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It was three days from the tournament, and Naruto was sleeping soundly. Lemon, Melon and Marron, all sleeping around him as they normally would. Naruto groaned a bit as the sun hit him right in the face however that was not what woke him...it was the large blue bag that hit his face. He yelled awake as he looked around for the offender. Kisame stood there in nothing but a blue speedo, shades, a shark tooth necklace, [witch Naruto suspected was one of his own.] A beach ball, and a little white on his nose. Itachi however was just dressed in a Akatsuki swim trunks. Naruto blinked as he looked at them. Kisame laughed.

"Come on Naruto! You work to hard, you need some fun as well and we know just what will do the trick!" He said in a loud voice waking the three form their slumber next to their beloved master. They looked up at the two with looks of confusion. Naruto just rubbed his eyes of sleep and looked up at them.

"What are you talking about?" he asked them. Kisame chuckled as he held the beach ball in his arm as he lifted his shades. "You cant kill yourself with training all the time, you, need some time to yourself and enjoy life to its fullest!" He said with a grin. Naruto looked at Itachi who seemed uninterested in the whole thing.

"Kisame has a point even the best warrior has to rest." he said to him. Naruto just looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Were going to the beach! You and your maids! Mariel has already set up the trip and everything, turns out you own your own private beach as well!" he said to him. Naruto blinked as he did not know this, this of course was not unwelcome news and he could definitely use a day off to relax near the waves. He however looked at Itachi. He wouldn't lie, but Itachi looked very out of place in swim trunks. Itachi sighed. "I wanted to catch up on my reading." He said as he held up a copy of Twilight. Kisame snickered before Itachi looked at it and his eyebrow ticked and threw it in Kisames face, whom in turn yelled saying unholy garbage has touched his face and started to dunk his head in a sink that was filled with water. Itachi then picked up a pair of tongs and picked up the book as if it was contaminated with radioactive waste and flung it in the fire.

"There off to the pits of hell with you." He said as the book burned. Itachi then picked up his original book. "A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin." Naruto looked at them and sighed as he held his forehead.

"Get out so I can get ready." He said to the two. Kisame removed his head and nodded as he called for a priest, while Itachi shook his head at Kisame and left him to his own business. Naruto sighed as he laid back in bed, felling three sets of hand running up and down his body as he laid there. He looked at them who all licked their lips seductively before he got up. "Come on girls lets get ready." He said to them.


Its was at least an hour before everyone was ready, even Jiraiya was coming along. Naruto had a heavy blush on his face as all of the maids were in swim suits. Some are skimpy, some are modest, and others are just nothing but string! Lemon was dressed in a tight yellow bikini that was snug all over her body showing every curve and bump of her body. Melon was dressed in a tight green V swimsuit that seemed to dig into her, giving her quite the camel toe and also looked like a thong, while her breasts was just barely contained. Marron was dressed in a red thong, and a tiny top that didn't even cover her nipples! Naruto Himself was dressed in a normal black and orange swim trunks. However the only one that wasn't dressed in a swimsuit was Mariel who was fully clothed. Naruto walked over to her.

"Hey Mariel why aren't you dressed for the occasion?" he asked her. She however just smiled at him. "I do not require it." She said to him, however Naruto looked at her. "Its going to be hot!" he said to her. She just smiled. "I will be fine Master Naruto."She said to him. Naruto nodded at her and cant help but feel worried about her. He sighed as he entered the Sky Fox along with many maids, Itachi, Kisame, and Jiraiya. Naruto looked out the window as the jet raised itself and started to make its was towards their destination.


The Sky Fox made it to their destination, a soft white sand paradise that was littered with palm trees, crystal clear waters, soft sand, and even a bar inside of the water! Naruto took a deep breath of the sea air and smiled as he nodded in approvement. He can tell he was going to have fun here. He watched as his maids started to set up their blankets, and a hammock for Naruto between two palm trees. Kisame roared out. "HELL YEAH!" as he charged into the water. Itachi however put up an umbrella, popped open a coke, and propped a fan on a cooler as he opened his book. Naruto can tell he wasnt moving from that spot for anything.

=Warning Lemon!=

Naruto went to the bathroom really quick before he wanted to do anything. However as he finished up he could hear moaning coming from one of the changing rooms. He snuck up so he can listen close. He then caught the words. "Master, more please, make me your whore." Naruto then smirked and decided to make her dreams come true as he opened the door to catch one of his maids dipping her fingers deep into her drooling womanhood. She looked up with surprise as her emerald green eyes gazed into his sapphire blue ones. She had thick glasses and cute short brown hair. Naruto walked closer to her.

