Xion looked up to the sky, quietly sitting by herself on the Station Heights ledge in Twilight Town. She felt the warm autumn breeze brush on her cheeks and through her starry black hair. She examined the colors of the sunset closely, the orange and pink blended so mysteriously. She kept her stare, as if to see right through the clouds. To search for answers in anything else is what she desired. She could never get answers through simple questions, nobody would ever tell her, nobody ever did. She would have to find out herself, and either get upset from the news or ignore it and wish she never got involved. The clouds moved slowly in an upward direction, and she got dizzy for a second. She looked straight and shook her head, shaking off the everlasting trance that she felt. She sighed quietly, looking down at the train tracks below her. A purple train chugged by, its starry decorations made the sunset lights reflect off of them and rub off of Xion's face and black cloak. She sheilded her face with her hand, finally turning around to step onto the floor.

Thats when she saw Roxas standing there, looking as if he was standing there for hours.

Startled, Xion's heart nearly jumps out of her chest. "HOLY-- What the hell, Roxas?!" she yelled with a quivering voice. She punched his arm, turning back to the ledge. Roxas smiled, laughing a bit. He leaned on the ledge next to her, watching the sun slowly disappear.

"Sorry Zi, you just looked so...ready and waiting for me to just, you know, scare ya" he joked, looking at her. Xion looked back at him with a cute glare.

"I don't know whats wrong with you lately, you scared almost everyone in the organization. Do you want to get your ass kicked?" She raised her dark eyebrow at him and he chuckled a little.

"Eh, maybe I do, maybe I don't" he stated, shrugging. "Why were u sitting here all alone anyway? You should've called me, I would've brought ice cream." She looked down at the train tracks again, then back at the sun. She shrugged as well.

"I don't know, I think I just wanted to think over things, you know, being the fourteenth member of the organization and all.." she paused, then added on. "..I don't even know if i wanna be here. I don't even know who I really am. Nobody would tell me anything about how i came to be, or why I'm chosen to wield a keyblade like u."

"Well, i can't help you there, but, there's nothing to wonder about. Axel and I know u enough. You're Xion." Roxas replied, smiled a little. "You're one of my best friends, next to Axel. You're a cool person, you're respectful, caring, and cute" he added, blushing a little. Xion looked at him and smiled, looking right into his eyes.

"Thanks Roxas, you're cute too" she said softly. She kissed his rosy cheek and turned to walk away. Roxas' heart skipped a beat as her lips touched his cheek. He softly placed his hand on his cheek and chuckled to himself.

"Xion, you're somethin' else..."