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It was a peaceful day in Konoha, as the morning sun rose in the prosperous village. Civilians were getting up to do their jobs, while shinobi and kunochi alike were getting ready to do various missions that they received. However one shinobi was not among the crowd this particular morning. It was Naruto Uzumaki that was on top of the fourths head on the hokage memorial. He had just found out about who his father was, and was denied by the council his birthrights. He had been up all night thinking about that moment in time where he had found out about his inheritance.


Naruto was waiting in the Hokage's office, curious about what news Tsunade was going to tell him. Naruto leaned back in the chair and sighed deeply, the door opened slowly and Tsunade stepped in. Naruto turned around and smiled at her.

"So what's up Baa-chan?" Naruto said as he used his nickname for Tsunade, least to say she was upset.

"I told you gaki, STOP CALLING ME THAT!" He yelled out, only to be replied with a chuckle.

"Your to serous Baa-chan, so what is it you need to tell me?" He asked curiously. Tsunade let out a stressed sigh before she made her way to her desk and sat down.

"Naruto Its about you heritage, I think its time for you to learn who your father and mother is." Tsunade said in a most serious tone. Naruto stopped smiling and nodded. He already knew when he was fighting Pane [AN: or Pain] and he went all the way up to eight tails. That's when he first met his father. Minato Namikaze also known as, the fourth hokage. There in Naruto's mindspace they had a good long chat about what happened after Minato sealed the Kyuubi-no Kitsune inside of Naruto. There was a lot of yelling, swearing, crying and hugging during that time. But at least Naruto knew who his parents were and that he a Namikaze. But he decided to play the part and act surprised.

"Naruto, Your father is none other than Minato Namikaze, as for your mother was Kushina Uzumaki of the Whirlpool village." Tsunade said bluntly. Naruto faked a surprise gape. He sat there for a good few minuets, just to make it look convincing.

"Oh wow, so you mean to tell me that the fourth Hokage, Is my father?" Naruto was amazed at himself for putting up such an act. Tsunade nodded.

"Yup gaki, you are Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. And that means..." Tsunade trailed off.

"It means what?" Naruto said now confused.

"That means that your are the heir of the Namikaze clan, Congrats kid you made it from Gennin to Clan head in one day how do you feel?" Tsunade said with a smile. Naruto's mind went blank for a minute then rebooted itself.

"You're kidding?" Was his first response. Tsunade laughed as she took out a bottle of sake and two saucers.

"Here Gaki, have a drink to celebrate your title. Naruto just looked at the bottle.

"Umm, Baa-chan I'm only 16..." He said before Tsunade cut him off.

"Nope gaki, when you wear that headband you are considered an adult, old enough to kill, old enough to drink and fuck." Tsunade emphasized the Fuck part only to see Naruto's reaction. Which resembled Hinata whenever Naruto got close to her. He smiled sheepishly as he took a sake cup and downed it.

"So if I'm clan head, what does that mean exactly?" Naruto asked. Tsunade chuckled.

"Well first off you don't have to live in that Kami forsaken place you call an apartment, You'll be living in the Namikaze Mansion from now own. You'll have access to the clan accounts and Jutsu's." Tsunade said and almost laughed at a starry eyed Naruto when she said Jutsu's.

"You mean I'm going to learn all sorts of my fathers Jutsu's?" Said the starry eyed Naruto.

"Yup, but there a curse to this gift as well." Said a all of a sudden serious Tsunade. Naruto looked at her confused.

"First off, you will have a seat in the council and you must attend all council meetings, secondly since your the last Namikaze you'll be placed under the CRA, [Clan Restoration Act] Under which you will have to marry at least 5 women within 3 years, and have one bare a child by 4 years." Tsunade spoke. Naruto's smile faded quickly when he learned that he was going to be working with the council from now on. Even more so when he learned he is going to have to marry 5 women, its not that he didn't like the idea, it was the fact he was being forced to marry that miffed him.

"Isn't there anything you can do about it Baa-chan?" Naruto pleaded. Tsunade shook her head.

"Nope that's how it goes, sorry gaki." Tsunade spoke and Naruto groaned in frustration.

"That sucks." Naruto sighed out.

"Oh quit you're belly aching and lets get going to tell the council about your inheritance." Tsunade said as she dragged a pouting Naruto by his collar.

Tsunade and Naruto arrived at the council chambers and told the council about the Naruto's inheritance. The council all muttered to each other before facing them. "What are they babbling about? Its a open, close case, there shouldn't be able to argue..." Tsunade thought to herself.

"We forbid it." Danzo shortly said.

