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"Hey Ma—How ya fairing?" Sam spoke softly as he entered the hospital room to see his mother sitting up in the bed with her husband comfortably relaxing in the recliner in the room.

"Sam, How is she? Is she alright!?" His mother asked anxiously in concern to Jules. She couldn't even imagine if she had let something happen to Jules or the baby.

Sam nodded slowly, a smile creeping across his face playfully, "She's great—So is the baby."

His mom sighed deeply, pulling her cast-wrapped arm against her chest. "Thank God, Son, go be with her—she needs you with her."

"Okay Mom—I'm glad you're doing okay, and she'll be glad you're okay too—she says thank you…if it wasn't for you she and baby may not have made it."

****Three days later—Both Jules and Sam's mother were released from the hospital****

"Hey, How is he?" Sam asked as he charged up the stairs in his parents home. Jules looked up from the guest room bed, her hands placed on her belly, "Great—Wanting to come kick his daddy a few times." She said, reaching her hand out for him as he lied down next to her and placed his hand atop of hers. "I got the tickets—Jules—We're going home."

A tear rolled down her cheek softly as she tousled his hair between her fingers, "How do you think the guys are gonna react to us being married?"

He chuckled, "I'm gonna be dead meat —but it'll be so worth it." He kissed her hand gently as she brought his face to hers.

"Sam—I love you."

He looked down at her and smiled, tightening his hand around hers gently.

"Sam—I love you—" Jules stated, her husband grasping her hand tightly as an overwhelming sense of pain was distracted by the harsh cries she heard moments later.

"You did it sweetheart—You did it." He kissed her cheek softly, working his hands along her face as he wiped the sweat from her forehead and the tears from her eyes.

The doctor placed the crying newborn into Sam's arms before he knelt next to the hospital bed and handed their son off to Jules. "He looks just like you." Jules smiled, receiving another kiss from Sam as the baby wrapped his hand around her finger. "Sam—?"

He glanced up at her eyes, "Yeah?"

"For a name—I was thinking Samuel James Braddock—You know, after you and your dad?"

He smiled and placed his lips on hers, "I love that name, It's perfect."

She stroked the baby's cheek gently, "It is."

"So how is my little grandbaby!?" Sam's mother asked as she charged into the room after the doctors had finally let her go in.

"Mom—He's great. Meet Samuel James Braddock."

Mr. Braddock was following behind when he paused in his step, "You—You named him after me and you?"

Jules nodded and glanced over at Sam with a smile. Mr. Braddock came towards them, his hand lying next to he baby's as it wrapped its tiny fingers around his. A tear rolled down Sam's father's cheek silently.

Jules felt a family moment in the presence but couldn't even bare the fact that she hadn't told her own father she was pregnant—there had been no reason—until now.

"Hey you four—I hate to break up this little moment but I've got someone here that wants to see Jules."

"Now Parker—Don't break them up." A familiar voice came from the hallway as a smile appeared on Greg's face as he was pushed away.


Mr. Callaghan smiled and came towards the group, receiving a manly hug from Sam's father.

"You—You called him?" Jules asked Mr. Braddock. He smiled and nodded, "We didn't think it'd be right without you having some kind of family here.

"And I'm happier than ever for you—Your mother would be so proud of you Julianna." He told her, brushing his hand gently through her hair then stroking his grandson's cheek.

After a few hours everyone had settled down. The team had been in and out of the room—more excited than ever for their two teammates. Both Jules's father and Sam's parents had been in and out for most of the day, finally leaving the two new parents with their baby boy.

"Can you believe we're parents now?" Jules laughed, a smile growing gently on her face.

Sam nodded, "Can you believe after all of what happened a few months ago—we're both here with our son?"

A simple kiss showed Sam how glad he was that he had given up on the military. He belonged with his wife and son—no one else.

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