"Do you desire me?" He asked shortly. He knew the answer but for the sake of fantasy he had to ask. She continued to stare at him before he slowly nodded her head.

"whats your name?" Naruto asked softly as the maid's glasses started to fog up.

"It's...Mimi" She stuttered softly, her voice very quiet. Naruto smiled warmly as he undid his trunk's to reveal his member to her. She gasped softly but she crawled closer to him before she took his member in both her hands and started to lick it lovingly. She looked up at him as her tongue swirled around his cock head before she took it in her mouth and started to suck hard on the tip. Naruto grunted a bit as he grabbed the towel that was hanging and clutched it. Mimi then started to bob her head, taking more and more of his throbbing member before his entire length was down her throat as she greedily sucked on his thick and hard cock. Naruto was amazed by her deepthroating skills that he clenched his teeth and gripped the towel harder.

Mimi then grabbed his waist and forced her self down his length faster gulping and drooling all over his cock as her tongue swirled around as best as she could as she forced her head more and more on his cock. She looked up at him again and smiled around his cock as one of her hands around his waist trailed down his ass, went down his thigh, and then started to play with his swollen balls making Naruto grunt out and yell out as he started to suddenly cum into her mouth. Mimi moaned like a slut as her mouth and cheeks bulged with his seed. She pulled back on his length as most of the seed feel on the floor as she knelt before him with a slutty smile, her mouth open and her tongue hanging out with his seed just dribbling out.

Naruto looked at her as he felt himself turned on by the sight as his member rose back up again. She licked her cum covered lips and went on her hands and knees and turned around and suck out her ass up high. Naruto looked at her before he moved her swimsuit out of the way and ran his hand over her drooling womanhood. She moaned out loudly as she moved back a bit on his hand.

"Master please, stop teasing me, fuck me like the whore I am." she begged out to him. Naruto nodded at her before he gripped her hips tightly and forced his hard cock deep into her pussy making her scream out in pleasure. Naruto looked at her as she kept her tongue out as he plowed his powerful cock harder and harder into her wet and tight pussy. She panted as she rocked her body back and fourth on his throbbing cock and kept screaming out in pleasure as Naruto pumped his hips and cock in and out of her pussy.

Naruto cant help but think on how loud she was screaming in pleasure. He knew that her screams would attract attention, especially Jiraiya, but right now he didnt care all he can think about was the pleasure her tight, wet, and hot pussy was giving him. He grunted and continued to buck into her at a fast and rapid pace as he felt his balls hit her clit with each powerful buck he gave into her. Mimi kept screaming as her pussy was fucked by her master and she moaned out his name before she collapsed from a powerful orgasm that rocked her body. Naruto felt her juices spray onto his legs and cock as he yelled out himself and began to cum into her and started to fill her with his thick, hot, white seed. He pulled out and sprayed some of his cum on her body.

=Lemon end=

Mimi panted softly as she had a silly smile on her face as he tongue hanged out. Naruto looked at her and didn't feel right to leave her. He grabbed the towel he was gripping and wrapped it around her before he picked her up and walked her over to the Sky Fox, despite all the blushes and looks of arousal he got from his maids, and placed her down on the seats. When she regained consciousness she can join everyone one the beach. Naruto however gave her a kiss on her cheek before he left to join everyone else.

Naruto took in a deep breath as he gazed at the natural beauty of this place and smiled knowing it was his. He looked over and saw the girls playing volleyball, he smiled as he saw some of their swimsuits ride up. He had to tare away from them before he noticed Kisame having fun with his beach ball, bouncing it on his head, as he played a game of keep up with the other maids that wanted to play. Naruto looked around for Jiraiya and could not find him. He sighed a bit having a feeling where he was and walked over to the bathrooms. He heard a perverted giggling and a rapid scribbling down on paper. Naruto fallowed the sound and found Jiraiya with a telescope, a notepad, and a large erection. Naruto's eye ticked as Jiraiya can feel his killing intent and slowly looked over at him.

"Shit." was all he could say before Naruto grabbed his legs and picked him up. "I think you need a cold shower!" He said as he threw him far into the ocean. Jiraiya yelled out before he hit the water on his belly. Jiraiya whimpered softly as he slowly sank to the bottom before rising from the water yelling. "You gaki you had no idea how much that hurt!" he yelled out pretty angry. Naruto had a glint in his eye.

"Be lucky that is all I do to you." he said to him ominously. Jiraiya immediately got the message and lowered himself in the water. Naruto smiled at himself and walked over to the shore. He could go for a swim and walked into the first few feet before he dove in, feeling the fresh cool water all over his body and closed his eyes a bit as he saw over to the deeper part of the water. He rose to take a breath and sighed with content. He then floated on his back as he stared up at the sky. His thoughts on the tournament. He was deep in though before he bumped into one of his maids by accident.