"WHAT!? YOU FORBID IT? YOURE TELLING ME THAT YOU ARE DENYING NARUTO, THE SON OF THE FOURTH, HIS BIRTHRIGHTS THAT ARE, MIND YOU RIGHTFULLY HIS?!" Tsunade yelled out letting loose all of her killing intent. Most of the council shivered in fear. Only Danzo was unfazed, as he pointed a old finger at Naruto.

"That...boy, if he can even be called one, is not the son of the Namikaze, how dare you sullen his name by suggesting that Naruto is Minato's son!" Danzo yelled out. Tsunade stepped up to meet Danzo to eye level.

"Yes he is, I've done the blood work, the results match, and besides...he is the splitting image of Minato, just take away the whiskers for Kami's sake!" Tsunade hissed out. Danzo growled.

"No, We will not give him the Namikaze name. Instead all of the Namikaze property's including money, Jutsu's and land's will be taken to be given to Sasuke Uchiha, In hopes that he can revive his clan and make it stronger with the fourths technique's." Danzo said as most of the clan members nodded their heads in agreement.

"And there not a thing you can do about it." Danzo said knowing that he won. Tsunade grinded her teeth and left the council chambers with a tearful Naruto.

"As if we let that Demon send his evil seed into the world anyway." Danzo said laughing to himself.


Naruto sighed as he recalled that painful memory. Then He heard someone coming his way. He heard cursing and laughing along the way. Naruto drew his kunai only to have his head arm locked by one of his best friends. Kenshin of the Kyuu-Ketsuki clan.

"Hey man I heard about what happened with the council, tough break." He said as he let go of Naruto.

"Yeah, I can't believe there going to give all of my dad's stuff to that asshole!" Naruto yelled out. Kenshin only laughed.

"Can't give what they don't have!" He laughed. Naruto gave him a confused look. Kenshin handed him a scroll.

"Here you go, one clan savings, Jutsu, and other various valuables coming right up!" He said as he tossed the storage scroll to Naruto.

"Is this, what I think this is?" Naruto asked.

"Yup." Kenshin replied.

"How did you get it? Better yet, what's going to happen when Danzo doesn't find what he's looking for?" Naruto asked again.

"Easy, first I broke into the mansion, sorry about that by the way. I made my way to the vault, unlocked it using my "special" Jutsu's took everything that was of value, oh and as I left, I burned down the mansion." Kenshin said, only to be replayed by the "Are you crazy?" look.

"Hey If you can't have it, neither can the Uchiha scum. Oh I left a storage scroll filled with Yaoi, you know a little some thing special to keep them warm and fuzzy at night." Kenshin added. Naruto and Kenshin laughed out loud thinking about the faces Danzo and Sasuke is going to make when they find that scroll.

"Oh man, what can I say? I owe you big time." Naruto said. Kenshin then handed Naruto a Purple scroll, with a big fancy U on the seal.

"Here, this was in your mailbox, I took the liberty on bringing it to you." Kenshin said as he looked at his wrist.

"Oh look at the time, better get going! I'll see you later!" Kenshin said before he jumped off the mountain and disappeared in mist.

Naruto smiled as he saw his friend leave and looked at the scroll with confusion. He placed the Namikaze scroll in his jumpsuit inner pocket. And opened the purple one.


Dear Naruto

You may not know me, but i certainly know you. You are the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, my Daughter, and heir to the Namikaze clan. However I know that the council will never see you for what you really are, a human, that being said they will never give you the Namikaze name or rights. However the one thing they don't know is that you're entitled to the Uzumaki name and rights as well! However if your reading this then I have past on to the next world. But I leave you with all the rights of the Uzumaki clan, that includes my mansion, and funds. Your probably wondering why I only left you with these two things, heh heh trust me there more than meets the eye. If you decided you want my inheritance then here is what you must do. First Don't show this to the council until after you claim it, they will try to take what's your again. Second you must take a 2 day hike south of Konoha, that's were your mansion is. That is all I hope you have decided to claim your inheritance In hopes you will live a full, happy life. [which you will]

Sincerely your Grandfather

Awai Uzumaki

1234567890 Naruto's eyes went wide when he read the letter. He read it over five times to make sure it wasn't a prank or has a catch. He was curious about who could have sent the letter to him, it said it was his grandfather, but anyone could have called themselves his grandfather just to pull a fast one on him. He decided to go see Baa-chan about this. He then left for the Hokage tower.


Tsunade was livid at the fact that the council had the balls to take away what was rightfully Naruto's and gave it to that Uchiha traitor. She was busy thinking of ways to torture the council when Naruto showed up.

