Authors Note: Welcome to a Megaten fanfiction. I say Megaton rather than Persona 3 for various reason, which will be explained on the various chapters to come.

WARNING: Persona 3 is technically a rated 'M' game! I rated the story 'T' but be aware there will be connotions that relate to the 'M' not necessarily sex or violence, but even could be to something as simple as religion. Persona is an SMT game and Gods and Goddess do come up often, in fact in this Prologue I mention Jesus Christ.

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------------------------Prologue ~Darkness~

Darkness. A deep black darkness, a darkness so deep that is seems to evoke a sense of tranquility and solitude. The lone man closes his eyes as he drifts through the darkness, he drifts aimlessly as if he was expecting something, anything to happen. What can you really hope for In the darkness alone, void of sound, void of sight, void of taste, void of touch, and void of life. This must be death he thought. No...There is no God that would bring this suffering to someone and than call it 'salvation' Can they? The lone man continues to drift for days, weeks, months, years, centuries, lifetime; or what may seem, time is irrelevant someone once mentioned before. The lone man continues to drift in the darkness as it reaches over smothering him leaving only his bright blue eyes filled with regret. He who had just saved humanity feels regret. The lone man knew the outcome of that night, and long before it happened. There was no stopping Nyx, Nyx was essentially immortal. She was the Goddess of the Night, or more popular the end as is all days end with nights. However she has no rights to enter the world of the living, so it became apparent as to why he was here. He remembered, he didn't seal Nyx away but rather the hatred of mankind.

Angra Mayu

Yes. Nyx is a savior much like himself, he knew that much. She only comes when the world is coming to an end "If only more people had the will to live like you." The words echoed in his head, it is a very familiar phrase spoken by Nyx herself. At this point it wasn't too late, he didn't have to become the martyr; he knew the outcome, he knew the circumstance, and he knew what he was sealing. It wasn't a big secret, it was 'Angra Mayu' not Nyx. If he knew than....


Why was he stricken with regret? He chose his own choice, they tried to stop him. He did this out of his own free will, what could possibly occurred at that moment to cause one to go through such an event. Why did he care? Must have been Death dragging it's feet slowly, watching from afar like a twisted joke. Three months, after the final showdown with Nyx he should of died, however God and Death was kind enough to grant him three months to experience the world he just created. Was this a blessing or a curse. In those three months, he spent everyday living his fullest in school, with friends, meeting new people, watching his city grow, and living his life with the women he loves. However he couldn't savor it knowing that Death lingers on his shoulders, slowly waiting for the right time to take everything he worked for away from him.


Why? This thought repeated in his mind, why must I die he wondered. Why must those with so much hatred, the very same people who brought mankind through peril deserve to live in this world, why do people who hate the world he created be able to enjoy. His thoughts continued to lash out against the sides of his mind in a claustrophobic panic of being unable to move or be free. His greed had engulfed him in flames as his hatred for humanity grew. It's only fair to be able to have what you worked for. The world is alive today because of him, he began to have memories of school when they taught about the Christian Bible. Jesus, the son of God gave his life for humanity's sins just so they can continue there lives. Did he feel this pain? Did he feel this greed? Did he feel the need to end the world? That would explain the many smiting that occurs in the world everyday taking countless lives.


The more he imagines, the more vivid the pain becomes. There was so many possibilities, he was given so many chances. He could of killed the foolish perverted classmate that fruitlessly attempted to hit on anything that moves. Yes...If he simply struck Ryougi it could of all been over, again it happens. Everyone had the gift, and he was connected to everyone else. He remembered there warmth on that faithful night, he could of exhausted there life force rather his self. A sharp eerie smile appears on the lone man's face as he crudely laughed into the darkness being immediate laughed back by the darkness equally as cruel sense of humor. He could of let the world just die...Maybe than he wouldn't be so alone

Why?! ______

All was quiet once again. Even the darkness respected his request and became silent as if it was a time for mourning. "What was that?"


He couldn't quite understand, but his heart was content. ______, such a sweet sounding word. Where has he heard this word before. "_______ . . .That was her name." That's right, all of this was for her. Death was not being slow, he just wanted see her smile one last time. "________" A very beautiful name, he imagined her picture perfect body and personality. What was once an imagination appeared before him, smiling, "Hey Minato." _______ appearance shined brightly casting away the darkness, it was so bright how long has it been since he saw such a bright light. Despite the burning intensity on his eyes which was not accustomed to such a light his eyes were kept wide open. "Yes _______?"

"How long are you going to keep me waiting?" She asked giving a jealous little expression that she couldn't be with me. The lone ma-Minato let out a slight laugh reaching out for _______ "Just wait, I'll be back soon. Ok?" She didn't cast away the darkness, because the darkness cannot live without light, I just had to look for it. "Ok, if you take long, I'll get mad. You better promise you'll come back." He couldn't contain his joy, his smiling face quivered as he began to cry. The warm teardrops developed in eyes dripping down his once blank snow-white face bringing color and life back into his body.

"I Promise"

A blue light shone brightly behind _______. Promise, it seemed to have been the magic word, he felt his body being pulled into the eerily familiar blue light. No...It was a velvet light.

-------------------------~Prologue End

--------~Property of ShatteredFoX

Authors Note:

Angra Mayu – If you have played 'The Answer' they decided to use Erebus. Erebus is not the greatest thing they could of used. Angra Mayu summed up what it was much better, however for mythology sakes. Erebus worked better since it married 'Nyx' and is related with 'Tartarus'. So simply think of Angra Mayu as 'Angry Spirit' The physical form/feeling of hatred/darkness/despair/evil/spite in the world.

That is the only thing I believe that might be confusing in this story so far. So other than that I have to say, THANK YOU FOR READING!