Naruto got up quickly when he bummped into her and apologized to her. She blushed softly and smiled at him warmly, saying it was alright. She had Long blue hair with vivid purple eyes that went well with her blue bikini. Naruto smiled at her as he felt himself aroused by her. Naruto swam in closer to her as the water was up to their belly's. Naruto smiled and slowly placed a hand on her waist. If she wanted she can pull away and tell him no, but instead she swam in closer and placed a hand on his growing budge and licked her lips.

=Lemon Warning!=

"Whats your name?" Naruto asked her. "Kiana." She said shortly before she fished his cock out of his pants and started to stroke his cock before she lowered herself. Naruto however stopped her. "I don't think salty sea dick would be very appetizing." he said to her. Kiana nodded at him and instead started to kiss and lick up his toned body, her hand continuing to stroke his hard cock in her hand. Narutos own hands started to tug at her bikini bottom and pull it upward, the fabric digging into her womanhood. She moaned softly and raked her nails down his chest and bit her lower lip. Naruto then let go only to turn her around.

"You ready for this?" he asked her whom only nodded. Naruto moved her bikini bottom to the side before he slid his throbbing member into her hot womanhood. He couldn't tell how wet she was since they were in water. And it occurred to him. He was having sex in public, with only the water for any form of cover. He felt a rush and cant help but feel aroused by been seen while having sex. He looked at Kiana and slid a hand into her top and started to rub one of her breasts as he pumped into her at a steady pace.

Kiana kept moaning out not trying to keep quiet as he master fucked her hot, tight and wet, [at least she feels wet] pussy. She reached back to the back of his head and moved her neck so she can kiss his lips as she felt his hard member penetrate her womanhood repeatedly. She broke the kiss for air and smiled at him and continued to moan. Naruto held on to her hips as he started to pump himself harder into her feeling pressure build up in his cock and grunted out as he sent chakra into his balls, making them make more cum in a short amount of cum. He took a deep breath and yelled out as he felt a torrent of his seed fill her womb as most of it escaped their body's and floated to the top of the water. Kiana panted softly as she pulled off of his cock and gave Naruto another deep kiss, her hand jerking him off some before she let go and swam off to join her friends.

=Lemon End=

Naruto took a deep breath before he dove again into the ocean and rose back near a crowd of his maids. He noticed some were very close and suspected they were having fun themselves, he smiled as he started to swim away and reached the beach once again. He saw Lemon, Mellon, and Marron had set up a blanket and umbrella for him. Naruto smiled at them before he walked over to them and laid down on the blanket. He looked at them and smiled.

"This is great girls. I so needed a break like this." he said as he placed his arms behind his head in relaxation. Mellon smiled as she ran her hands over his chest and smiled at him as Marron ran her hands over his legs, and Lemon started to kiss him very deeply. Itachi looked over at him for a second. He was then joined by Jiraiya and Kisame.

"Man Naruto is so fucking lucky, unlimited sex, money, and power." Kisame said. Jiraiya nodded tears in his eyes. "I'm so proud of him, yet I cannot help but envy him!" He said to them. Itachi however just continued to read his book. "Well its not like we can have any of it." He said ominously. Kisame looked at him. "Yeah why is that?" He asked Itachi. Jiraiya also looked at him. "Yeah I don't find it fair that only Naruto gets everything! He docent even have to share!" Itachi sighed and closed his book. "Well it seems the powers that be decided to listen to his followers and not give us anything." He said simply. "Who would be so heartless to not let us have love either?" Kisame said. "Yes...who?" Jiraiya said before all three of them slowly turned to face the audience of this fan-fic, breaking the fourth wall only momentarily.

Naruto moaned softly as he continued to kiss Lemon, who was pushed over by Mellon. "Don't be hogging him!" She said and started to give his a passionate tongue kiss and hopped on top of Naruto and started to grind into him. However Marron pushed her off shortly after so she can have a turn. However soon the threes fighting attracted all the other maids as they all started to swarm around poor Naruto. Jiraiya knew what was going to happen and immediately got his notebook out, however he was dragged off into the water by Itachi and Kisame. Kisame wanted to watch also but Itachi gave him a look that told him not to. Kisame and Jiraiya sighed in union as they went into the water.