"Hey Baa-chan." Naruto said.

"What is it gaki?" Tsunade said ignoring Naruto's name calling.

"I got this in the mail today, Its said something about my inheritance with the..." Naruto looked around before he leaned in. "Uzumaki clan." He whispered. Tsunade's eyes went wide.

"What? Since when?" She yelled out.

"Shhhhh!" Naruto hushed her before he handed her the scroll. She took it and then read it carefully.

"Interesting. It seems that you have a relative with in two days of here." Tsunade said.

"Yeah, but what I want to know is that, is it real or not?" He asked with a skeptical look. Tsunade looked at the scroll and studied it hard. She saw the seal and gaped.

"Oh my, Naruto, This is real! ITS REAL!" Tsunade said in a hushed voice.

"How can you be so sure?" Naruto asked.

"Because gaki, I met the old man Uzumaki myself, It was back in the days I left Konoha, so I never knew you were his grandkid, now don't give me that look!" Tsunade said and Naruto dropped his "You knew and you never told me!" Look.

"Anyway I had acquired quite a bit of a debt back then. That's when I met him. He was a sweet old guy, he had told me that his daughter has passed away giving birth to his grandson that was now living in Konoha. He helped me pay off my debt, only to be indebted to him instead, but he said he wasn't going to go after me for my debt, just whenever I can pay him back little by little. It was only after I paid him back is when I met you. But I never figured it out because I forgot his last name, I only remember his first...Awai. Anyway, he used this seal in all of his important documents. So there's no way anyone could have copied that seal!" Tsunade said as she carefully rolled up the scroll and handed it back to Naruto.

"Alright! Thanks Grandpa, I wish I could met you at least once." Naruto said with a sad smile. He then left swiftly leaving and more relaxed Tsunade.

"Thank Kami that someone is one your side." She silently said.


Naruto went back to his apartment and got everything he would need during the two day hike. Extra clothes, kunai, shuriken, the Namikaze scroll, 20 things of instant ramen noodles, water, a tent, and a sleeping roll. Yup he was good to go. Tsunade would arranged for him to wander out of the village whenever he wanted to because of his inheritance. He was thinking about using it as a private get away spot when ever he was taken off active duty for what ever reason. He was walking down the street towards the gate before he was stopped by the last person he wanted to see. Sasuke Uchiha, with the usual "Im better that you" look.

"Hey dobe, how does it feel to have you little scheme backfire, only to have all of the fourths possession's be given to someone better than you?" Sasuke boasted in the usual manner. Sakura also know as the Pink banshee by some and "Second target" by Kenshin, punched Naurto square in the jaw, sending him flying.

"You know Naruto, you horrible for trying to pass off as the fourths son, you realize the council was merciful by letting you live after that insult." Sakura yelled as she stomped over and spat on him.

"You should just quit Naruto, you will NEVER be as talented or good looking as Sasuke-kun. He will be the next Hokage, not a dead last like you!" Sakura said as Naruto got up. He has just about had it with those two, always mocking and tormenting him just because they have petty meaningless lives. He was about to unleash his anger at them until...

"Is there a problem here?" Said a frightening tone. Kenshin was hanging around the lamp post that was there, literately. He jumped down and brushed off Naruto.

"Well, well, if it isn't First and Second target, so how did the vacation to Yami's place go for you?" Kenshin said boldly. Sasuke tried to play it cool.

"Oh it wasn't so bad, It had a nice view." Sasuke said smugly.

"And I bet you hanged out with the "Boner's" a lot to." Kenshin said smiling.

"Oh yeah real nice guys once you get to know them." Sasuke said. Kenshin had to hold in his laugh.

"Oh yeah...Bet you gave them a good "Bone Job" to." Kenshin said as he and Naruto was holding their sides, trying to keep themselves from laughing.

"Oh yeah definitely, and they gave me a nice big bone for it as well." That done it, Kenshin and Naruto were on the ground rolling around laughing their asses off. Sasuke looked around to see what was so funny. One of the villagers shook his head laughing mildly.

"You stupid twat." He said before he went back to work. It took a few seconds for Sasuke to get what was so funny then his face went from confused, to pissed.

"Aughhh you bastards!" Sasuke yelled. Kenshin made a face and ran off with Naruto heading towards the gate laughing hard.

"Oh Kami, I can't believe he actually fell for that!" Naruto laughed out loud. Naruto headed across the gate and into the forest path heading south. He slowed down as he looked up into the sky.

