usually on TV when someone comes to school without glasses; they get kissed by some really cute guy" Tsukasa blushed at the thought of a guy.

"Yeah well, the only problem is there aren't any guys around at the moment and if there were the closest person to a guy would be Konata-san" Kagami smiled mischievously over at Konata who looked not at all amused.

"Well I don't know about getting kissed by a guy, I guess it would be kind of weird" Miyuki tried to hold back her shyness.

A sparkle glinted in Konata's eye; her smile grew in delight over at Miyuki who sat there looking confused. Standing up she leaned forwards over the desk, resting her hand on Miyuki's cheek she leaned down kissing the pinkette on the lips.

Kagami sat there with her mouth half gaped, Tsukasa's whitened at the sight while Miyuki who looked to be having the rather hard time sat there blushing furiously. Breaking apart Konata smiled playfully before taking her seat. "There, now getting kissed by a guy won't be so weird"

"Baka!" Kagami slammed her fist on top of Konata's head knocking the girl out cold. "Last time we get her to do favours for Miyuki"

Miyuki sat quietly her finger tips gently tracing over where Konata had kissed her.


Author: I plan on making more little things like this. I like the idea of a Miyuki/Konata pairing as they seem to be an unlikely pairing which makes them perfect. Oh by the way I use the word 'pinkette' to classify Miyuki's hair colour like with Brunette and stuff. Read and review to let me know if I did alright for a lucky star fic.