Description: Skipper and King Julien have become a couple but no one must know about it. They've managed to keep it a secret for this long, but will their luck hold out?

Rating: Rated M for lemons and, well, yeah, lemons XD (and for other possible stuff down the road)

Author's note: Well this is my first PoM fanfic, so I hope I'll do a good job keeping everyone in character. This is a short introductory chapter to kind of explain some background to the main story. Kinda like a flashback of sorts. I might do that from time to time. It's written in 3rd person but it goes into Skipper's point of view sometimes, in the form of his thoughts. All thoughts are in italic. I dunno where this story will go, because the first line just popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down. Well enough of my rambling, on to the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they all belong to Dreamworks and Nickelodeon.

Chapter 1: Briefing

It began simple enough. It was an accident really. They were arguing like always. It's funny, he couldn't even remember what they were arguing about. It didn't matter anyway, it was probably something unimportant like Julien playing his boom box at all hours of the night, or maybe a dispute over territory rights since "his majesty" had decided to expand his kingdom out into Central Park. Whatever the case, they were shouting each other down, neither of them willing to listen to the other.

It was just the two of them. Kowalski had suggested the one-on-one meeting. Said something about how historically leaders of two warring groups would come together and form some kind of treaty. Skipper was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. They set the meeting up so that he and Julien would negotiate at the zoo storage room.

Skipper had tried his best, he really did, even going as far as to stroke Julien's ego. But the ring-tailed lemur was so full of himself that Skipper decided to throw the nice talk out the window and give him a good dose of reality. Needless to say, Julien didn't appreciate being called a "delusional, self-centered, drama queen."

Tempers flared and there was much finger pointing and insults being flung. Each insult brought them closer and closer together until their faces where mere centimeters from each other. They stared each other down, their eyes filled with fury.

That's when it happened. Julien was in a squatting position so he was face level with Skipper, and he must have lost his balanced. Or maybe Skipper just moved his head too far in. Either way, his maw met his beak.

It was a kiss. Just a simple kiss. It only lasted about three seconds, but its effects were profound. The room went dead quiet. The first thing Skipper noticed was the anger in Julien's eyes washing away and being replaced by surprise, shock, and just a hint of desire. Skipper's own body was sending pleasant shivers down his spine, his beak tingling with warmth. He felt his eyelids start to droop and his mind went on auto-pilot. Somehow, his flippers had wound up on Julien's shoulders, and Julien's paws were on his waist.

They pulled apart slowly from each other. They stared at each other not really knowing what to say. The room was awkwardly silent. Skipper looked away first. He was desperately trying to make sense out of what just happened. His mind screamed that it was just a fluke, that he should be grossed out, but his body said otherwise. He could still taste Julien on his beak, lychee nuts with a hint of other tropical fruits.

Skipper turned his gaze to the floor, one of his flippers rubbing the back of his head.

"So, uh… ring-tail…"

"I am agreeing with your conditions."

"Huh?" Skipper looked up surprised at what the lemur had said. Julien had taken a seat on the floor, his face showed he was deep in though. He locked eyes with Skipper for a moment before standing up. Slowly he made his way over, taking his time as if he was a predator playing with his pray. Skipper took a few steps back, not really sure what would happen next. He had enough on his plate to deal with, he didn't need Julien adding more to it now.

Julien picked up the pace and caught up to Skipper in the middle of the room. Skipper gulped loudly and looked up into his face.

"The King, which is me, has decided to be allowing your treaty."

And then Julien leaned down and kissed him. Skipper flinched before he calmed down and gave into the kiss. It was longer than the other one, and this one was no accident. Skipper didn't try to stop Julien. The voice that was screaming at him to shove him away was being blocked out by the voice telling him to just go with it.

Julien pulled away, a small smile on his face as he started walking toward the exit.

"Nighty nite silly penguin."

Skipper was left alone to collect his thoughts, all of which had been blown to smithereens after that second kiss. A million questions ran through his mind. What the hell just happened? How the hell did it happen? How could I let it happen? Why did I ever let Kowalski talk me into this?! WHY DID I ENJOY THAT SO MUCH?!?

That last question was the most terrifying, because its answer would not be pretty. He would also have to endure his teammate's questions when he got back to HQ. They would want to know how the mission went and how he got Julien to consent to everything.

He sighed. This night was just getting worse and worse. He had no choice but to lie to his friends. They couldn't know about this. As he set off he prayed his lying had improved since the incident with the doctor and the needle.

At this rate, tomorrow is going to be even worse.

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