"Alright Grandpa, lets see what ya gave me." Naruto said before he headed off into the wild.


2 Days later

Naruto was panting as he ran out of water and ramen. He hiked and hiked till he came across a river. His eyes lit up with happiness as he dunked his head into the water and started to drink. He whipped out his head as he gasped for air and collapsed next to the river, true he shouldn't be tired, but he has been walking, Hiking, and even training for the entire two days, not even resting for bed. He rested for a good 30 mins before he decided he needed to get going.

"Kami I hope this place has a great view, cause I'm not hiking 2 days every time I have time off! No make that 4 days, 2 to get here, 2 to get back!" Naruto groaned as he started to walk up a hill.

He could see something in the distance, a Clearing, and a house? No a mansion! He found it He finally found it! He started to run as fast as he could run. Then he stopped in font of a large gate, He figured he could just jump it, but then something caught his eyes. Two turrets that looked like trees were sweeping left to right. Think to test the waters first he threw a chakra charged rock into the clearing and within a second the turrets pointed at the rock and blasted it to dust. Naruto eyes went wide as he saw the poor rock get obliterated. Maybe He should ring first. He saw a little white button and speaker, and pressed it. The speaker crackled to life.

"Hello?" Asked what sounded like a girl around his age.

"Umm, yeah hi, Im here because I got something that was sent by my Grandfather." Naruto spoke to the little black box.

"Oh are you Naruto Uzumaki?" The girl asked.

"Umm yes..." Naruto said hesitantly.

"Master Naruto! We've been expecting you for quite some time! I'll open the gate for you!" Said the girl cheerfully.

The lock on the gate was heard and the gate swung open by itself. Naruto walked in cautiously into the large clearing. Then he felt something, what felt like a low rumbling at first, then it grew louder and louder. In the distance a large cloud of dust was coming his way, very fast! The gates closed behind him, a very nervous Naruto looked at the dust cloud again and shouldn't believe his eyes. In the dust cloud were thousands among thousands of beautiful young women all in maid's uniforms, some with tears, most with smiles, all rushing to where he is at. Naruto didn't have time to yell out before they surrounded him and one by one they started to hug him tightly, pushing his head towards where their assets was.

"Oh master we've waited so long for you."

"Im so glad that your here master."

"Oh master welcome home!"


This went on for about 30 mins. Naruto thought he was going to faint from a massive nosebleed that was threatening to emerge, as he was being smothered by so many breasts. Then they all stopped to let though a green dressed Maid through with long black hair even when it was tied up in a pony tail. She had a very curvy figure, She stepped up towards Naruto and placed her hand on both his cheeks rubbing the whisker marks that he had making him purr slightly. She giggle before she drew him in for a long and hot tongue kiss. Her tongue wrestling Naruto's in a battle for dominance. The maid pulled back slightly so that it became an open tongue kiss. The maids gave looks of anticipation as they saw the two tongues in a all out war. The green clad maid stopped and looked at Naruto.

"Welcome home, my master." She said bowing very deeply as the rest of the maid's fallowed. Naruto fainted from the shock of being kissed by a total stranger.

"Im, in heaven." Naruto whispered out before he lost consciousness.


A ROOT ninja appeared before Danzo, and held out a scroll. Danzo looked furious.

"Are you telling me that is what's left of the Namikaze Mansion? This lone scroll?" Danzo yelled out. The ROOT nodded before he disappeared.

"Well what ever it is, It must go to the Uchiha prodigy." Danzo said as he made his way towards the council chambers where waited Sasuke.

"So do you have all of the Namikaze property's?" Said the waiting Sasuke. Danzo nodded and handed the scroll over.

"Yes, this is I'm afraid all that there is, the fire destroyed everything." Danzo said nervously. Sasuke smirked.

"As long as it contains the Namikaze Jutsu's I will be fine." He opened the scroll and undid the storage seal.

Out of nowhere, there were mountains, and mountains, or Yaoi porn everywhere in the council room. Sasuke looked infuriated.

"Danzo is this some sort of joke?" Sasuke said warningly. Danzo looked around in disbelief.

"What it can't be...there were supposed to be valuables, Jutsu's, money! I...Oh Naruto I will have your head for this!" Danzo yelled out.

While they were fumbling around the obliviously unwanted Yaoi collection, Kenshin was busy laughing his ass of even more after his latest prank went off. He bared his fangs at the unknowing Danzo and said.

"Oh no Danzo, no one touches Naruto, in fact I think my clock tower pendulam needs replacing, and I know just who to replace it with...Prime target!" Kenshin said as he disappeared into the night.


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