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I present to you the real reason Edward hates needles.

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There is was again.

That damn contraption.

Why the hell did it have to go into his body anyway? What good would it really do?

Well according to the doctor it had antibiotics that would protect him from the ongoing flu that's been going around but he digresses.

It's bad enough that Mustang is making fun of him but practically everyone else is as well.

Well except Riza, Hughes, and Al but they would never laugh at him.

His eyes were glued on the thing in the doctors hand as it got closer.

He scrunched his eyes closed and looked away. He heard quietly the sound of someone laughing into their hand.

The nurse came and wiped some skin on his arm with a disinfectant wipe and he knew that it would be momentarily beforeā€¦

There is was.

The needle broke through the skin and into his veins.

Almost automatically the memories flashed before him once more.


Repressed screams.

Nerve connections.

Opening the stump where his right arm and left leg once were.

The fevers.

It was a reflex really, jerking away, trying to get away from the pain.

Back then there were straps to hold him in place.

Now it was nurses and doctors.

He couldn't help it. He let out a slight whimper and flinched violently.

He felt it lift and finally it was gone.

For now.

How can something so little deprive me of so much sleep?

Anyway my first drabble and about 99% of me thinks it is going to stay that way.

Unless of course I think of doing this is Alphonses point of view if you like.

Oh man, not another plot bunny!