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Episode 6- Bath time

"I'm going in girl's" Konata announced to the twins causing Kagami to sigh. Jumping out of the bath, Konata tip toed across the floor.

Her eyes hungrily stared at the sight of a pink haired girl running her brush through her hair. Arriving at her destination, she leaned down carefully placing a bar of soap on the ground. "What the hell are you doing?!" Kagami yelled out loud causing Konata to fidget with the soap.

Turning around in a hurry her feet slipped along the floor causing her to take a step back. Her foot came in contact with the bar of soap sending a look of worry on her face before slipping back.

Startled by the sound of Kagami's voice, Miyuki slowly turned around while still sitting only to notice a certain blunette falling back onto her landing safely in her arms.

Konata's eyes were shut close, her mind still bracing herself for impact. Noticing that there was no thud, Konata opened her eyes being met with two large bare orbs. "Bwaah!!!" Konata screamed trying to get up only too notice that a pair of warm arms were wrapped around her.

"Are you okay?" Miyuki's gentle voice broke Konata from her screams causing her to stare up into Miyuki's eyes.

"Um yeah, thanks for catching m-" Konata was cut off by Miyuki's soft lips pressed against her own. To Konata's surprise, she enjoyed the feeling. Miyuki's lips kiss tenderly on hers; savouring the moment she kissed back. She could feel Miyuki's body beginning to press harder against her's causing a soft moan to escape.

Unknown to the two, the twins themselves were enjoying a little 'special moment'.


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