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Lost Girl

She was not sure what her name was anymore. All she knew was that her Mommy and Daddy were dead and she was being forced to live in this dark place. The lady that owned the place said that she was an orphan, The little girl wasn't sure what that meant though. After all she was only three years old. The child sat by a small window in her room and drew her small knees up to her chest and buried her face in her knees. She missed her Mommy and Daddy and she didn't like it here. She was scared and to deal with being scared, she chewed on her blond hair. It was comforting for her. The boss lady said that she had a bad heart, but the small child didn't really understand what that meant. Just then the boss lady came into her room and told her that it was time to go eat dinner. Finally the little girl remembered her name because the lady called her Irina. Irina wasn't entirely sure that that was her real name, but at least she wasn't being called little girl anymore.

Irina went downstairs wearing the dirty dress that she seemed to wear all the time here. She wanted new clothes because her dress was really starting to smell bad, but she knew that she would be getting new clothes anytime soon. She sat next to a girl named Victoria who was five and she was a bossy girl. Irina tried desperately to avoid the girl but they were almost always paired together for everything. When the food was put in front of them, Irina made a face. It was porridge again. It wasn't even hot porridge either. It was cold. The boss lady whose name Irina could not remember saw the face that Irina had made and swatted her harshly on the arm. Irina's parents had never hit their daughter and now it seemed as though Irina was getting hit almost daily. They had porridge every single day for every single meal. Irina was tired of it and she desperately wanted something to keep her warm. It was so cold in Russia and the building that she was in was made of stone and that only made Irina and the rest of the kids colder yet. Irina shivered slightly until the boss lady noticed her shivers and glared at her. Irina stopped shivering instantly because she did not want to get the boss lady mad at her.

When Irina finished her meal, she looked at the boss lady and asked "Done eating. Can I go now?" Her speech wasn't perfect, but it didn't need to be. She was only three after all. The lady nodded and said "Yes you may be excused Irina." Irina ran up the narrow stairs and went back to her room. She opened the book that was under her bed and flipped it to her only picture of her parents and she smiled. She didn't know what the book was called but it had a lot of pictures in it and she loved looking at it as many times in a day as she could.

Just as she was flipping the page, Victoria came into her room and pulled the book out of her grasp. Irina jumped up and screamed "Give that back!" She was already close to tears at the prospect of losing that book. She needed the pictures of her parents. Victoria ran out of Irina's room holding that picture book out of Irina's reach "Give it back!" Irina screamed again as tears filled her big blue eyes. Just then one of the other ladies that worked there walked into the hallway that Victoria and Irina were in. Natalie was her name. She took the picture book from Victoria and told her to go back to her room. Then she returned the book to Irina. Irina whispered "Thank you." to her "savior" Natalie had saved Irina from many sleepless nights now that she had the book with the pictures back in her possession. Natalie smiled at the little girl and headed off to pull apart two ten year olds who had gotten into a fight. Irina decided that she should probably return to her bedroom.

Finally Irina thought she could go to sleep. She put the book under her flat white pillow and then looked out the window. She saw a star and she wished on it just like her mother had taught her "I wish to leave here forever." What Irina didn't know was that the stars and the fates were working on that very wish, right that second.