The next thing Naruto knew is that the maid were removing their tops, as Naruto's poor trunks was ripped to shreds as he felt several tongues on his hard member. He looked over to see several maids making out with each other as a few started to play with themselves with large orange dildos. Some were double, some were studded, some even glass, but they were all orange. Naruto felt naked body's on himself and looked around before he decided to let his body do whatever it wanted. His arms shot out and his fingers found their way into come maids tight and wet pussy's. They moaned out in pleasure as they rocked back against his fingers. Naruto was then met with Lemons sweet pussy witch he started to devour, his tongue shooting inside of her and started to lick all around her inner walls. Lemon moaned out as some of the other maids took her breasts and started to suckle on them as more maids were pumping their pussy's full of their dildos.

Naruto's head was spinning as he could not tell who was who. But he didn't care as he continued to eat out nearby pussy's and fingered more into the current maids. There were moans of pleasure and calls of his name as his lust became more and more evident. He moaned out when he felt some edger maid take in his entire length like Mimi before and sucked as hard she could before he felt his cock removed and entered into another mouth. Naruto had to force himself up as he took his cock in his hands and looked at the crowd of nude girls who were grinding up against each other. Some were fucking each other with a double dildo while others pumped in a single dildo while two maids were sucking on their breasts. Naruto looked around and sat back down, only to have a maid hop on his throbbing cock and bouncing on top of him at a fast and edger pace.

After a while of continuous pleasure, Naruto yelled out as he pulled his cock out of the maid he was fucking and jerked himself before a very large load of cum started to spray all over the girls who all moaned and cheered in pleasure trying to get every drop of cum in their mouths or on their body's. Naruto was then pushed back by his girls, who then started to suck, lick, and fuck every part of his body, not even his toes was safe! His fingers was either rubbing a pair of breasts or inserted in someones pussy or ass. His mouth was either making out with a girl, or eating out her pussy. His toes were either being licked or sucked on. His cock had the worst of it, as everything listed above happened to it. Naruto however kept up his endless energy and did his best to pleasure them all, making sure that not one of them who was included felt left out.

After several orgasms and hours of continuous fucking, Naruto yelled out as he had his final and biggest orgasm, he sprayed it all over every girl as more and more of it kept coming from his cock and drenched all of the girls who showed in his seed with glee. As his member finished spewing his seed Naruto collapsed clearly tired from all of that sex. He took several deep breaths as he didn't have much energy to move any more. Lemon, Mellon, and Marron spent the rest of the day tending to his whims. All of the girls managed to pick themselves up and went back into the water and Naruto's seed washed off, much to their dismay.


Naruto's seed however floated to the top and gathered in a very large pile in the current. Kisame looked at it and then looked at Itachi and had an Idea. "Hey Itachi I have an Idea!" He said as he whispered his idea into Itachis ear who then rarely smiled. "Kisame...your a genius!" He said before they took the cum using a water justsu and carried it away to somewhere.


Sasuke was having a good time at his own personal beach, with no one but Sakura and himself to enjoy the scenery. He made sure that anyone who trespass his beach would be put in jail for several years. He was in the water swimming on his back as he looked at Sakura who was about to take off her top. However Sasuke seemed uninterested in her.

Kisame and Itachi was behind some rocks as they eyed Sasuke and smiled at what havoc they brought with them. Kisame then preformed several hand signs. "Water style sperm whale jutsu!" He said laughing his ass off as the cum then turned into whales and swam towards Sasuke. Sasuke stopped he heard a noise. He looked over and saw the whales jump up from the water and landed on the two of them and splattered all over them!

Sasuke looked at himself as he was covered in the sticky whiteness and smacked his lips as some went into his mouth. "Aww why does it taste like summer camp?" He said in his arrogant tone. Sakura looked confused before she sniffed it. She then made a look of sheer and utter horror. Sasuke looked at her. "Saskura what is this stuff tell me dammit!" he demanded. Sakura looked at him. "Its cum...a whole lot of it!" She said in a scared tone. Sasuke then looked at himself before making a horrified look and realized some got in his mouth. He made several gagging sounds before throwing up and yelled out to the bathrooms. But lo and behold Itachi had busted the plumbing so neither he or Sakura can wash off the seed. Kisame also made sure that the cum was spread around the area, so even if they washed in the ocean, they be washing with even more cum! Sasuke screamed in horror as he threw up some more. A old man rolled in a trash can and looked like a janitor looked at the two and shook his fist at them. "YOU TWATS!" he called out before rolling away.


At the end of the day, Naruto sighed in content as he boarded the Sky Fox with his girls. He saw Kisame and Itachi smirking and asked what they thought was so funny. They simply told him. "Let's just say Sasuke was attacked by a couple of..."Sperm Whales"" Naruto took a second to figure out what they meant before realizing and started to laugh his ass off. "Holy shit! I cant believe you did that!" He said as the other maids who got it started to laugh also. Naruto looked out and smiled and knew he was more than ready for the tournament. "Today was a great day." he said to himself as they went back home.

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